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How to Promote and Market Products with Event Marketing

Event Marketing Tips to Formulate Effective Strategies for Promotions through your Events


There’s so much increase in competition in the market due to globalization that businesses, marketers and professionals are looking for different ways to engage and retain customers.


As far as event marketing is concerned, it is something where for the purpose of promoting and marketing the product, cause or other program or organization, a themed activity is designed like live events, trade shows, music festival, corporate meetings, concerts, fair, publicity stunts, award ceremonies, and others. It is basically the vent creation.


Event marketing is of great importance as it helps in brand building and creating awareness about the product when you are launching some new brand or product.

With the help of event marketing you can highlight the features of the product, what’s innovative in your product, what are the additional features newly introduced to it and so much more.

Event Marketing Strategies for promoting events
Event Marketing Strategies



How to Make the most out of your Promotional Events?  8 Marketing Tips for Successful Promotions in Event:

Listing out some event marketing strategies that tells you how you can make the best use of these events for long term benefit and great customer engagement:-


1- Engage Directly With People

Engage Directly with People for marketing your event

Get in touch with customers on one to one basis. Speak to them about your product individually. Moreover interact in a quality way and teach them on the working of your product.

The best way to engage directly to customers in an event is by creating an event within an event. It could be small fun games wherein people can participate which later you can take online (in the form of video) and make it a hit.

People love to experience new things, have fun and share there fun times with others.

Therefore, they will ask their friends to go watch the video where they have been featured as a participant in certain event or games therein.

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2- Put GPS To Use

Making use of GPS to track the real time happenings of the events is a great idea to be a part of event marketing strategies.

You don’t have to be present on the location to experience things in person. GPS helps you in real-time event tracking.


3- Technology For Projection

Augmented reality being the best option to be used for the purpose of project demonstration.

There are others like 3D technology which helps in giving a more natural feel today. There are brands coming up with projection mapping on buildings, H&M being one of such brands.


4- Social Networking

Social Media is a craze today. Almost every potential customer for every kind of product can be found on social media. A lot of brands are seen encouraging people to become their fans on their social media page, their site, etc.

What can be done is, you can offer reward or prize to the ones who become your fan. Promote your event on the popular social media sites and see who all are going to mark their presence at the event (via Facebook or other sites).

Then you can offer prizes like T-shirts, free parking, meeting some famous person who’s going to be a part of the event or other such offers. Generate content for your event. Make people talk about it.

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5- Hire Even marketing Experts

Hiring experts helps in making the event a success. A lot of them must be hired for looking into their respective areas where their expertise lies.

For example: For special effects people who are experts in this field and have experience of working in say movies can be hired.

6- Let Consumers Speak Honestly


Create a natural setting where you can record the natural reaction and uncensored feedbacks of customers. Like doing a ride campaign, inviting people for test drive and putting cameras inside the cars that records the reactions and feedback of riders.


This would be your content which can later be used for advertisements, videos online and can be used in a lot of other ways. Don’t fear about what negative the consumers might speak of your product. Let them be honest. Listen.

7- Bring The Technologies Together For Creative Results

Mix up the technologies, bring them together and see in what new way things can be done so as generate productive results.

Technology and creativity goes hand in hand, therefore we should try all the possible ways to think out of the box, make use of the available technologies, mash them up and see how you can get creative and solve problems in different ways.

8- Post Updates of your Event Online

Almost all the brands are there on online platforms. Customers for the same, young, adult, old all are there too.
You must create a good on-site experience. Post updates online on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Engage the audience and come up with new contests and prizes therein.


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