How to Get Backlinks – 9 Beginners Ways of Backlink Building for Ranking your Website

Backlink Building Guide for Beginners: 9 Major Ways to build backlinks for your website

[In this article you will learn to generate good quality backlinks to your website from high authority websites and blogs on the Internet!]



It’s not a secret that the backlinks are one of the most important factors in determining the position of any web page in search engines. Of course, their relevance and quality is also equally important.

Forget about black hat SEO and try only natural, organic, and genuine back links to your site if you want stable organic traffic.

There is no successful online business without search engine optimization and this fact is accepted globally without any doubt.

All the successful bloggers and internet marketers heavily depend on SEO.

As you all may be already knowing that only the backlinks acquired from good ways ( and good sources) work positively for your website ranking. In the same manner, bad backlinks can destroy your website ranking completely in a very short span in the eyes of the main search engines around the Internet world.


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Tips to Get Free Backlinks to your Website



SEO and Backlink Building


The new generation has really evolved and now technology is readily exposed to everyone. A smartphone and computer are in almost everyone’s homes, hence using social media sites one can get backlinks.


Search engine optimisation is a good and free way to create traffic for your site. Getting good quality backlinks depends on from where you get the links. Content quality and even uniqueness of the site from which you want a backlink is crucially important.

Creating a website and publishing content is usually an easy job, how to create traffic is where the hard work comes in.

This is because a website which scores low on SEO points ( onpage and offpage) is ranked low by online search engines.



A good backlink depends on 3 Things:


Every website owner wants their site to get a lot of reviews, well like they want the content in their website reviewed. A website with a lot of traffic is always a plus to the owner. To create traffic one needs backlinks which are usually very available to all.


1. Relevance/Importance- the site the backlink is from should be of great importance to your website and the content. If you are taking backlinks from the relevant website then it makes sense to Google otherwise it seems to be all manipulation.


Why relevancy matters?  Suppose, you want to take advice something regarding crops, and you have 3 close friends whom you have got good faith. One friend is from BPO call center field, while the second one is in gardening profession, while the third one is a full time farmer.

I think, how so much intelligent the BPO friend you may have, but you put the maximum faith in the friend that is related to farming, not even the gardening.

Relevancy is the key when we talk about reference. And, backlinking is like a reference you receive from the another site.

2. Domain Authority and Page Rank-  Domain Authority has become the single most important factor while deciding the quality and power of a domain for search ranking. Try this DA checker tool to calculate DA, PA, and Moz Rank of any web pages.


A good page ranked website is always a good recommendation as compared to a low page ranking. But, Page Rank is no more as dominant as it used to be. Google decided to devalue page rank factor as this thing had become a reason of lots of spamming and manipulation over the Internet. People started taking it as a shortcut to online ranking.


At the present day Google is not inclined much to give any importance to page rank, instead it takes many factor into consideration and DA/PA is more value than any others. DA- Domain Authority, is actually decided by making combination of many things.


3. Inspiration-  The content from the website backlinking you, should be of good quality,  relevance, and uniqueness should be the priority. Once, all these things are considered, one can search for a back link from such sites.

So, today we will tell you how to get quality backlinks free to your website in the best ways possible.



Where to Get Quality Backlinks FREE- 9 Backlink Building Ways for SEO and Website Ranking

9 Wise Ways of Link Building in 2022:

Nine Wise Methods for Building backlinks for off-page SEO – Get High Quality DA Backlinks for your Site for free


#1. Take backlinks from the fellow Bloggers, Publishers, Dealers, Partners, and Suppliers


The first way to get a backlink for free is to talk with your partners. If your company manufactures or supplies products, then you should ask your partners or suppliers to put a link to your site.Such a link will be relevant, as it is placed on a resource with similar topics.

This link will give real transitions of interested buyers. And transitions can turn into purchases.

➤ Tips for Outsourcing SEO Work


This is one of the easiest ways to get free backlinks to the site because:


1) You have been working with suppliers for a long time and you will not need to persuade them.
2) Partner sites are authoritative resources with the similar topics to yours.


#2. Getting Free Backlinks by Guest Blogging


Guest Blogging is the current trend nowadays. Posting ones link at the end of a guest blog post is always a great way to get good backlinks to your website. Guest blogging is writing articles for other sites with a free link to your site. The advantage of this method is the ability to attract readers of the third-party site and getting natural links to your site for free.



Guest blogging is perhaps the highest quality efforts people make to grab the desired backlinks



Where to look for such sites?


If you work in a small regional town, contact the local Internet media. Surely, there is a section for placing your articles on the useful topic. Another source is thematic web portals. Although not all of the site owner will add backlinks to your site for free. Some would set the price.

You decide whether the price is suitable for your budget.


#3. Internet directories and Blog Submission Sites for Quality backlinks


Nowadays, all directories are on the Internet. And, you have to keep up with the progress and post information about the company in the maximum number of thematic catalogs. Backlinks can be developed through article submission, this can be done by writing quality and valuable articles and posting them to article submission sites.


This is also considered as the best SEO strategy to rank a website. Sometimes, getting backlinks from any and every directories is considered a sign of bad SEO-strategy. This is true if the site links are placed in all the catalogs indiscriminately. We recommend you to pay attention only to the reputable directories and only related to your field of activities.

➤ UK Local directory list


And do not forget about the regional directories. If you have a regional business, you need to find the largest possible number of online directories in the region. To determine the authoritative directories, where you can get a backlink for free, analyze the backlinks of your competitors and market leaders. Probably, they have been present in such directories for a long time.


Best Directories to submit your blog

➤ Local Business Directories in India


#4. Get Backlinks from High Quality Forums



Online Forums are great way to collect quality backlinks


As a professional, you know a couple of forums (regional, national), where you get useful information about the field of activities. Why not get a backlink from such forums?


Forum links have advantages:


– They are located on the thematic resources.
– They can lead to “real” transitions to the site.
– You can place a backlink in your forum signature, in a new topic or reply to the questions asked by forum users.The main thing – you need to mention the website address of the company gently.


Gig sites to buy SEO backlink services



#5. Social Networks


In the era of social networks, you should use their potential for your own purposes. It is believed that backlinks from social networks are less significant than others. But they have a number of advantages. These free backlinks are placed in the posts, company profiles.

➤ Tips to create SEO optimized content

How can you use Social Networking Sites



By filling in your social network page, you can regularly inform your subscribers about the news in your company. Subscribers can share these posts with their friends, increasing the number of potential readers. There is still a chance that someone will place a backlink on his or her personal resource. Therefore, we recommend not neglecting this free source of not only links but also live transitions.


A social network is a place, where you can place a backlink to your website for free. You do need not be a person who is engaged in conducting campaigns in the social sphere.But you must regularly write in your profiles to show that your business is running and open for its customers.

➤ Most popular social media sites



#6. Backlinks from Question and Answer Sites


This method is a bit like the free placement on the forums. But on questions and answers sites, you can leave a link for free, without registration. All that is needed to find questions about the topic related to your business.


Question and Answer sites to get high quality backlinks-350x250
Put the relevant links in Question and Answer sites


First, you can answer briefly on the subject matter. In addition to the first answer you can send an email, but with a link to your site.

This may be a backlink to the homepage, but it is better to give a link to a specific section, which will be useful to the user who asks questions. This method, as well as social networking, will give you a real transition to the site because readers will be interested in what you have to offer.



#7. Conduct an Interview or Ask for an Expert Opinion


People like popularity, even among a narrow circle of people. So why not take advantage of this human feature and not have someone else perform an expert to answer several questions that are interesting to your customers? How to find such an expert? Easily. You can decide who is worthy to be an expert – the plant manager or an ordinary worker. In both cases, your readers will consider this person a professional.


How will it help to get backlinks?


The invited expert will place a link to the interview on a personal website or in social profiles. And this will increase the flow of interested users. Think and you will find a man who would answer your questions professionally and provide you with a stream of free backlinks.



#8. How to Get Quality Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites



how to get backlinks from Social-Bookmarking sites-350x250
Tips to get backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites



One of the outstanding search engine optimization strategies that are doing well in the internet market is social bookmarking. The webmasters use this unique strategy to create backlinks to their site and thereby increase their website traffic.


Social bookmarking is the process of bookmarking your webpage or any other webpage of your choice and sharing them with the millions of online users. Social bookmarking is an easy method to create backlinks but is the little time-consuming.


Backlinks created through social bookmarking sites will not only improve your search engine ranking but also generate fantastic traffic bringing more loyal readers.


The social bookmarking strategy can be implemented if you have a website or web page to promote. Submitting your domain address to the search engine is the process followed in social bookmarking strategy.



Follow the below given steps to get Quality Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites:



1. First, create or find out the content that you want to promote. It is not necessary to promote your own website always. You can also promote other web pages through social bookmarking.


2. Once the content is ready you can start submitting them to various bookmarking sites. You will find more than 40 social bookmarking sites on the internet.


3. Every time you bookmark a web page, a backlink is created to your site. You can create hundreds of backlinks through bookmarking sites to improve your search engine ranking.


It is easy to hear but the truth is creating quality backlinks is not so easy. A website that creates quality backlinks only will get the chance of getting the higher rank. Also one cannot say that all the links created through social bookmarking sites are of quality links.


Some social bookmarking sites do not follow “do follow” links, so before bookmarking, the web page finds out the sites that allow you to create backlinks. Quality backlinks are also based on the content you promote.


The search engine robots love to give higher ranking to the site that is informative. Also, users click the backlinks only when your content is trustworthy. So, a quality backlink can be created through social bookmarking sites only when you bookmark original, informative, unique and a problem-solving content.


The content should be real and give false promises through bookmarking can even further deteriorate your business.

First, you need to sign up with the social bookmarking sites and the entire top social bookmarking sites can be located from the only wire site.

Once you got the membership, you can log into any of the sites and bookmark your blog or articles.

Some of the popular sites that follow “to follow” method are stumbled upon, dig, Reddit etc.

You can post and bookmark any number of pages in a single day. Even though bookmarking is time-consuming, through bookmarking you can create quality backlinks and drag more potential users to your site.

➤ These Social Bookmarking sites are also very popular for high quality one way backlinks



#9. Get Free Backlinks via Offline Events


If you organize or sponsor the event, do not forget to specify a link to your site on their banners and other promotional materials. It is not for free, but very effectively. Do not make the mistake such as placing just a company name without reference to the site. Take advantage of any event.

The mentioned methods of getting backlinks are not suitable for everyone. But we have tried to show you that there are free ways to get backlinks. You should just look around and think, where you can place a link for free.

➤ Get Free backlinks from high authority Free Press Release Sites

➤ Get Free Backlinks from Review Sites

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