Search Engine Marketing Tips 2020 for Beginners – 15 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic


Search Engine Ranking Tips for Beginners: Top 15 Methods to Get Search Engine Traffic to your Blog.

If you want to promote and make your website a real success then you need a good volume of search engine traffic.

In this article we are going to describe some basic ways by following which you can increase traffic to your website, or any content using free Search Engine Marketing techniques.


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Search Engine Ranking and Marketing Tips for Beginners


To make your task easy we have pointed out some very basic methods by using which you can increase number of the visitors to your website that come from various search engines.

If you follow the advice mentioned in these Methods you can get really huge Internet traffic for free. You will start seeing the changes within 1-2 days and after 20-30 days of full work on the submission process you can expect constantly growing spikes in your website traffic.


All this comes under Search Engine Marketing, the popular mean of online marketing.



Having a business website or blog is a must have tool for online businesses.

But having a website is not enough unless you get really good number of unique visitors on daily basis. And, if you own an online business then it becomes more important to get good search engine and referral traffic to it.

So, read on our tips on search engine marketing to get free web traffic from various resources, like- search engines, RSS directories, business directory sites, local advertising websites, social networking sites, and many of other types of content syndication and curation sites on the Internet.

Million dollar question: “Does your website get enough web traffic ? If yes, is it getting traffic through only paid advertising or are you getting free search engine and referral traffic as well?



This is a big challenge: to get highly convertible and filtered organic web traffic to your web pages. But, not to worries, here we are to help you get a quick start on receiving a decent traffic to your blog site.



First important point to note: Blogs perform much better than websites when it comes to getting free search engine traffic. So, if you have a static website but don’t have a blog, then either create a stand alone blog for your business or company OR you can create a blog attached to your website within it, like


A blog can perform much better in search engines than a website. Why? Because a blog is regularly updated and there are many content syndication platforms that automatically visit blogs whenever there is fresh content. RSS directory sites, ping websites, and track backs are other factors that also contribute in making blogs a much better choice than websites.

BUT, the most important factor is that Search engines, including Google give a lot of weight-age to blogs because of freshness in their content, regular updates, and frequent user based activities, etc.

Business Blogging Tips for Successfully marketing a Blog ]



15 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic from Search Engines 

Here are the simple, common, basic, fundamental, and effective ways and methods to get free search engine traffic for your business blog :-


15 Best Ways to Increase Search Engine Traffic for your Business Blogs-Websites


The fifteen tips or techniques mentioned below have been tested and tried over and over again by expert marketers and they have always found them to be the most common and prime ways to popularize their blogs or websites on the internet.


Online marketers run blogs and websites for various reasons, such as- online business, affiliate marketing, content marketing, brand making, products selling, lead generation, etc.


Now It’s your turn to turn the goals into results by simply applying these 15 ways of search engine marketing :-


#1- Blogging. Make Regular Blog Posting


Create at least one blog post everyday that is related to your business, but it should be interesting and useful for the readers otherwise who is going to read it if it looks only promotional.


Do blogging regularly-500x250
Publish posts regularly on your blog


This will keep your readers attached to your blog and hence it will help promoting your business brand. And, you could give at least a link to your services, products in your business blog articles.


In this way, your blog will also serve better to your business marketing sense.

Tip:If you don’t have much time to publish a blog your own you can hire a blogger or take content writing services from freelancers from any of the so many of reputed freelancer websites, like oDesk, Elance, iWriter, etc. Visit this post for the 17 Tips to Increase Readership of your Blog



#2- Increase the List of your Blog Subscribers


Increasing number of blog subscribers would surely bring in more traffic

Use a well placed nicely designed ‘subscribe our blog/newsletter’ box in a place in your blog where users can easily notice and subscribe to it. It’s a great way to build your email list for your business.

And, i hope, you may have already heard this famous quote for Internet marketing: “The money is in the list” 


#3- Search Engine Submission

Now, submit your blog or/and website to all of the major Search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Msn, Scrub the Web, etc. Many of the business people only submit their website or blog to only Google or Bing.Ignoring other search engines is a mistake that you should never make in order to get maximum search engine traffic out of your free web traffic strategies.

➤ Submit your website free to best search engines


#4- Make Use of Ping Sites

Submit your blog or webpage to ping sites for faster and sure shot indexation by search engines as well as content discovering systems. Ping your website or blog pages every time to any of the good ping sites whenever you publish new content on your web. Use these any of the Ping Sites- or 

➤ List of 10 best ping sites


#5- Submit your Blog to Traditional Article Directory Sites for Life Time Free Advertising



Article directories, such as DMOZ, Ezine, etc. Directory sites are highly visible in search engines and therefore your articles get good views on them regularly for permanent basis.

If your articles get views so get your website as you would have your site links in your articles that are published on such directory sites. Submit your business free to these of the top best article directories.


High authority Press release websites where you could publish about your blog


#7- Register on various RSS Directories and Put your Blog’s RSS/Xml Feed in there

Add your Blog url FREE to 20 best RSS directory Websites ]

RSS directories are free to register and they offer free feed submission services. Once you publish a new post it is reflected and indexed in RSS directories.So, you get free visits from there because these RSS directory sites are subscribed by thousands or millions of users and they get notification once there is a new article published in their subscribed category.Hence RSS directories serve as a great source of free search engine traffic for any blog site.

#8- Post Comments on Good Quality Relevant Blogs

What to choose from SEO or content marketing ? ]

This is considered to be the top 5 methods for getting quality backlinks and referral traffic for your site. But, make good comments that are as per the topic and subject of a blog post. You should join many networks to be able to post on different blogs.Get here the list of hundreds of quality dofollow blog sites for comment backlinks.

#9- Be Visible on the Best of Commenting Platforms


Nowadays there is not a single platform for commenting. Different bloggers use different comment forms and many of them require you to have registered accounts to be able to post comments.

For an example, Disqus, CommentLuv, Facebook, WordPress, Gravatar, etc require you to have an account with them to post a comment using their system.

So, at least create accounts on these systems (it’s free) –

  1. Disqus
  2. WordPress
  3. Gravatar
  4. You Tube 

[ How you can improve your website loading speed drastically by following the tips mentioned here ]


#10- Submit guest blog posts


Guest blogging is used by expert Internet marketers and bloggers to drive targeted traffic from relevant blogs on a consistent level. Guest posting not only helps in increasing web traffic but also improving Google Page Rank (PR) for any blog or website.

Get here a list of 200 best of blogs for guest posting on various niches


#11- Create Relevant Content on Web 2.0 Sites



You may get free referral traffic as well as free backlinks to your original business blog by creating some blogging profiles on best of the blogging platforms, like Blogspot, WordPress, etc. Get here the list of 30 best blogging platforms for your business blog.


You should create some posts on each of the popular blogging platforms on the web. Fill your profile properly and create some interesting posts and also mention some links of your main business-blog posts.


This is also a great way to enhance domain authority (DA) of your blog. Ultimately the web 2.0 property sites will help in boosting your rankings in top search engines.



#12- Email signature

Step by Step of eMail marketing Guide for Bloggers ]

Include links of your blog or website in your business email signature. This is a cool way to get free traffic for forever. It only takes 5 minutes to setup your links in email signature. Email signature needs One time setup and gets you lifetime free traffic.


#13- Leverage Forum marketing


Find the list of best business forums on the internet. Forum marketing has been prevalent since the inception of the popular world wide web. You can get unlimited free traffic from marketing on various business forums on the internet.


#14- Submit your Blog to Good number of Blog Directories

Like article directories, there are blog directories on the internet that list blogs in their database. So, it’s a very good option to list your business blog in such blog directories where your blog gets a brief description and a free backlink from a blog directory.Submitting your blog to such directories is also important for generating quality backlinks. Use this list of best blog directories for the free/ paid blog submission.[ best social bookmarking sites to increase website traffic

#15- Use Free Ad Posting Websites


Free classified sites are one of the most popular options on the Internet for easier and quick referral traffic. You could find thousands of classified sites to post free ads for any country or city.[ Free Advertising Sites ] [ Free ad posting sites ]

Every business now-a-day leverages the power of the Internet classified websites.

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