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15 Killer Tips to Promote your Mobile Apps Online for Free

Free App Promotion Tips for Beginners: Learn How to Promote your App at no Extra Cost and save more on Marketing


Learn How to get your mobile app discovered among millions of apps at play stores.

Making a great App in terms of designing, usage, and functionality is not enough for its success.

Developing an app is just the half part of the success story of any mobile app. The other half of the story is based on how it was promoted, marketed, and popularized among the right audiences.

So, doing marketing for an app is as necessary as developing it successfully.

Promoting apps for free involves creative thinking on various aspects, patience, focus & skills.

Sometimes this can turn out to be a great image developer if you strategize well. There are different ways to promote your app without having to pay.

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Throwing a light on some of the crucial steps:


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Tips to Promote your app for Free


1. Showcase your app


The process starts here. Make a website based on your app so that it will be able to attract virtual audience’s attention towards your app via your website. Website should not be a big one rather it should consist of few pages that does all the talking concerning your app.

Use these Mobile ad networks to promote your app effectively online


2. Build an effective coming soon page for your product


This step would help you gather traffic of those people who are interested in app and wants to know when it is going to launch. The timing therefore should be kept accordingly. Say for instance, three months before you launch your product the teaser page should be ready.


3. Collect E-mail addresses


Email marketing is a trend these days, According to the sources about 91% of people check there emails regularly. Now before you launch your app collect email addresses of people who want to know about it. Teaser website mentioned earlier would help you carry on with this step.


4. Content Matters


In order to tell people about your product you can write about it & share the same. There are various medium available for you to share your content. It includes Blogging, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc ).


5. Create awesome App Demo Video


A creative video that people could relate to. Make it interesting & unique so that people may understand your product’s importance for them. Learn Video making and marketing tips


6. Say yes to Press


Press plays a vital role here. Reach out to the best journalists. Lots of them. They would help you spread the word & the result would be a great start to your startup.

Visit to these Press release Sites and publish news and full information about your App.


7. Helping Hands


If you plunge into the app review websites and your product (app) gets mentioned by them then nothing can stop you. Review sites prove to be a great source of free marketing and product promotions.


8. Dependency


Do not rely merely on Google play or App Store to upload your app rather go for all the other alternative options no matter if they are less famous. This would increase the app’s percentage of download.

9. Participation in Awards


This is imperative because it will keep you in limelight & help you get exposure plus lots of downloads. Various app awards sites are there through which could apply for the awards.

Some of these are Best app ever awards, Appster awards, Best mobile app awards, App circus competition & many such sites.



10. SEO/ ASO Plays its Role

[ 8 Killer SEO Tips to Rank your Apps in Search engines ]


There are millions of apps in the app stores and getting your app discovered is an issue various app publishers face. Make sure the title or keyword you use is the one with the maximum & heaviest search traffic.

This would help you improve the ranking of the app & more of its potential customers will be able to see it.

>> Use Powersuite to promote your App with SEO techniques
>> How to get Backlinks to promote your app in search engines



11. Contact Bloggers to spread the word about your App


Best Bloggers who write about the apps can be contacted so that your app can be featured in their blogs and can attract potential customers.


12. Social Media Engagement


Join groups of entrepreneurs, startups, developers & those people you find with common interest in your field on social media like Facebook, Google+ etc so as to promote your app & be known to them by socializing which would ultimately help you carry out discussions with them on issues concerning your startup.


13. Create Catchy Icons for your App


As said in one of the previous steps too, there are millions of apps in the app stores and it depends on your marketing idea that how you are going to gather attention of crowd on app store looking for the product you deliver. Icons which are interesting & captivating wins here.

When designing the icon try to bring out something unique. Something which could instantly click the minds of customers & force them to checkout your product. Avoid lots of text or photo. Think out of the box & make it creative. It can prove to be the best weapon.

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14. Find your audience


Finding here is referred in context of manually looking out for the prospects. Schools, Colleges, Public Places can be utilized for the same. Leave no stone unturned in order to gain the attention.

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15. Download Links On Website and Bio


Make download links available at your website as well as social media so that visitors can view it and download on finding it suitable for their purpose. Also mention a little about the founder/company along with some catchy quote or tagline for your product. This would pass a message to the customers about the company.

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