10 Do’s and Don’ts of Event Marketing

Understanding the Facts Behind What to DO and what not to DO while Marketing your Event


When you get into Event Management field, the toughest task you would find is marketing it. You would want to get the best out of your marketing efforts.

Therefore, what you need to focus upon is your target market, the type of event you’re planning (concert, wedding, award ceremony, seminar, conference, business event, cultural or any other), the location you are going to choose for the event to take place etc.

To make your event a success, here are some tips in the form of do’s and don’ts that needs to be followed. Take a look!

Event Marketing: Do's and Don'ts
Event Marketing Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s of Event Marketing


1- Be clear and transparent with your audience. Do let them take a wise decision whether they want to attend the event. Facebook Advertising Tips to advertise your events.

Give them all the necessary information about the event because attendees would want to know why they should attend your event. Let them look out for the reason.


2- Do advertise on Facebook because this platform will get you connect to your ideal attendees by various factors. It could be age, location, gender, occupation or so.

Facebook ads work best here when you need to find where your target audience is. 21 things you are doing wrong with your Facebook Marketing plans.


3- Do blog about your events. Yes, blogging can be the best way to tell your audience about your event, your industry and other important aspects. Blogging is one intelligent way to market your event. Social media and blogs have proved there capabilities on generating real customers.



4- Do promote your event using videos. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional for the purpose of making video for your event’s marketing & promotions.

Instead go for the services available like Powtoon & Event Commercials that does the work of making it possible for anyone to make a video to market their event. Videos are of great support here as they help in communicating information more effectively than any other sources.


5- Do use LinkedIn if your event is business related or educational or medical. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to market such professional events as this will get you your ideal attendees you actually are looking for.
6- Do track interactions so as to ascertain the results and effectiveness of blogging and social media marketing. Use Google analytics tool to do so and see where you need to improve things.
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Don’ts of Event Marketing



1- Don’t complicate things. Attendees would lose interest in your event if they find out that you’re hiding information & not being transparent or  if you’re forcing registration  Make things easier for the attendees & letting them get full information on your event without much a do.
2- Don’t spam your audience. Nobody likes to get spammed be it on social media or mails or other platforms. Go easy on posts, emails & do not send them in bulk or repeatedly you might end up losing them.
3- Don’t select a social media platform where you don’t have your target audience. It would be a waste of time & efforts. Select a social media to promote your event depending upon the kind of event & not just randomly start promoting anywhere on wrong social media platform. Make your efforts count.
4- Don’t market to just anyone or everyone. For instance; if your event is for medical students/professionals, you must not market the event to law or engineering professionals in such a case. Know your event type & market to your target audience. Select your niche & focus on them.
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