Top 10 Social Media Sites 2022- Worldwide Popular Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing

Top 10 Social Media Platforms for Business and Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Social Media for Business: What are the Largest Social Networking Sites for Marketing and Branding?


Get here a detailed list of the Top 10 Social Media Sites in the World for Business and Marketing!


The Top 10 Social Media Platform that are used by people of all walks of life from all over the World! The legends of Social networking Sites that are also best known for their use in personal sharing, socially connecting, and Business Marketing for Branding and Leads.


Marketing through Social Media is one of the fundamental parts of Internet Marketing campaigns. Social Media Networks are perfect platforms to promote your business. Most of them are free but they also have paid advertising schemes for brands that want to attract even more audience.


If you want your business to run smoothly on a social platform, you need to study how it works and choose which site appeals the most to your target audience. For that, you need to possess some really powerful tools that are built having social media marketing in mind.


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10 Best Social Media Sites Worldwide for Business Marketing

List of 10 Best Social Media Sites 2022-23 for Business and Marketing across the World:

The list contains the social media sites that have influenced the most to the people from across the world. The Social Networking Sites in the list are most popular in 2022-23 for various reasons and sectors, like :

  • Social Sharing and networking where people share and connect to each other for similar interests
  • Business development
  • Digital marketing (actually, social media marketing)
  • Sales, Conversions, Branding, and Lead Generation:
  • SEO, Blogging

1. Facebook– The #1 Social Media Giant

Facebook -The Social Networking Giant for the Masses! 



The biggest and largest social media platform on the internet is Facebook with the most number of registered users from all over the world.


  • It is a highly recognized site so it can easily connect people from various parts of the world with your business and increase its popularity.
  • Facebook was launched in February 2004 for college students and since then, it has made a lot of progress in becoming a multifaceted social platform where everyone can connect with their friends, families, celebrities, and businesses also.


Facebook is a great platform to start your business of any type. You can easily create your business page on Facebook because of its simple interface. You can also post business updates, share pictures and videos to make it more appealing to the audience. You can also use the techniques of content marketing on social media websites and ensure a larger audience.


This larger audience can be thought of as potential customers for your business and the products you are interested in selling. The content should be compelling for the readers. Furthermore, you can advertise your business on Facebook which will help lure more traffic to your social media page and increase brand awareness.


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2. Instagram Social Media Platform for Images



Instagram-Top-Social Media Marketing site-300x200
Instagram-The Top Social Media Place for Celebrities, Biz Tycoons, and Masses


  • Instagram is a pictorial social media site based completely on photos and video posts. Instagram has distinct filters and editing options for photos and videos that make it popular among the audience.
  • For the marketing purposes an owner of some brand, restaurant or company, etc can make an Instagram account and post related photos, video clips and can even share reviews of people, which were posted by different people in the form of pics and short video clips.
  • The audience is millions of people around the globe that may increase the popularity of a particular brand. The more people that follow, the more is the popularity of that brand.


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3. Twitter– The Largest Micro Blogging Platform:


Twitter-Number-one-microblogging-Social Media Site-300x200
Twitter is the undisputed Number one Micro-Blogging Social Media Site


Twitter a multi-featured social website where you can upload almost anything: photos, video clips, share descriptive paragraphs, links, polls and updates, etc. This social website has above 300 million users around the globe and its target audience is from individuals to multi-national companies.


Moreover, Twitter is among the list of top 10 websites globally that are considered best for business marketing. Due to a large number of users, you can also use Twitter to know customer reviews and serve them better. If you are more active on Twitter, more people will express their interest and share their thoughts on your brands or business.



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4. Pinterest Social Networking Site



Pinterest Social media Site-for biz marketing-300x200
Pinterest – Business Marketing via Images- Very Popular Social Site


Pinterest is a very effective social media site if your products are visually attractive to the audience. Pinterest was launched in 2009 and is regarded as a photo sharing site and connects people having shared interests and same taste of different things.


Users create and organize theme-based boards and setting up these boards with a ‘pin it’ button consisting of photos, videos, and gifts related to those boards. Users can follow and also ‘re-pin’ the items pinned by a particular brand or a company.


This media platform also has unique kind of pins called ‘Rich pins’ that can help various brands to share even more things like details of the product and even location map of the brand with its audience. Companies can get a huge amount of followers in little time if they post product photos actively and attract more audience.


Pinterest is a great marketing site for every business but its best in some particular businesses like fashion, food, sports, photography, and health-related projects.


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5. LinkedIn– #1 Social Media Site for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest online network for Professionals!


LinkedIn-Number 1 Social Media for Professionals-300x200
LinkedIn- The Best Social Networking for Business Professionals



LinkedIn is a productive social networking site launched in 2003 with a total of 135 million active users in 200 countries. Earlier viewed as a place to put your resume and look for a job, LinkedIn has progressed a lot to make its name in today’s booming networking sites.


LinkedIn is the best channel for B2B leads and sales. That’s why to generate leads for B2B most of the businesses trust LinkedIn and they dont hesitate to invest some money in their premium subscription.

Unlike Facebook, you can target people based on their work position or profile in any segment or industry.


For example, if you are running a company that sells products to the people who are in a managerial role in any software company around NYC areas. In this case you can use LinkedIn ads and show the ads ONLY to the people who are manager in a software company around NYC. This is the best thing which is only offered by LinkedIn. It is very effective way to target B2B clients so successfully! 


Recently Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in a much talked about deal of well over 26 Billion dollars.


Maintaining your LinkedIn profile every day and keeping it up-to-date will ensure huge benefits and flourish your business with more job listings and interest groups. You can share job-postings and company research and description with the people through LinkedIn.


You can also look for clients for your business and employ individuals interested in your brand through the LinkedIn network. Through particular advertising programs, LinkedIn is great for connecting people in the similar kind of industries and increasing the reputation of one’s business.


The more active you are on all kinds of social media, the more your business will prosper. It will help in gaining a lot of audiences. A social media coordinator is necessary for your business if you want to see your company’s name thriving on all kinds of social media.


Every social media site has its distinct features so you need to enlighten yourself on all the social media sites and design a profitable social strategy. If you can be consistent on these websites and really work hard then there is definitely a chance that you will reap the results of your efforts. It will take time and it will not happen overnight so perseverance is essential in these kinds of endeavors.


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How YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, Google plus and Yelp are Great for Social Media Marketing



Social media marketing is a great way to attract attention and gain traffic to your website or product that you would like to sell. In this new generation of internet, people have found tons of ways to attract attention to their firms, business, companies, and websites that allow them to share their product information to the entire world and hence creating a new marketing scheme that allows them to dominate the overall business and getting ahead of the competition.


Through social sites, people can add links to their product or merchandise that they want to sell and hence gaining attention for their product but it is to say not all social sites are good for attracting attention. I mean mainly it would seem that some sites are good for attracting attention but if the popular platforms are dominated then it would surely be your win.


Here I will discuss the 5 other famous platforms in the Top 10 list of sites for social media marketing.


6. YouTube– Promoting your Business via Videos



YouTube- The Number #1 Video Marketing Social Site Worldwide


We all have heard about YouTube. It is a site that displays video content to the users and in turn, gives them information about particular topic or point. Many people create their channels on this site and those people share tons of video content to their users and help them to notify about recent activities or help them through a challenging task.


Now the first thing that comes in mind is how is it a great way for social media marketing? Well, people all over the world use YouTube for their daily problems and needs.


Now imagine that you place a video content on this site and thus creating a link to your product. Once people will be on this site looking for information then if your product is what they were looking for it would instantly allow your product to gain attention.


YouTube does a tremendous job of keeping its audience engaged and once they are done, you will have a perfect opportunity to come up as a related video and stealing the attention.


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7. Tumblr -The Top Notch Micro blogging Platform:



Tumblr -The Top Micro blogging social media Platform-300x200
Tumblr -The Business marketing Platform via Micro Social Blogging


Tumblr is another social site where many people have created their accounts and they share blogs, articles, post, pictures and videos. Tumblr is also a great way for social media marketing because many Tumblr users are here for looking for some uniqueness and creativity in this site.


The best way to social media market is here not giving a direct outlook of what you trying to gain attention for but simply being creative in a way that shows humor and creativity.


The best way to that is simply pair your product with an image that spike engagement or create a funny GIF that links to your product. This way many people will start to give attention to your product and ultimately you will gain traffic on your item. It’s all about how much people re-post your funny content; this is the best way to create hype for your product.


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8. Vine


Vine – The Highly Popular Social Networking Site for Biz Marketing via Videos and Photos


Vine is yet again a great tool for social media marketing. Vine is a site that creates a short film about anything but it is to be noted that the time lapse is only 6 seconds and it is crucial that you deliver the message in six seconds time limit.

Now you have to be clever and keen with a sharp mind that is also creative that comes up with a unique vine that attracts attentions. People hate old, boring and dull content that deliver straight meaning.

Being funny and creative but also linking your product in it is the best way to gain attention and become popular on this social media site with your product.

Business Channels at Vine


9. Google plus

Update: Googleplus has been retired by Google. We will be updating our list sooner to reflect this change. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Google Plus – Popularly Known as a Google Social Networking Site


Google plus is also a social site with over 150 million people on it sharing their posts and contents with each other sure it isn’t as popular as Facebook or twitter yet it is another way for marketers to build up attention for their product and gain traffic.


15 Ways to advertise your Business on Google


The best ways to market your product is the about page which is fantastic opportunity to give a fast overview about your product or business. Make sure that you include important information about your products so that searchers would want to come back to the product.

Use bullets in a description and create an easy-to-read list of your products. By making an overall good appearance and making your product noticeable is the main goal.


#10. Yelp


Yelp- A Great Business  Networking Site for Local Marketing and SEO


Yelp is an online review site where millions of people come to give reviews about a certain business or product of a company although seems to have been for quite some time yet it has tons of people giving positive reviews and feedbacks about their business.


By making a yelp account on yelp and having the strong photography is the best way to attract attention and in the description, if you place the most accurate information people are surely going to be fascinated in knowing how it is.

Top 10 Business Listing sites like Yelp


And if your product is ongoing topic their then make sure to give responds to the reviews that way more people will be determined to know what it actually seems to be.

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Hire Social Media Influencers for broadening your influence over social networks


You may be already well aware about influencer marketing. It is a great way to expand your reach over social channels with the help of influencers. You can hire such influencers easily from influence  marketing platforms.


I am going to give you a few names of the most popular platforms where you can find such influencers who are willing to provide their services for branding and marketing your business over giant social sites.


#1. Activate– Hire Influencers for branding and impactful social media marketing campaigns.

#2.– Find social media influencers from all over the world.

#3. Hellosociety – A New York Times Company for full services regarding social media marketing and social storytelling. 

#4. TribeGroup– An Influence marketing platform that connects micro-influencers and businesses.


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