Web Design Concepts for Beginners- 10 Tips for Designing an Impressive Website

How to Create an Impressive Website? Web Designing Tips for Beginners


A good website is a gateway to the success of any business. As they say, First impression is the last, similar is the case here. Your audience/ customers develops a perception about you at the very first stage by visiting your website.

The more attractive it is, the more sensible stuff it has and the more transparent it looks, more positive will be the positioning and image of you in their minds.

Designing a good website requires some key things to focus upon. These will help you make the website more user-friendly, fast as well as easy to use.

Following are some tips to make or improve a website, Check them out!

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Web Designing Tips- How to Create Impressive Website



Website Designing Tips- Find out 10 Designing Concepts to Create an Impressive Website

Creating a website that engages and creates and impact is important to stand out from the crowd.

We recognize the importance and presenting to you in this article the tips and tricks for opt web design concepts to create an impressive website for sure.


1- Web Color Scheme


This is the first thing that comes to mind when a designer starts to develop and create a website. Color scheme is the basic and primary element you need to consider before focusing on other things in a website structure.

Web color scheme becomes crucial when it comes to designing a website for a business and brand. Because the color of a website must match with the color of the logo or theme of a business or company.

Appropriate colors that indicate meaning to people should be used on web pages.

Your website will be accessible to people around the world (different countries).

Therefore you have to be very careful that the colors you are using is not leading to any wrong impact on any culture, country or people.

The color choices you use speak to people and represent you. Choose wisely.


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2- Clear Navigation


This is undoubtedly the second most important part of a website design. Without clear navigation a website can’t showcase its most important features to the full extent to its viewers.

Good navigation that helps and allows the visitors to find the content they are looking for easily and quickly can positively effect the overall performance of the website.

Website navigation design should be such which doesn’t keep web users hanging around a site for long.

Anchor links can be used if the pages a long to help the finding their ways to the required pages.

Moreover put your navigation in standard places and make your site easier to use.

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3- Page Loading Speed


Often people tend to notice a thing when it is not there. Similar is the case with web pages speed.

When the speed is low people feel frustrated and give up on doing what they sat for.

There’s always too much to look around in a website. Images, content, links and others. The connection might be faster yet loading gets slow.


To avoid this you need to consider few of the below mentioned things:-


– Minimize HTTP Requests.
– Reduce Server Response Time.
– Enable Compression.
– Eliminate Extra Spaces To Keep Your Pages Lean.
– Optimize Images.
– Delete Unnecessary Plugins.

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4- Writing for the Web


Try to convey more by writing less. People do not want to read lengthy stuff online. Nobody has got that much time.

Pages should not be very long.

Effective writing here is very important. But you should not compromise on the information that you know a user would require to know.

Think from the users perspective and write.

Great titles serves to be a great tool for the website. Work smartly on that part.

You may also consider to hire professional freelance writers to get the job done.

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5- Image Optimization


Proper re-sizing of image before uploading it on the website must be ensure.  It should be small but not very tiny which is near to invisible.

Taking a photograph and posting it to website would not be cool enough as you would have to use various images across several pages on your website.

It might be logo, icons or others.

Optimize your JPEG image and make it small enough to load quickly on a web page. The smaller your web images, the faster your site will load. Make your GIFs as small as possible by cropping away extra space around the image, reducing pixel dimensions etc.

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6- Website Content Optimization


Write while keeping in mind national as well as international audiences. Avoid slang wherever possible. Generic stuff appealing global audience would work better but avoid generic terms like foreign, domestic or local.

In case certain topic is region specific, you can mention it through keywords and description.

Prices/ currency, measurements, events, job listings, shipping, contests, etc must be clear and understandable to the audience leaving no room for confusion.


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7- Avoid Errors in Web Writing


Grammatical errors, spelling errors should be taken care off.

The quality of writing should be good.

Bad writing with annoying errors will hamper the image of your website and you will lose the audience.

Take the help of resources available online to avoid such errors. Such as, Grammarly is a great tool that comes handy for correcting errors related to grammars and sentence formation.


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8- Check Dead Links


Broken or dead links will slow down your pages. Remove these. Use HTML Validator to check the links that are non-working on the web pages.

Reason to take care of this arises because readers/visitors may get a feeling that the website is not updated and maintained.

Hence they may give-up on reading/ checking further.

Remove the outdated/ old content and update your website keeping it fresh.

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9- Create Better Links


Do not just write “Click Here” rather Explanatory links that makes a user understand where it is taking him/her, to what page etc must be used.

Something that is directive of what the link is all about or putting in other words, link something related to the text linked therein.

Just make everything clear cut for the visitors/ readers/ users.

Nothing should be ambiguous.


10- Contact Information/ Page


Very important part. Contact Information is extremely imperative to be mentioned on the website so that the users, your audience may get in touch with you for queries, doubts, obtaining information on certain things, feedback and more.

This also indicates that you are acting responsible on your part and respect your audience. Therefore, it develops a sense of trust in the mind of your audience.

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