Facebook Advertising- 5 Beginners Tips for Using Facebook Ads Effectively

Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 05:14 am

5 Tips for Facebook Sellers and Advertisers: How to Advertise Effectively with Facebook Ads?

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Facebook Advertising Tips to Promote a Business, Online Storefront, or Website.

This article is written for those who are interested in promoting themselves using Facebook advertising.

For ex-  e-commerce website owners, online storefront owners, advertisers, marketers, and business owners. Facebook is a great platform for social media marketing and advertising. You can focus on increasing the sales and development of e-commerce or any other business using Facebook marketing techniques.

From small business owners to big marketing companies- all use Facebook ads to market themselves aggressively to drive social media traffic for enhanced leads and sales.

Facebook advertising could be done using two means-

  • Free ways to advertise and promote over Facebook.
  • Paid ways to advertise your content using Facebook Ads.


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Facebook Online ad posting tips for Beginners
Facebook Ads – How to get Most out of Facebook Advertising & Marketing



5 Tips to Make your Facebook Advertising Effective


Facebook advertising tips for advertisers and marketers. Promote any website or e-commerce business using Facebook Ads. Beginners Tips for Social media marketing & local advertising via Facebook.


#1. Place Well-Targeted Facebook Ads

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Make your Facebook Ads Well Targeted  


Perhaps it is important to explain how to create great Facebook Ads even before thinking of how to target them. A Facebook ad can either be geared towards fan acquisition or fan engagement.

Whichever type of ad you intent to use, be clear on your goals and be creative from the world go.

Adhere to the Facebook Ad guidelines. For instance, the text count on your image ads should not exceed 20%. Have a strong call to action, keeping in mind the user experience.

This said, Facebook Ads are not effective if they are not properly targeted to the right customers. People are mainly on Facebook to connect with their friends and relatives, not to buy goods or services.

Precise targeting, broad targeting and category targeting can be used to ensure that your get customers who have a high propensity to convert.

Precisely, an e-commerce marketer should target ads by age, gender, location, education, relationship status and interests to ensure that the ads are displayed to Facebook users who are already interested in the product in question in one way or another.

Other targeting options include pages liked, sports, fashions, music and technology. It is important to note that everything that a Facebook user shares talks volumes about their buying characters.

E-commerce marketers can leverage this unique feature in Facebook to ensure that they reach the right consumers.

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#2. Use Custom Audiences and Lookalikes

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Make Use of Custom Audiences while creating Facebook Ads

Custom audience allows you to connect with people you already know. These are the people who are already aware of your company.

This feature allows you to hyper-target your ads in order to have a high conversion rate. For instance, if a visitor to the site places a product on the shopping cart and leaves without buying, you can develop a strategy for letting them know the things they missed by failing to buy that product.

For the first-time purchasers, you can add something like a 10% discount on every item bought for the first time.

The lookalike option allows you to target your ads to people who are similar to your purchasers. Being similar to the people on your custom audience means that they have the same interests and likes are they are very likely to purchase the same products.

The lookalike audience makes it easy to create specific audience segments for proper targeted advertising. There are also other Facebook users who are similar to this lookalike audience.

Connecting to them will lead to creating of unending cycle of buyers already known to you. You can create the custom and lookalike audiences using the power editor.

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#3. Include Video Ads in your Facebook Advertising

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Make good Use of Video Ads in Facebook Advertising

Video ads were recently introduced on Facebook, giving e-commerce advertisers the opportunity to reach to their customers through video clips. This is a great platform for them to demonstrate and showcase their products.

User manuals are sometimes not sufficient in helping customers understand your product. Obviously, the video needs to be clear and rich in graphical content.

It should make the viewer glued to the screen. Content is king. There is no doubt about that. Use catchy short and visually appealing videos.


#4. Use Mobile Friendly Facebook Ads and Apps


The demand for smart mobile devices and tablets means something else to e-commerce marketers: the number of people using Facebook on mobile devices will skyrocket. This is already happening.

The problem with using Facebook on mobile devices, at least from the viewpoint of the advertiser is that the right hand column that normally features several adverts is not normally available on mobile devices.

This means that you will need to place your ads on the news feed. Luckily, this is possible with the use of Power Editor. Use this editor to place you ads both on desktop News Feed and on mobile only News Feed.

On the same note, you can take advantage of the various mobile e-commerce apps to improve sales. For instance, you can use the Mobile App Install ads in the News Feed.

On a different note, use optimized CPM for Facebook mobile. This is so because CTR and conversion rates on Facebook are normally high. Optimized CPM will allow you to decide whether your goal is to improve revenue, registrations, page likes or app installs and target your ads appropriately.

You will need to work with Strategic Preferred Market Developer partners such as Nanigans for this to be successful.


#5. Monitor, evaluate and refresh your creative often


Test various layouts and styles and see how your fans respond to them. Is the click-through rate (CTR) varying? Online marketing is a very dynamic field, where things change every minute.

You can check which ad creative works best across CTR, ROI (Return On Investment) and sales. This will help you to make the right decision and keep you advertising campaign on check.

Use your Customer Relations Management (CRM) to determine the buying characteristics of your audience. In this case, you will need to examine your business data critically.

For instance, you may notice that a person who bought a smart phone in the last one month is likely to buy earphones and other phone accessories.

Use this information to create a relevant offer.


Other Tips for Advertising on Facebook


You don’t have to share stuff from your site alone on your fan page. Share information from other sites as well. Remember that is what people have come to do on Facebook: sharing information.

The online business should allow in-depth Facebook engagement. It will make no sense trying to use Facebook advertising when your site is not optimized for Facebook engagement.

This involves incorporating Facebook likes, shares and comments, to name but a few. In short, ensure that your store or website has visible Facebook sharing widget.

Reply customer queries via Facebook. As an e-commerce store that envisions moving to the next step, elaborate customer care is key. If you use Facebook for your customer support services, the better for you.

Use dedicated landing pages. When you place ads, you need to consider the landing pages carefully. When visitors finally land on your product page, they should not be disappointed. A click-through landing page will attract rather than distract the visitor.

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