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3 P’s To Profit Maximization: How to Achieve Maximum Profits

How to Grow your Business Big and Maximize the Overall Profits Maximization is the Key


It is the short run and long run process in any business through which it aims to maximize the profits over the time. As an owner, you have to look after as to what kind of strategy must be formed that could help your business in maximizing long-term profits.


As already defined it to be a whole process which includes multitude of factors directly and indirectly affecting it to achieve the maximum output with the given inputs. This remains the sole aim of profit maximization i.e to get the marginal profit equal to the marginal cost.


This achieves the maximum profit target for any product when the marginal revenue is equal to the marginal cost.


Revenue is the money that any company receives from the business it is carrying on like sale of goods or services.

Fixed and variable costs included together as the total running cost of the business.

In this article we are listing down the 3 P’s that are crucial for any business whether small or large, to maximize its profits which are purpose, partners and proactive approach.



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How to Achieve Maximum Profits with 3 P’s To Profit Maximisation: 
Killer Success Tips for Startups ]



Let us study these 3 P’s in detail in the light of profit maximization:


Every action starts with a purpose in mind. You must know the need, the reason that’s making you do thing. When starting a business, have a clear mindset, clear purpose as to:



> Why did you start your business? > What is your objective behind it? 

> How can your business serve others? 

> Will it have a positive impact on society? ..etc


Everything that forms a part of your business must be purposeful. Be it your business goals, product or service, process & decisions or whatsoever action.  There should exist a purpose behind it all.

Having a clear purpose contributes to financial performance as well as branding. It is believed that companies that prioritize purpose grow faster than those that do not.

Though some people believe that money making is the major purpose of any business but to be honest here, with this purpose no business can thrive. This is the reason why businesses have mission, vision & values.

A purpose driven business model makes the employees see a clear picture as to why business exist and motivates them to work towards the accomplishment of goals maintaining consistency in their work which ultimately leads enhanced performance and higher profits. [ Best forums to Discuss and Advertise your Business ]


2. Proactive Approach


In the business world many unexpected situation arises which you might not have even thought of. When you react in that uncertain situation then maximum chances are that of  delivering less effective results. The reason behind it is that you don’t get time think how to cope with that situation, what will be the consequences of your action.



Proactive Approach

This is where it becomes important to have:

– a proactive approach that works for your business and handle the situation in the best possible manner to get the most effective solution.

Reacting instantly to some uncertain situation can affect something somewhere in a negative way if not done thoughtfully which may in turn affect the productivity and quality that ultimately will end up ruining profits. Therefore, it is necessary to stay proactive in the business and to have reason for every action taken.

Also, you must lay down all the possible outcomes positive & negative that can occur as a result of the action taken or decision made, so that you are ready to deal with any kind of situation.

Proactive companies are more adaptive and keep themselves updated with on going business trends. Proactive approach helps in utilizing resources the best, makes the business ready to face any challenge and keep it alive.

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3. Partner


A very unfortunate thing that exist in the businesses is that it fails to realise that before anything else, the partners are humans. In the business world, partners are considered merely as organizations or units. Who is a partner basically? Let us define that first in generic terms.



If you talk in context of any business then there are considered five main partners which are:


> Customers

>  Suppliers

> Investors

> Community 

> and above all, the employees.


To put in simple words, a partner is someone who shares something or associates with the business.


Look out for this while choosing a right co-founder for your Business ]


Good relationships with each of these segment of partners leads to greater profits for the business.

Employees when happy & satisfied will put in their maximum efforts to deliver the best performance.

Positive customer experiences will increase customer loyalty that will bring in higher revenues for the business.

Similar goes for suppliers, good relationship & mutual understanding helps in obtaining products & services at less prices.

Contributing to community be it local or global helps in increasing the awareness of your business/brand amongst people which also increase your chances of earning more revenue as a result of more customers.

Lastly, talking about investors, then the ones who are focused towards long-term growth & profits must be engaged with as these will help in creating the environment of growth & innovation which will eventually take the business higher.


Why Businesses Fail? 5 Major Root Causes

Ever try to come across the reasons, the causes why businesses flop? 


If we look carefully into the records, the statistics, we will find that most of the businesses have failed within a few years of their establishment.


Why? What lead to this failure?


Is it the lack of leadership qualities, poor management, planning or a wrong strategies?


More and more startups and small businesses that face this loss of not being able to survive in the market. Unless and until we know the causes, the sources that lead to the failure of businesses, we can’t work upon finding solutions.


Startup Marketing Ideas


This article will highlight five common, very basic reasons due to which businesses lose its existence. Let us take a look at these:



Why Businesses Fail?



1. Ego & Pride


Along with dedication, commitment & focus, it is humbleness with which great things can be achieved. Although it applied to all but now that we are talking in context of business & entrepreneurs, therefore entrepreneurs must learn to stay humble towards others.

Ego and Pride


They must learn to listen to the opinions, views & advice of others too. They must learn to take seek help from others in times of need. They should understand that it won’t make you small. Giving & extending help is a way of life.

We see that because of too much ego & pride often we ignore great suggestions, ideas, solutions, advices of people which we later realize & regret.

Grow your Business Multifolds with Word of Mouth Marketing Therefore we must understand the importance of taking guidance & help of the experts, the ones who we know are better & experienced in certain area and not just trying hit & miss method out of not willing to take help.


You never know what opportunity or idea you may miss out on. Remember, ego takes you nowhere be it business or personal life.



2. Market Doesn’t Need Your Product & Service


Another root cause of business failure is that the product or service your business wants to offer has no demand in the market or say it is not needed by the people. Before finally diving into any product idea, do proper research as to whether there is potential demand in the market for the product or are you just going to force your offering in the market (which won’t even work anyway).



No Need



Your business cannot survive unless you offer something that satisfies or fulfills any need of the customers, unless the customers see your product as a solution to some kind of their problem.


How to Choose the Right Products to Sell Online?


Useless product or the product which is not required by the people will not let you stay in the market. Eventually you will end up by closing down your business.


3. Poor Cash Flow


The reason we see many entrepreneurs passionate about starting a business because they believe they have idea of the problem that exist in a particular market. There may be some with finance & accounting background (not compulsorily though).


Poor Cash Flow


But maximum entrepreneur are not from the finance background or possess finance & accounts knowledge. Which is a major disadvantage for the business.

”A business tends to go slow & shuts down at the end because they can’t pay their bills (in the words of Bill Carmody). ”

Vendors and creditors think only for their own benefit.

How to Negotiate Better Deals with the Vendors?


A company is able to generate profit or not initially or say at any stage/phase of business, they are least bothered. They take interest and care till they are getting paid timely.

It is not because a of the fact that a business not able to make good amount of profit that it shuts but instead it is due to fact that a business is not able to manage its cashflow.


4. Careless Hiring/Wrong Hiring


No matter how successful a business or a brand is, a few bad hires is all it takes to ruin it completely. When a business hires wrong employees, the productivity gets affected which in turn affects the financial condition of the business & simultaneously its reputation.


The chain is connected to each other. On wrong step and the whole organization gets affected. A lot of cost is involved with hiring a new one like their training, development and more.



Wrong Hiring

A bad employee is like a liability, it will only take from you and won’t give you. Your efforts right from hunting for him to its training & other things are a waste if he’s of no good to the business.

A business can come under a huge cost burden with the wrong hires putting the whole organization in a risky situation.

Hiring the right Freelancer or a Remote Worker

5. Inefficiency Of Operations


Everything being sound and apt yet a business fails. Why? No, nothing to be shocked about. It can happen. It has happened to many. The reason is operational inefficiencies. It is this thing which can trap a business in between & not let it grow.

The cost incurred in the form of rent, labour, machinery, machinery, shipping, delivery etc eats up your profit margin leaving no base for a business to survive on.

Figure out How Automation Can Save your Drowning Business


So, in order to not face such a thing, as an owner/entrepreneur you must reevaluate, negotiate & revive the rates, the rates & terms of contracts with the parties involved therein.


Let not yourself suffer the burden. Make sure you don’t get to earn less than what you set as your profit margin as standard after covering all the the operational & other costs.


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10 Low Investment Business Ideas to Yield High Profit

Start Making Profits Immediately with These Low Investment Business Ideas

10 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit


Everyone wants work freedom and making money at the same time but starting a new business usually involves a whole lot of investment and financial backup to sustain and sail through the competitive market. [ This is just a glimpse of the upcoming e-book with 100+ low investment and passive income ideas. So keep subscribed to our newsletter.]


If you are looking for passive income or a full time low investment business plan you have reached the right place.

Aspiring entrepreneurs look out for cost effective business ideas wherein they are not required to invest much in their business setup or so. Therefore, for these people we have some really cool low investment business ideas which can get them regular income and that too in good figures.


Low Investment Business Ideas -ads2020-to Earn Money-683x1024
Low Investment Business Ideas to Earn Money

Let us throw light on some of these Ideas:

1. Mobile Car Wash Business

This business is trending today. As we know that there’s a huge increase in the number of car owners and as the economy prospers and booms, more people will become car owners and they will need to get their car washed.

We see in our daily life that usually the car owners are busy people who hardly get to time to wash their cars on their own. So this service requirement can be fulfilled by you by taking it as your business idea. The capital requirement for the business depends totally on you. How big or small you want to take it.

You can select a proper location to set up your business & hire employees/ workers to provide the service or you yourself can do so if you don’t have capital to invest by providing car washing service at customer’s own place.

This business of mobile car wash on roads is trending worldwide is getting great acceptance.

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2. Courier Service


Although this service zone is dominated by DHL, Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS) etc which are some of the leading ones in this service business yet there is a large room for new entrants to try their hand & fit into the courier industry.


To start here make sure you have reliable transportation which can pick up and deliver packages on regular basis.

If not so, then you yourself can start out with your own car or van. Initially you can manage with car as you will have less clients later as the business grows you can hire truck on rental basis to provide courier service.

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3. Window Cleaning


A small amount of investment and there you can get started with this service business of providing window cleaning facility.

This is a service which will be needed on repeated basis. Customers will get back to you over and over again as windows get dirty irrespective of anything.

You don’t need any physical place to set up your business like office or shop. You will be your own boss. Hence, it is one great business idea and you can earn handsome amount out of it.

4. Party Planning


If you have even a bit of experience in party planning then what can get better then going ahead with this line of business. Party planning business is one profitable opportunity that exist today. It could be official parties, couples celebration, family parties, birthdays, anniversaries or others.

5. Food Delivery


Food delivery business is also a great idea to generate regular income from home. You can offer tiffin services to hostels, PGs etc or provide regular food delivery service to households on request.

Best Mobile Apps Building Solution Provider Companies for e-commerce ]

6. Home Tutoring

One of the most respectable work is of teaching. If you are expert in any subject and you have skills to teach others then you can start this home tutoring business by arranging tuition classes at home for the students. Organizing timely batches and make good amount of money & earn respect as well.

Best Tutoring Websites
Home based tutor jobs

7. House/ Office Cleaning


This is another mobile business idea that will help generate great income other than your regular job. You can provide house cleaning service to the local households and offices, i.e within your city, with cleaning equipment from your end. You can make good amount of money from this service.


8. Food & Ice-Cream Truck


People prefer to eat evening snacks, lunches, breakfasts that are not very expensive and which can satisfy their hunger & cravings.


Therefore, Food Truck is one business idea you can go ahead with. It is like setting up kitchen in a truck and doing rounds in the city at the places where you see more & more crowd.

Same goes for Ice-Cream truck business idea. It is like opening the ice-cream Parlor in a truck. This is fun & happening business idea for the ones who wants to join entrepreneurship line.

9. Fashion Boutique

People have become more and more fashion conscious. They are keeping themselves up to date with upcoming fashion trends and this has given the fashion and lifestyle market an upthrust.

Fashion Business Ideas

There can be noticed a huge scope in fashion and lifestyle related products. The demands for such products has swept the market. Many fashion designers and people with interest and affinity towards designing have found their niche within this sector.

Online Fashion Jewellery Shopping Sites



10. Pet Care


Craze for pets have taken over almost all classes of the society. In this fast moving life people find pets their cherished and beloved ones. They are becoming excessively conscious about their pets.

With increase in per capita disposable income they are spending a lot not only on their pets food and health but also glamorizing them with accessories and what not.

Best Sites to advertise your Pet Business


How to Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur- 7 Business Startup Tips

Entrepreneurship Development Tips and Ideas for Real Estate Business Entrepreneurs. 

Real Estate development Ideas for Property agents and Entrepreneurs.
Why is it that almost every entrepreneur wants to invest in the real estate? The answer is very simple. To make a lot of money. This is a dream that almost each one of us holds. However, not everyone who invests in the real estate ends up being successful.

The main reason for this failure is lack of critical information about this business.

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✪ Startup marketing tips for Entrepreneurs
✪ Email marketing tools for real estate Agents
✪ The Common Mistakes Committed by new Entrepreneurs

Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur-550x400
Success Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur of your Choice!


Below is a list of tips on how to become a successful real estate entrepreneur:

1. Look at Plenty of Properties

This is the number one trick if you want to be successful in this business. Don’t be the entrepreneur who just takes the first property that you come across. This is a mistake that many real estate entrepreneurs make. They simply end up buying property because it looks attractive without going an extra mile to see whether there is something better.

Look a plenty of properties before you zero in on any ones


You have to be willing to push yourself to the limit and look at what is really out there. Never make your business decisions based on your personal preferences. You will not be the one living there. It is your client. The best thing is thus exposing yourself to a wide range of options that are out there.

You can then narrow these options down depending on your business goal and criteria.

✪ The 5 Most Useful Ideas for real estate Entrepreneurs
✪ Top 10 Real estate websites in USA

2. Do a Comprehensive Financial Analysis.

Don’t run away from the reality. The best way to do this is by determining the alternative that makes a more financial sense. This will prevent you from buying property on terms that go against your financial analysis. You should be aware that there are sellers out there that will always try to over-estimate property value through use of pro forma data.

Do a Comprehensive Financial Analysis-300x200
Doing a Comprehensive Financial Analysis Plays a crucial Role

These pro formas are not always correct. You should thus have the real numbers on your mind before closing. The best way to come up with the real figures is by looking at the previous year’s maintenance records, tax returns and tax bills.

This information will give you clear information on actual expenses and income. Ensure you remain fully updated on figures such as cash flow, net income, cap rate and total ROI. If you have a clear understanding of these figures you will have sufficient information of determining whether the property you are investing in suits your financial targets.

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3. Don’t Purchase Property that a Seller isn’t Motivated to Sell.

The only way to get a price that matches with your financial targets is if the one selling you the property is motivated to sell. I know you are wondering how you will determine whether the seller is motivated to sell or not.

“The answer is very simple.”

Just look at his/her asking price. If the property has been in the market for some time e.g. a year and there is no price reduction, it’s very clear that he/she isn’t motivated to sell the property.

However if the property has been in the market for quite some time and he/she has reduced price considerably, he/she is ready to sell the property. The trick comes on how to find motivated sellers.

The best strategy is by attending as many open houses as possible. You can also look for unattractive properties that you can improve then sell out.

✪ 10 Most Trending Ways to Promote a Real Estate Business.

4. Invest on Seminars, Audio Tapes and Books.

Knowledge is power. The more you get informed about what goes on in the real estate sector the more successful you become. You should thus ensure that you learn all the basics.

Buy books, tapes and attend informative seminars that will enlighten you. You should get informed before you venture in the business.

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5. Come up with Financial Goals.

Before you purchase your first property, know what return you expect. You can determine your financial goals by looking at the time versus money concept.

If you have more money, you need more time to achieve your financial goals. The more time that you have, the less money you need to achieve your financial goals.

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6. Don’t Wait for a Perfect Time to Invest.

Most real estate investors waste a lot of time waiting for a better deal to come your way. This might make you miss a lot of great deals.

A perfect deal rarely exist. Your first deal might feel difficult but it is worth taking.

✪ Free online apartment advertising Websites

7. Understand your Market

This might sound very simple and obvious but it plays a big role in your success. Know basic things such as job prospects and what the area relies on economically. Weather factors are also critical since different clients have different tastes.

The more you understand your market the faster you will be able to spot potential clients.

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How to Open an Ecommerce Store – 7 Steps Online Business Guide

What you should know before opening an Ecommerce Online Shopping Store?

Today, the most rational way of investing the cash, knowledge, and time is to open your own business. With proper organization, the business will provide a good income and financial well-being of the entrepreneur.

How to Open an Ecommerce Store-steps-to-start-online-shopping-storefront-600x400
Setting Up an Ecommerce Storefront- A 7 Steps Guide to Launch and Run your Online Ecommerce Business


In today’s world network traffic has become very popular. More and more business people are thinking about opening an online store. The creation of such business requires certain knowledge and costs and assumes some of the difficulties on the way of implementation of the project.

Let us consider the main points of how to open an ecommerce store, which you should know before starting. Also check: What are the Benefits of selling online


Step 1. Identify a Niche (where you are going to Sell)

Before you create your own ecommerce store, specify the tasks that you will be put in front of you. First of all, it will depend on what types of products you will be selling. Relate the cost of products with your own capital.


Identify a Niche for your ecommerce business-450x300
Identify a True Niche for your ecommerce business


If you have a small budget, do not plan to open an online store selling the expensive Jewelry, electronics, mobiles, and other high-value products.

You can also make a deals and coupons website as well from which you can earn money by affiliate marketing for other sites products ad services. See here the list of 25 best coupon sites to get an inspiration for yourself.


Pay attention to the demand of the selected type of goods. Make an independent market research to define the demand or consult the marketing professionals. Find out the popularity of the chosen niche among other sellers – both on the Internet and outside the global network.


Step 2. Find Suppliers

You should search for the suppliers in advance. There are many peculiarities that we will cover in other articles. By the time you start to the registration of all necessary documents, you should already know the exact list of providers you can work with.How to get the right Suppliers for your Store


Find Suppliers for your store-400x300
Find Suppliers for your Ecommerce store


It’s even better if you’ve already got in touch with some of the manufacturers or distributors. It would be very unpleasant, if, by the time of opening of the ecommerce store, it turned out that you do not have the established contacts or a partnership agreement with the suppliers. Try to pre-negotiate all the terms and conditions of your cooperation.

Step 3. Legal registration

You should decide at an early stage about the kind of legal form of organization it’s better for your ecommerce store. Workflow and costs will vary significantly.

Do Legal registration for your ecommerce business-450x300
Register your Business Legally in a proper way


Most likely, you will also need a bank account, because quite often the existence of a bank account is the only way to carry out mutual  payment with the suppliers.

Step 4. Rent office and warehouse, if necessary

Warehouse rent:


Whether you need a place for storage you can decide, based on the fact you are working with local or foreign suppliers, as well as whether or not you’re willing to spend money on this. It is possible that at the initial stage you will not need a warehouse, but if you decide to rent it, then keep in mind and estimate costs in advance. You can learn about the cost of the storage space rent in your city from the Internet and other sources. Do not rush to call the number provided in the cheapest ad. Look at the location of the warehouse, on the technical condition, as well as, on the storage space.


Calculate your potential costs and compare them with the cost of postal delivery. It is possible that delivering the goods by mail or courier will be much easier and more profitable. In this case, you do not have to constantly pay the rent of the warehouse.


Office rent:


Many new businesses use the offices to demonstrate their prestige, but the rental cost of the premises can be very high for you. Also, note that the office will imply the presence of at least one or two employees.


Initially, for meetings with key partners, you may use conference rooms, restaurants, and other neutral territories. It is possible that in the future you will have to rent the optimal own office, but, in practice, it interferes in the initial stage,  rather than contributing to the successful development of an ecommerce store.

Step 5. Create a website

[ 5 best Platforms to Design your Ecommerce Website ]


Creating a website is crucial because without it the online store simply cannot work. Therefore, you can start to develop the site together with the registration of all necessary documents.Most likely, you will need to consult a professional designer to create a logo and corporate design of the website. This is very important, because even before the first text will be added, you already have to evaluate the attractiveness of the online store for future buyers.

Step 6. Website content


Most likely, you will need to constantly post different descriptions of the unique goods. An important point: it’s strongly recommended not to copy the content from other sites. This may result in sanctions by the search engines, which significantly reduces the number of visitors to your website (read: potential buyers).It is better to ask specialists to write the texts, as it is not expensive.

In most cases, writing is a not very expensive item of expenditure, but do not forget about them. Quality, competent, and informative text content is no less important than a good design.


Photographing products can be done directly at the warehouse or in a separate studio. Studio photography gives the best image quality, but it’s more costly. Moreover, not all types of products can be easily and safely carried from place to place.

In addition, your best bet is to hire a photographer for professional photos of the products.

However, at the initial stages, it is not reasonable to spend money for the services of photographers. As an option, you can ask product  catalog from the vendor, and from there take photos for the site.

Step 7. Promote your Ecommerce Store

Even the best quality online store will remain invisible without the Internet promotion. Therefore, in a list with costs for opening an online, be sure to fill in the cost of its advertising and promotion. This subject is very broad and we will provide you several articles about the promotion of online stores in the nearest future.Along with that, if your financial capabilities allow you, use the quality print and outdoor advertising as well.


Best Methods for Advertising your Ecommerce Shopping Store

15 Marketing Ideas for Promoting your Ecommerce Business


Ask the Internet- Top 10 Q&A Websites List to Post Questions and Answers

Question and Answer Sites List: Best Online Places to Ask Questions related to  Personal, Professional, and Business domains


10 Best Q&A Websites, like Yahoo and Quora to Seek Answers and get Free Referral Traffic and SEO Benefits.


In present date we have many sources to find answer to our queries, we can get answers to questions either by means of articles and blogs and videos and so on.


But many times we come across the situations when we don’t find any right or satisfactory answers to the questions. Here the Q/A sites come in action and plays an important role. With the help of these Question and Answers sites, we can find the answers to even those questions, we don’t find by other sources of information.

So today I am going to share the top 10 Question and Answers on the internet where you can find answers on any topic and even expert advice. It is because experts also do have accounts on these sites to help the people.

Top 10 review Sites


Who can find these sites useful?


In general, these sites could be very useful for anyone who is searching for answers on any kind of topic. So, if you are in a confusion or if you have any doubts or need clarity then you should put your query on the sites mentioned here. All of these online platforms are backed by community members (like you and me) who are registered on these sites.

Well, mostly 3 types of people come to these sites:

Who want to find help in getting answers for their questions (any type of questions)

Who want to monitor their brand and business presence among the common users and who want to find the trends and what people are talking and enquiring about a certain business or product.

Who are interested in backlink building opportunities for their website or content. These sites have great online scores and ratings (Alexa rank, DA/PA and Moz rank) and the backlinks earned from here carry a lot of value.


Top 10 sites-to ask questions and get answers of anything-550x350
Top 10 sites on the Internet to ask questions, seek help, get answers and information on anything


10 Best Question and Answer Sites on the internet!


List of the Question and Answer Sites on the Internet- Best Places on the Web to ask questions, get Help and Information on any topics and subjects.


#1. Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions

[ How to get massive Free Traffic from Quora ]




Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Question-500x400
Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions



Quora is undisputed leader on the web as of today for asking and answering questions online. You can ask anything or find any kinds of questions there.


Quora is number #1 Q&A site on the entire Internet today. And, why not? See, how they have developed this platform with loads of interesting and valuable features. There are millions of registered users on it in which there are every kind of people who have knowledge in different areas of the human life whether it is related to personal, professional, health, mental, society, business, personal development, scientific, or academics.

Quora makes questions-answers very presentable and they send the updates to their millions of registered users based on their topics of interest and choice. You can find hundreds of Q&A on Quora community that get thousands of likes within hours after posting on daily basis.


The user engagement on Quora community is unbeatable, outstanding, and unmatched.


Quora Inc is a silicon Valley venture and it was started in 2009. To tell its popularity i would give you its viewers base which is 200 million monthly unique visitors ( for the year 2018).

There are so many reasons what make Quora the number #1 Question-Answer site on the web.

On Quora, you can find many categories under which you can ask questions and get answers to your questions.


Many industry experts are there on Quora to answer your queries. You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a certain topic. Likewise, Yahoo answers you can also upvote the answers which you find problem-solving. On Quora, You can also put your blogs in the blog section.


And also can follow specific questions, people, and topics to stay updated with latest things happening around.


Quora is much much more than mere a Q&A platform. To find its useful features and know its usage, please read this guide on how to start using Quora to the fullest benefits.


You can be friend with me on Quora by going here and i will connect with you there!


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 96

Alexa Rank India: – 14

Alexa Rank USA:-98

Top 10 Sites for Online Education and Learning


#2. Yahoo Answers- Get answer and Information from Experienced Users

[ How to get free Traffic and advertise your business on Yahoo ]


Yahoo Answers-The oldest and reputed site to get any kinds of answers



There was a time when Yahoo Q&A was the #1 best place to go online and ask questions and answer others. But, this changed around 5-10 years back when some online platforms seriously took this concept and started dedicatedly to improve the users experience by adding lots of new and advanced features. Unlike Yahoo, they put in lot of efforts into the development and advancement of the way Q&A sites were being held and used.


Yahoo Answers is one of the most trusted and well-known Q/A website on the internet. You must have already seen how frequently Yahoo Answers appear on Google Searches for so many queries. This is why this is thought to be very good site for SEO and good quality backlinks.


It has around 29 individual categories, related to all sectors ranging from business & finance to Home & Garden, Games & Recreation to Society & culture and so on.


Thus, on that note, you can get answers to almost anything on this Question and Answer site.  You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a particular topic.


And the best thing about the site is that it does not entertain any unnecessary links in the answer. It keeps them only and only when it is truly crucial.  Along with that you can also award best answers to you question.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 5
Alexa Rank USA: – 5


And according to stats millions of monthly visits occur on Yahoo answers.


#3. StackExchange – Made up of 160 Expert Communities


stackexchange-a popular Q n A site to get expert answers


StackExchange is also amid the list of best Q/A sites. StackExchange is, in fact, a collection of different websites (sub domains) for every individual category.

For example, if you are searching for mathematics then it has a complete website for it where you can ask any query related to math and so on.

You can get an idea about their full list of sites of StackExchange for different categories with the mentioned link.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 159

Alexa Rank in USA: – 137



#4. – Knowledge Exchange via WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers one of the popular sites to get answers is third in the row of best Question and answers sites. With you can find answers to any of your questions which come under their around 29 categories and sub-categories. You can also promote your questions, join community forums and even contribute on the website to make answers better if you are more into answering then asking.


Additionally, you can also write articles to explain the things in your area of expertise better by becoming an Writer.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 498
Alexa Rank in USA: – 183


#5. JustAnswer- Get Answers from ‘Verified’ Experts


JustAnswer-a good site for question-answers-500x400 a popular question answer site


JustAnswer is also among the websites that answer your questions with 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is a paid Question and answers site to get answers 24*7.  It is also available with many categories to provide answers in those categories.

Here on JustAnswer, you can apply for becoming an expert & becoming an affiliate to earn money.


Alexa Worldwide: – 3541
Alexa USA: – 995



#6. AllExperts – Oldest & Largest Free Q&A Services


allexperts-com-question-answer-site-500x400 of the Oldest question and answer community site


According to Details mentioned on Portal itself: – “ is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet and has more than 2 million questions answered.


AllExperts is indeed a great portal to get the answers, and one thing which makes it different from other Questions and answers site is that it only provides a login credential to experts with their means Expert Login.

You can also apply for being an expert by means of their Expert Application.


Alexa Worldwide: – 38,328

Alexa Rank in US: – 13,444


#7. Blurtit- To Ask, to Learn, to Share, to Grow


Blurtit-social-community for question answer is one of the famous q&a websites. Here you get answers to any question of your interest. They deal with 22 categories to provide answers in different sectors.  You can ask questions, give answers and also can follow individuals.You can also ask questions anonymously without being a registered user. And if you want can make an account on it by registering through mail or any of these social networks: – Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Alexa Worldwide: – 44,920
Alexa India: – 9,570


#8. Able2Know- A Free Forum to Ask and Share Answers is one of the best online Q&A sites. Here you can ask questions and get answers, also can answer questions and help others. There are total 24 categories on the portal for Questions and Answers. With Able2Know you can also see your ignored users. Registration is must to perform any activity on the platform.

Alexa Worldwide: – 97558

Alexa USA: – 54566



#9. The AnswerBank- For answers on Quizzes, Puzzles, Law, News, Crosswords, etc



The AnswerBank is an excellent Question and Answer Website to get your queries solved. The website has around 31 categories in which you can ask questions and also respond to questions. And for that, you have to become a registered member of the platform.


You can also use their website to ask and answer questions with the means of their Mobile site named Mobile AB.


Alexa Worldwide: – 134282
Alexa USA: – 43523



#10. Ask Me Help Desk- Get an Expert Advise on any Topic


Ask Me Help Desk is last in the row and is also one of the best Q&A websites on the internet. It has twelve categories in all with a huge number of subcategories. If you love to surf the internet on mobile, then you can also use their mobile website.


All you have to become a registered member of the portal to do any activity. On their portal, you can also view the list of their experts of different categories.


Alexa Worldwide: – 134282
Alexa USA: – 43523


Hope that this list of Question and Answers websites will help you to get the best answers to your queries and can also contribute to establishing you as an authorized expert. Let us know about your views. Best Websites for Checking Grammar Online


Fashion Business Startup Ideas – Top 10 Businesses in Fashion Industry

Starting a Business in Fashion Industry: What are the Best Fashion Businesses for Startups

Tips to Start your own Fashion Business- 9 Fashion Business Ideas.

Fashion, who doesn’t love it? We all do. Right? Now, how about making your career in what you love?
Yes, here we are talking about career in fashion & clothing industry. There is no doubt in saying that fashion industry has got some really cool opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Need is to look around and see which opportunity you can tap and which can get the best out of  according to your abilities, competency, knowledge & skills.

Fashion Ideas to Make Huge Profits
Fashion Ideas to Make Huge Profits


Major types and Models of Fashion Business

Fashion industry is very vast and big and there exist a lots of types of businesses that are related to fashion world. For example, fashion designing business could be of many types, like:


  • Education ( fashion institutes, coaching, etc),
  • Events ( organizing fashion shows, exhibitions, etc).

In the same way other models of fashion business exist together in correlation.


Here are the main types of Fashion related businesses:


  • Import & Wholesale
  • Manufacturers
  • Footwear
  • Cosmetics
  • Accessories
  • Watches & Jewelry
  • Bridal Wear
  • Costumes
  • Fashion Media
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Education

Top 10 Fashion Business Ideas to Start a  Business in Fashion Industry:


10 Startup Ideas for Fashion related Businesses: Tips for beginners.

So, in this article we will read about some of the best fashion business ideas that young entrepreneurs can get started with and make huge amount if money.Here we go with these Fashion Business Ideas:


1- Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing related Business


People who are creative and aspire to get into fashion industry can go ahead with this business idea of fashion designing.

Due to the never ending demand, this segment remains the fastest growing one. So if you are fond of styling and creating your own stuff then the line of fashion designing is calling you.I’ll start by discussing some of the main skills that are required to become a successful fashion designer.

The first and main skill of becoming a successful designer are unique and exciting creativity, that other will envy and wish to buy and to wear.

Although this would seem very obvious for some, becoming the next cutting edge designer, this truly is a skill that you simply can’t be without.

The other main skills that are needed to succeed as a fashion designer are sewing skills as well as strong drawing skills.


All three of these skills are vital if you are to succeed as a fashion designer. As with many careers in any type of business and commerce becoming a successful fashion designer also requires that you have some level of business acumen, strong motivational skills as well as determination and full commitment to the cause.


Some of the best advice I could give about becoming successful in the fashion industry is that you should choose and attend a good fashion school, although this isn’t the only way to the top we feel that this will give you the best grounding possible and also prepare you for a real-world career as a designer, as well as home your skills in the required fields.

If this is done correctly then you the designer will have all the correct groundings and together with your talents and desire to succeed you could become a successful fashion designer.

To start up a fashion business today and enjoy great earning visit and for information.

2- Fashion Modeling

Fashion Modeling Related Business


This line interests maximum amount of people. The main aim of fashion modeling is to promote clothes/accessories and other fashionable items to attract the fashion lovers & buyers, media, etc.

Career in fashion modeling offers you high income and also raises your image.Getting success as a fashion model does not come easily as you need to know what the markets wants and for that you need to have a sound knowledge of how and why fashion modelling is important and what will be your role and how well you will perform it in many varied situations.

Have you gained any professional training in fashion modelling? or, are you just an amateur  and want to enter into modelling? Evaluate yourself!

How to become a Fashion Model


3- Costume Designing Business


Costume designing business Ideas


Those who are trained and have experience in this line of art called costume designing can make it their regular source of income. You wont have to be an expert costume designer to start the business, but need to have some business and costume designing skills in balance. Read this awesome article at Wiki How on How to become a costume designer

There is a huge demand for costume designers in films, theater, TV programs, and in stage shows.

There are lots of businesses that are related to costume designing and you can start any or some of them combinedly:


  • Image Consultant
  • Jewelry Business
  • Handbag Design and Manufacturing
  • Fabric Shop
  • Embroidery Service
  • Costume Rentals
  • Alteration Service
  • Children’s Designer Clothing
Therefore, this is yet another compelling fashion business idea for those interested.

4- Fashion Magazine

Fashion magazines are loved by all. People love to read them when traveling or in their free time so as to get the idea of what is the latest going on when it comes to fashion trends.
It is people’s love towards fashion that has made fashion magazines as one of the most popular Publications in the world.You can start a fashion magazine for your local city or base on it a specific kind of community.

Hence this business idea must be considered as it can generate handsome income for you.

5- Fashion Training School

People, especially Aspiring entrepreneurs those who have competency and skills that are required to train people who want to make their career as a designer (fashion & costume), can opt for this business idea.

Although, there exist a lot of competition in this line but still you can make huge profits out of it.

6- Jewelry Retail Business

Retail jewelry shops are very popular all across the globe. If we go according to the research we will see that people love to buy local jewelry more than branded ones.

Therefore, starting a jewellery retail business is yet another exciting opportunity that Aspiring entrepreneur can choose to go with. Visit these Online Fashion jewellery sites to start selling your products on the ecommerce marketplaces.

7- Fashion Consultant

As a fashion consultant you can start your own fashion consultancy firm, collaborate with Retail Industry or clothing store and generate great income. 

Also you can work for reality shows. Infact some people have this misconception that the opportunities for fashion consultants are limited to reality shows which is not true though.


8- Costumes Rental Business

You don’t necessarily require a shop to start with this business. It can be managed easily from your home. People today rather than spending money on purchasing a costume for the event, party, function or so, prefer to take them on rent. 

So, this is one idea you can consider. Purchase some costumes and start giving them on rental basis to the customers.
Slowly & steadily as you make more & more profits, you can take the  business higher.

Ecommerce Development Marketing Ideas


9- Tattoo Business

Generation Y is way too much crazy about getting inked today. It is not only confined to western countries but in almost every part of the world tattoo love can be seen.
If you possess the art & craft of making & removing tattoos on & from human body than surely this is one highly lucrative business opportunity that exist for you. Start your own tattoo making business and enjoy great profits.A tattoo business is one of the most lucrative business ideas you can have. You can be able to earn while doing what you love most. But there are challenges that come with the decision to start your own business.

Here are some ideas you should consider when starting a tattoo business:

5 Ideas to Start a Tattoo Designing Business

10- Be a Fashion Blogger

If you think you have good sense of fashion and willing to share your style and tips with others then you can start with your own fashion blog and make as much as money you want. These days blogging trend is increasing rapidly.
Moreover, people who love to make money from home are opting for this line.


How to Make Money as a Fashion Blogger?


We live in an era where cash is sort of the entirety. Even in case you are a student, it’s not possible to steer a happy lifestyles without money. You may want money to pay to your university costs, exam costs and training elegance prices. That’s exactly the purpose why more and more students are launching their own blogs.

Now, we have entered a generation where blogging has crossed over the direction of simply connecting and have turn out to be a cash-making medium. Humans are raking in hundreds of thousands of greenbacks running their own blogs.


Now, on-line corporations are looking at blogs as a fee-powerful medium to sell their services and get greater clients. According to the recent survey of 2016 female bloggers have been getting a variety of attention and ultimately making more money by using blogging.


It’s now not hard even for a fashion related student with some initial writing skills to gain good online income in part time from blogging. They can easily create a fashion blog and start making a steady progress in the field. They can also run a personal fashion blog along with their studies. The fashion bloggers can get paid easily by connecting with so many advertising networks for publishers out there.


They may also go for affiliate marketing or start offering their gigs on these micro job sites. Along with blogging they can also earn parallely with their Twitter accounts


Innovative Business Ideas to Make Money as a Fashion Blogger


The use of affiliate links is one of the most useful ways to convert your weblog traffic into dollars like RewardStyle.

Sponsored content is what you receives a commission for through your blog, YouTube films, or even social media collaborations.

You could share your collections on their weblog and they can put a number of their satisfactory collections in your blog. It’s a two-manner road wherein each you and your accomplice will gain.

Within the case of marketing campaigns, a business enterprise will put up your weblog articles on their web site, and their marketing team will sell the content on multiple systems. On the equal time, you may also be allowed to publish your content for your blogging platform.

Visit – A great Monetization platform for fashion and style bloggers!

Watch the Useful Video on Howto Write a Business Plan for starting a Fashion Business:


3 Common Mistakes Made by New Entrepreneurs and Startups

Learn some of the Common Mistakes that Startups and First Time Entrepreneurs make and How can you Avoid them.


When as an entrepreneur you start a new business, it is very obvious that you will commit certain mistakes.
If you see in general, you will find that almost maximum of the startups make similar mistakes.
Reason is, some are from technical background and hardly understand the concept and importance of marketing, some lack interest, some are unable to manage things and go with the principles and likewise.
Common and basic Mistakes that Startups and First time Entrepreneurs make
Common Mistakes that Most Startups and New Entrepreneurs Make


So, in this article we are going to point out some of the common mistakes that any startups make. [ 15 Reasons why Startups Fail and What we can Learn From it ]
Let us have a look below:-

1. Overlooking Content Marketing

[ 10 Best Tools for Marketing and promoting your Content

Content marketing is crucial to up the sales game for any business. Its role is not confined to this rather content marketing also proved its importance in establishing brands as well.


Often it is seen that the leaders from technical backgrounds or say CEOs for that matter here, tend to overlook the need of content marketing as they hardly are able to understand the benefits it contain.

Now this is what you do not have to do. If you want to enjoy and maintain the success of your business, it is needed that you must not avoid the role of content marketing. It is your content that grabs the attention of the audience, informs & educate them about your business, brand, product & services.
When told a story that is captivating and which relates to psyche of the readers, they tend to get excited about your brand and establish long term connection with you. As much as creating interesting stories around your brand is important, effectively marketing them is also necessary so as to provoke your target audience to read/see it. Use all the tactics to drive traffic to site through your content.
Post links on your social channels and also link back to your landing page so that audience from all the platforms gets attracted towards it. Learn other content marketing techniques and make use of them in your startup so as to build the position of your brand.11 Killer Tips for the Startups to be Successful  ]

2. Not Realizing The Importance of ORM & Ignoring the comments around your brand


Another mistake that is made by the startups is that of avoiding ORM which means online reputation management. Although it is quite understandable that it is due the reason that ORM systems & software may seem to look expensive initially.

But overlooking this extremely important zone may cause a lot of harm in the later stages of the business.
Today with internet & social media, people especially millennial and Gen-z leave no chance to destroy the brand with their critical review on social media and other platforms. Various startups like Ola, Uber and Paytm have experienced this scorning reviews online by their users.
What is important to build the image of your brand is to get right customer reviews by paying attention to your online presence, establishing good relationship with the customers and investing in online reputation management.
Never ignore the customers feedback in the form of reviews. Instead take it as a source of learning & improve. This will help you grow your business fast.

3. Not Able to track and measure results and success


Many startups give up early because they are neither able to manage the success nor the failure of their marketing efforts. Reason being they are not tracking & measuring  the results of their efforts which is a much needed thing to be done in a business.

Setting benchmarks and then measuring the results against it paves way for the improvement. It lets you analyze how effective your efforts have been and where things are lacking. Keeping track on the progress of your business is imperative.

You get vital information about what’s happening in your business and help you makes changes in your strategies which can be good for business growth. Not tracking results will only get your business into worst of situations.
It will just be a total wastage of your efforts. You must have a proper strategy to track the performance & results of your email marketing, social media and other other campaigns. To up their marketing game, it is needed that these startups must be focused and monitor each everything that forms a part of marketing.

Best Internet Based Business Ideas To Make More Money Online

Employ the Internet Space to make more Profits with these Home based Business Ideas


Tips and Ideas for Making Money Online with your Home based Business



Today, every other person is looking for the opportunity to start their online business. The fact that internet industry has various opportunities is known by maximum number of people. Internet has changed the way of life.

The Internet has made life easier. Connectivity, communication is no more an issue. People are easily approachable. You can get education online, pay bills, receive payments online, shop while sitting back at home or wherever/ whenever and much more.
A common man is enjoying these luxuries of life through internet. So, coming back to those seeking opportunities in internet business, for you there are certain interesting online business ideas through which you can earn huge amount money.  We are sharing these with you in this article.
Best Internet Based Business Ideas To Make More Money.Online
Internet Based Business Opportunities
Internet has changed lives and impacted businesses to a larger extent. It has become a crucial part now a days of our lives. But how can your employ internet to make more profits with some trending business ideas. Check out the article!Take a look!

1- Blogging

How to Make Money by Blogging- tips for the Beginners ] 


This is one of the most trending business idea to make money via internet. But to be honest here, the amount of money that you make online from your blog is totally dependent on you and your efforts.

To start with, you need to decide who will be your target audience and what is the purpose of your blog.

Accordingly, you must write articles, use strong keywords so as to get your blog appear in the search engine results.
Attracting traffic takes time but if you are putting the best of your efforts and are maintaining the consistency then you can get great success as a blogger in a short time and make huge amount of money.

2- Sell Products Online

If you are into handicrafts, art and other home made items/ products making then it would be your loss if you are not tapping this opportunity of selling your products online where you can enjoy massive customer base and grow your business tenfold and your family is engaged in making home Selling products online is one of the best option you can consider.
Therefore, you can take your home business online and sell products on multiple platforms available therein.

[ What to Sell online: Choose the right Product to Sell online ]

There are lots of ways to earn from Ecommerce sites while working from your home. Find out Tips to get started for selling on various online marketplaces- 




3- Graphic Designing Business

The ones who possess knowledge about graphic designing can go ahead and start your own graphic design business as a freelance designer.

You can enjoy the status of a design entrepreneur by getting into this business line and earn great income as well. So, this is yet another idea if online business is what you want to do.

[ List of Free Online Logo Maker Sites ]


4- Online Consultancy Business


If you go according the dictionary, it defines a consultant as “an expert in a particular field who works as an advisor either to a company or to another individual.”

People want to take information on different things. It could be like, what career to choose, what professional course to opt for, what business line to get into etc and lots more of such.
So, for those having some experience of consultancy in any field can start with their own consultancy business online. Today, networking has become so easy via internet. So, why not make the best use of it to make more money.

5- Selling E-Commerce Solutions

As we know that today the retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers all are making it to the eCommerce sitesto sell their products & services. Reason being, wide access to customers. Many startups are increasing or i shall say, e-commerce startups.

Therefore, in order to make money and start with a cool online business we can opt for this idea of providing e-commerce solutions to this new segment of customers.

6- Start a Membership Site


Running a membership site is a great idea to start online business.  Without much cost involved, you can make handsome amount of money. What you are required to do is just create a membership site and  put in maximum efforts to attract huge traffic to your site.

Your target audience here will be the experts in different field willing to share their expertise, knowledge, tips and advices and people who are in need of these advices, tips and expertise. Your experts via your platform will share their knowledge to your audience which in return will pay you for the information so received.
Membership sites are of two main types-
  1. Free Membership Websites
  2. Paid or subscription based Membership Websites
Ideas to start different Kinds of Member sites-
  1. Online Courses
  2. Classifieds Listing
  3. Reviews
  4. Communities and Online forums
  5. yellow page Directory
  6. Local Business Listing Directory
  7. Employment Job Portal
  8. Freelance Platform


Top 5 Real Estate Business Success Ideas every Entrepreneur Should Know

Business Ideas for Every Real Estate Business Entrepreneur


For those who are looking for starting business in real estate, you have reached the right place to gain insight on different ideas which you can go ahead with.

As we know that real estate sector is at booming phase today, so there lies ample of opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs in Real Estate Sector to get into this niche & make more money.

Must Read>> Killer Tips for Real Estate Business Promotion

Business Ideas for Real Estate Entrepreneurs
Business Ideas for Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Agents
However with the advent of technology and changing business environment real estate has taken strides.
In this article you will read about some of the best & innovative real-estate business ideas which you can choose as your career. Let us take a look at these:-


1. Property Management

Entering into this line would require you to have the ability to interact and develop relationships with people of all kind.


start your business as a Property Management expert in real estate sector-350x201
Start your business as a Property Management expert


You will have to deal with the landlords, contractors, brokers, tenants and many more once you’re into property management business.

You have to have extremely good liaising skills herein so that you can easily interact, work & connect with others. Also you need to have some understanding of the laws controlling landlords, tenants and other related people in this sector.

You can also take the process online by investing in e-commerce sector and starting an online e-commerce portal

 E-Commerce Development – Killer Marketing Tips


2. Property Development

Yes, you’re thinking it right. This is indeed a capital intensive business as it involves a lot to do including buying land to develop properties on.The furnished properties so developed can be used for selling, renting or leasing purpose and this way this business can get you huge revenue.


Property Development real estate business idea-350x350
Property Development Business could be very rewarding for those with liaising skills


The customers targeted herein could be businesses, professionals ( trainers, teachers or others ) looking for office space, tenants looking for rented house, room, shop etc. As far as the skills are concerned, excellent marketing as well as liaising skills are required in order to get started with this business.

✪ Job Advertising sites for Real Estate Employers .

3. Real Estate Blogging

5 Sure Ways to Promote a Real Estate Blog Successfully  ]

If you think you have good amount of knowledge about real estate sector then you can earn a whole time income from it. Blogging is one such platform that can be thought of here.


Real Estate Blogging-idea-as-new-business-350x200
Starting a Blog based on Real Estate business could turn out to be a great Idea


You can create your own blog, publish articles, give advices, tips, views etc and increase the popularity of your blog via different tools & methods. Your target audience here would the people who are seeking information of ant kind related to real estate sector.

Talking about the skill set which you need to possess so as it to get started with this line is good and relevant knowledge/information about real estate and the ability to generate content related to the same in the form of articles that are creative and interesting.

✪ Paid advertising network sites for Real Estate Sector

✪ Top 10 Property Sites in India

4. Property Brokerage


To be started, let us first understand what actually a property broker is? A property broker is more of an intermediary between the two parties involved here, one of which is the seller and the other is buyer of the properties.


mnake a business in Property Brokerage-400x300
Creating a Property Brokerage Business is also a good idea


When the deal is fixed between these two with the involvement of the property broker, he receives commission which is his earning.

This line of business in real estate requires the person to have good negotiating, influencing & persuading skills so as to develop a connection between the buyer & the seller. Sellers & Buyers of the property are the target customers here.

✪ 50 Most Popular Websites for Real Estate Agents
✪ Tips to be a Real Estate Agent

5. Real Estate Magazine


To stay updated about the happenings in the real estate world, a lot of people prefer to read magazines related to this industry/ sector.

They are eager to know what properties are up for sale, what are available for rent or lease purpose. There are people who seeking information on the ongoing market trends.

So, this is one interesting opportunity that you can take advantage of and start your own business. You should have great marketing skills for the same and also you should know all kinds of ways to make your magazine reach your target audience which will be the people who love reading magazines.

✪ Local adverts sites for Housing Property Ads
8 Businesses to Make money online from Home



Apart from these top 5, there are various other such innovative ideas which are jotted down below:



– Wallpaper Business (Real Estate Sector)

– Property Cleaning (Service Business)

– Interior Decoration.

– Hostel Rental Business.

– Real Estate Apps ( Selling Business)

– Landscaping Business.

– Pool Construction Business.

– Lawn Care Business.

Start a Real Estate Online Forum like these

Creating your own Business- Ideas for Entrepreneurship Development

5 Basic Marketing Ideas for Promoting any Small Medium Business