How to Make Money on Social Media Sites- 15 Ways to Get Paid Online

Beginners Tips to Earn Money Online using Social Networking Sites



Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online on Social Media Sites.


Although it can be referred to be a comparatively new industry, but there are wide range of ways to earn money using the available social medias.

You will become surprised knowing the fact that each of the most important social media outlets has, to a great extent, helped the users turning their favorite hobby into a profitable business or, turning their existing business into a larger business.


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Making Money on Social Media Sites


Making Money on Social Media Platforms- 15 Best Ways to Earn Income Online.

In today’s time it is quite obvious that social media sites are also being used as a platform to earn money through so many ways and methods. Off-course, you need to posses some basis skills to start earning money working from home using social networking sites. The obvious question is, but, how? Well, it depends, because there are numerous techniques and ways to plan your strategy for earning money.

There are two ways to make money through social media: Direct and indirect ways.

To give you some examples, i have mentioned below some quick and the most fundamental ways to generate an income stream working on social media platforms, such as:

  • Sales and marketing services,
  • Affiliate and referral marketing
  • Remote assistance work
  • Online promotion work
  • Skill based services (for eg: content writing, SEO, consulting, data entry, designing, web development, etc)
  • Teaching and education related
  • Advertising and promotion services

Well, the list is endless and it is increasing day by day as new entrepreneurs are coming up with new and innovative ideas to generate income. In this article we have mentioned only 15 of such methods to make money using social networking sites. Read on…



How to Make Money online using Social Networking Platforms:


However, without the knowing the right way, you can never turn your hobby into a successful business and earn money from that. Therefore, we have come up with the top 10 ways to earn money using the social media.


1. Attract the Customers on Pinterest with Your Products


Small businesses can be benefited in bigger ways through receiving Pinterest users or, customers to pin the images of the products of their businesses listed on the Pinterest boards.

All you have to do is to create an account, try to engage in the specific communities through pinning other business’s photos, and then, upload the images of your business, which may draw the attention of the users so that they can buy your products.


2. Create and Maintain an Online Instagram Shop


If your business does have items, which may attract the Instagram users, then it is comparatively easier to set up an Instagram shop through linking your account to a specific service on Instagram called inSelly.

You can easily get to know about the details of the procedures you need to follow to sell products on InSelly Instagram marketplace to sell online.


3. Copywriting


A great way to show your writing skill is using Facebook and Twitter. In these days, most of the online businesses search for writers who are fit enough to manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In such cases, your writing skill can attract those business owners and manage a writing job for yourself, which you can easily do staying at your own home.

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4. Editing and Proofreading


Editors, at the current time, have huge demand because of the writing expertise they possess. The best market for the editors is Facebook and Twitter.

Actually, Twitter and Facebook pages needs editors who are great in this area since it helps the online shops to get online customers in the easiest ways through attractive them with the help of their written words.


5. Create an Online Store at Facebook



If you are a seller or have some products of your own or from third parties then you should open a storefront at Facebook. Also, start using Facebook Buy now button on your Facebook pages as well to attract more leads and sales.

An online storefront at Facebook can fetch you a good amount of money if you have good networking skills.

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6. Manage Different Social Media


At the current time, most of the companies search for the appropriate virtual assistant in order to handle the social media presence of their business.

Although you may find some positions for the interns, but there are wide ranges of positions, which pay a great deal of monetary payment to the skilled virtual assistant.

There are different types of categories, for instance, fixed job and early payment system. You can choose the category which best suits you to maintain your other jobs.


7. Airbnb


With Airbnb, you may to invest a few bucks at the initial stage but, with the passage of time you can hope to earn huge amount of money if you can become successful.

In this case, you just need to rent some places in different countries and then make the advertisements of those rented areas online. Tourists from across the world search for better places when they visit a new country. Those tourists are the customers you really have to attract for your business. Find them and make the deal at Airbnb and the money is in your hand within a matter of few seconds.


8. Create a YouTube Channel


Creating a YouTube Channel is a great way to make money online staying at your place. You just need to make sure that your channel must possess the kind of videos, which has the ability to attract viewers from all the parts of the world.

Create an engaging video or, something that goes viral for a particular period of time. This can help you to get more viewers for your channel and eventually help you earn money with social media. Helpful resources for the Youtube based work from home users:

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9. Amazon Affiliate Program


One of the easiest ways to earn money online is to join the Amazon Affiliate Program. Any purchase of Amazon from your link will return a certain percentage of the total price to you. You will have to make a good plan for promoting the Amazon products. If you have good followers over social media platforms then you can promote the affiliate links and get paid whenever someone makes a purchase from the link you shared.

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10. Sell your own artwork

Another great way is selling your art on Instagram and Tumblr. Actually, these are the places where you can get the actual buyers for your artworks.

When your piece of work gets lots of shares and likes, then you will find someone who will be showing interest in purchasing your work.

Just make the deal and make money online in a hassle-free way.


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5 more Successful Ways to Earn Money Using the Social Media Platforms


Social media is getting popular each year and the opportunities it offers in various aspect of our lives also increases. Social media are much beyond than just connecting with your friends and family.

It can also be utilized to make money on the go if you have an entrepreneurial outlook.

Let us have a look at 5 successful ways to earn money using the Social Media Platforms:


1. Making Money with YouTube


Starting a YouTube channel is easy, and it takes no time at all. However, to start to earn a good amount of money from social media sites, you need to really popular with what you do.


It does not happen overnight, and it requires a lot of work. To start with you need to find a niche in which you have passion and begin by making videos and uploading it.

Choosing a unique name and giving a good channel description is the basic step you have to do initially. Building a consistent user base or subscribers is the only way to keep up with the money flow.

When you find the right niche, it is as if you have crossed half of the hallmark. If you are excellent at what you do, brands will start to contact you to do collaboration, and it helps you to earn money by that way as well. You can start anything from a random vlog channel to a cooking channel.


For converting the views to money, you need to link your YouTube channel to AdSense first. Social media advertising is another way to promote your channel.


Joining the YouTube partner program is another smart way to earn money using social media. Once you start getting more than thousands of views a month, you are going to start to make money from the program.


After you become a YouTube partner, Google AdSense starts managing all your ad placements and money earnings. Google decides what type of ads will appear and keeps track of all ad responses as well.

In short, you need not spend time in managing the advertisers as it works as an automated process.

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2. Make Money through Sponsored Posts

Tips to Make Money with Sponsored Tweets


You can make easy money by posting sponsored posts on social Medias.Sponsored posts are nothing but posts that you publish on behalf of a brand.


For sponsored posts, you can contact brands or companies directly, but you need to have a large follower base to convince them. If you already have a significant number of specific followers, then convincing the brand owners will not be a problem.


For example, if you have a Facebook or a Twitter page on cooking classes and recipes, it is easy for you to approach food-related companies to do a sponsored post.


Publishing sponsored posts on your Facebook, or Instagram is popular social media advertising. It takes a long time to get money from AdSense depending on the views, whereas, you get more money and that too very quickly from a sponsored post or a review.


If you are growing consistently and have many followers, brands will directly contact you to review one of their products.

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3. Make Money from Products Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money using social media where you will have the benefit when you help another brand by promoting their product.

When you make collaboration with a company for product affiliation, you will receive an affiliate code which you need to place on your website or social media to start driving traffic. The company will be able to track your performance through unique software with the help of affiliate ID.

Affiliate marketing is a cost effective and easy way to earn money using social media sites. To prosper in this area, you need to choose brands carefully. Registering with too many brands can be the biggest mistake you can make. Choose products or brands that align with your niche.

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4. Set up an Online Store on Instagram


If you have a shop that sells exclusive items, set up an online store in Instagram popularly known as Insta-stores. To start with, you must have a clear bio with all necessary information. Add proper keywords along with matching hashtag to earn target followers. Also, include your contact details like mail id or address.

Increasing the number of followers is another vital part that decides your growth.

To attract followers, you have to be regular with your posts.

Try to publish one quality post of your product or brand a day.

Hashtags are another area you need to concentrate on; your images will travel place with right hashtags.

In social media sites like Instagram, beauty and fashion stores are really popular, and as long as you have something unique to sell, you are going to be successful soon.

Create a unique name which is easy to find. Don’t make it complicated by using upper cases and lower cases simultaneously.

Use your store’s logo as profile picture so that your customers can identify you without any difficulty.

You can make use of selling tools like Inselly or Insta orders to sell your products on Instagram.

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5. Take Advantage of Pinterest


Pinterest is yet another social media platform you can utilize to make money.

Build an audience targeting a particular niche and sell to them. If you want to sell a fitness related product, target people who are interested in getting fit and healthy.

Make relevant boards and earn followers and finally, you can sell the product to them. Even if you do not have a product to sell, you can approach companies and ask for sponsorship by sharing your account’s statistics.

Brands will also approach you if you have a few thousands of followers in a particular niche.

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In social media marketing, you need to brand yourself and teach the followers how to master the strategies making money by using social media efficiently. Delving essential tips will help you to brand yourself and will help you to grow and improve residual income.

The attractive part of the online business is everybody wants to make money, and everybody would spare their time to understand the social media marketing.

Learning strategies will help you to monetize the traffic and generate income.

There are only a few ways by which you can make money, and there are endless possibilities for you to explore. Whatever you do, keep up your passion in it so that it can take you places.

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