Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy – 11 Beginners Tips to Improve FB Advertising Performance

Learn how to Improve Facebook ads Performance using Facebook Targeting


Facebook is of huge advantage if used in a right way. Buyers & sellers both deriving out great benefit from it. Business houses using advertising via Facebook as tool to increase their sales as it is the known fact that potential customers can be found easily through this platform.


But the other bitter fact remains that whether the advertising is working out its results in a fruitful way or taking business into losses because of time & money cost involved?

Well, a better ad targeting strategy can definitely result in great outcome for the businesses. Throwing light on a few ways to improve your Facebook ads with ad targeting.


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11 Tips for Selecting Facebook Advertising Targeting Options


Read the below listed tips to find out how you can use Facebook ad targeting options effectively.


1. Targeting Customers


The people who shows interest in your page or the related pages as yours should be targeted at the forefront.

In the interest section of your ad settings you can easily find large audiences by typing anything as Facebook here suggests you the people, groups, pages related to what you demanded out of interest.

Once you know your customers you can go on with the best targeting method to attract them.


2. Income Based Targeting


This will help you ascertain people who can afford the product. In the demographics section of your ad settings, the drop down menu lists the option “financial” where you can target people by income, net worth or liquid assets.


3. Mixing Age & Gender with Geographics


Targeting merely on the basis of geographic areas won’t give as good output as we could get by combining age, gender with geographic location of people. For instance targeting women ageing 20-30 in any particular city or state.



4. Industry & Occupation based Targeting


If your product or service is something meant for specific industry people or people in certain field of job then this kind of targeting is best for you as products & services related to specific field can be targeted by job titles or industries in demographics section (dropdown menu ‘Work’) in facebook ad settings.

For example if your product is related to sports then people in the same field can be targeted.


5. Parents Connection


In the option ‘All Parents’ listed under demographics you can search parents based on the age of the kids as 0-12 months (New Parents), 1-2 years (Parents with toddlers), 3-5 years (Parents with preschoolers) and so on.

Also, a section is dedicated mothers based on their lifestyle like corporate moms or mom of high school kid etc. This improves the targeting procedure by narrowing down the parents in seperate sections based on age as well as lifestyle.



6. Generation Based Targeting


Depending upon the birth year of the user Facebook lists the users in different category. This can be seen in the Generation section under demographics which comprises of categories Baby Boomers, Generation X, & Millennials.

Businesses can easily target the customers for their product or service from the narrowed down separate categories. In a way this makes the process easier, more effective & time saving.



7. Not To Miss Out Life Events


Life Events section plays a great role in forming effective ads strategy focused on bringing in the customers. Life events forms an important part in ones life.

People love to celebrate on special events like anniversaries, birthdays, engagements etc.

They give & take of gifts is like a ritual now. This is the best time for businesses to grab the customers and up their sales game.

Under Facebook’s ‘Life Events’ section it can be easily known who are the people with upcoming birthdays, anniversary couples etc and likewise these can be targeted.



8. Shopping Lovers


The best way for targeting is to know who are the most frequent buyers or putting it in other words as who are shopaholics.

Under the list ‘Behaviour’ you get to reach out to people with above average spending, online buyers, offline buyers which can be your potential customers.

For instance if you want to know who are the people who love to shop you can target with ‘Above average spending’ in the list of purchase habits under behaviours list.



9. Connect With Page Admins


If you deal in web-based services or apps or any other tech related product which could do wonders for page admins that run pages for their businesses on Facebook then it is beneficial to target these.

You can find and target the Facebook page admins under the ‘Behaviors’ list as mentioned in the latter point.



10. Targeting based on Educational Level


Under the dropdown menu of demographics in the Facebook ad settings you can find the title ‘Education’. Being a subcategory of demographics it further breaks down into 4 subcategories namely; education level, field of study, schools, undergrad years.

This serves to be a great tool for targeting for those looking for customers who want to get their resume done or profile done via those providing resume building service.



11. Target People with Specific Want


This can be best explained via illustrating an example. Say you target people who are willing to buy a certain mobile or car or any gadget etc, now Facebook helps you find these people under the ‘Behaviors’.

If you want to find people willing to buy Mercedes, just type Mercedes in the search option under ‘Behavior’ and there you get the result.


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