How Using the Right Colors Affect your Website Performance [ Infographics ]

Using the Right Colors Impacts the Website Performance to a Large Extent.

Choosing colors for the website is one difficult task and requires proper thinking. Right colors used in a website affects it in positive way and increases the engagement of visitors. You must select the color combinations for the website be it background color choices, headers or others.
Right color palette is essential for communicating the message in an effective way. Overdoing colors may hamper the image.

How to choose Right Colors for effective Website Performance
How the Right Colors may affect your Website Performance

If you want visitors to keep browsing your page than it is important to pick the right colors for various aspects of your website.


Colors that does not complicate the readability, visibility of the message and which goes apt with your business, brand and industry must be selected.

Below mentioned are certain tips that must be kept in mind to increase website conversion using color psychology:

1- Use Appropriate Colors

Using the right colors for the right audience at the right time for right purpose is what the game all about.

Do you thing using black for the website that deals with kids stuff like kids tent houses or jump houses etc would go well? No, that would not at all go cool.

Black is not the color for kids. You must rather use vibrant bright colors instead. Bright yellow, fluorescent green, red etc. Avoid using browns and maroons as well.


2- Color Preferences

Yes, different people prefer different colors. But here we are taking about color preferences on the basis of gender differences. Color choices of and for men and women are different.

A lot of studies and research has been done about what colors are like and disliked by males and females and the results that usually comes out;
Females mostly prefer primary colors like purple, green, blue and dislike rust shades like brown, gray. People often tend to have this misconception that females first love is pink. But pink might not be appealing to all the women. Just because your product/services, brand, website is female related, you must not go for pink for this mere reason. Try other colors.

Talking about Males, then it s found that Males prefer colors that are manly by their very nature for instance, it could be blue, black, gray or green. Orange, purple are not the colors that could be associated with men, hence least preferred by them.

3- Trusted Color Is Blue

There is always that one thing, one color, one quality that is liked by all. Now that we are talking in context of colors, then there’s this one color that universally loved.

Blue is it. You would notice that majority of apps, sites and not to forget world’s largest and second largest social network Facebook and Twitter are blue.
Reason being this is the most trusted color. If you want to create a trusting impact via some message on your website, make it blue. It depicts sincerity  of the message, loyalty, confidence as well as leads to certain impact on the psychology of people that they tend to trust it more.
Moreover to the advantage of it, try using blue for your website and landing pages therein.

4- Colors Are Signs

Here the best example that can be quoted is of traffic signals. As the colors there indicates certain message similarly there are colors in general that are signs itself.

Yellow being one such color that indicates warning signal. Though some people find yellow as a happy color that depicts playfulness but the fact is some find it good some find it odd.

5- Test Different Colors

Before deriving any conclusion and reaching to a certain decision, try testing several colors as far as website is concerned. See which colors are working bets and leading to increased conversion rate.

Say, try black background and see what advantages it is giving out then try white and see if it is proving to be better than black. Stick to what you find as the best.

6- Do Use White

Some theorists does not consider white to be a color but some do. Well, you don’t have go in too much detailing of it. The importance of white color cannot be denied at any cost.
If somebody questions on that front then the answer is Google, the biggest in the world is white. It should be clear to you that there are advantages to use white in the website and without it things will look odd. Spaciousness would get affected. Let your website breathe. Infuse White. Do not neglect it.

7- Avoid Overdoing

Too much of anything is not good. Same is the case here. Overloading the website won’t give you edge over others rather your website will end up looking complicated and will confuse the visitors.

Read the Infographics based on the Psychology behind why we should Choose the appropriate colours for our Website or Logo:

Infographics on the psychology-behind-choose-the-best-colours-for-your-logo-website-448-2000


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