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How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager

A Step by Step Beginners Guide for Using Instagram Sponsored Ads


With 500 million plus users Instagram is now one of the fastest growing social media platform. The era of verbiage is now taken over by pictures and videos. For this very reason Instagram is becoming a big hit in the present times.

Instagram ads are highly targeted and allows audience of the required demographic connect with the brand immediately.

Killer Marketing Tips for Instagram

Instagram ads are being a big hit ever since it has started for the advertisers.

They are proving to yield much better results than even the most effective Facebook ads for some categories. Cosmetics and beauty as well as healthcare tops the chart.

If you choose to use Facebook ads manager instead of the power editor to run the Instagram ads you shall follow the following steps and start running ads immediately.


Advertising-On Instagram-with_Facebook_ads_Manager-1024x768
Steps to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager


5 Steps Easiest Guide for Creating Instagram Ads with Facebook Ads Manager

Instagram ads are the most effective social media advertising methods to get the best visibility and reach out to the most targeted audience. Learn how to start with Instagram ads now!

Creating Instagram ads should not be that difficult. As you may know that Instagram is owned by Facebook. So, if you want to advertise on Instagram then you have to do it from Facebook Ads Manager. The good thing is that you can manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from a single place by creating an account at Facebook Business Manager.

Read the below given steps to easily create ads for advertising on Instagram social media platform.

1. Connect Your Facebook Page to Business Manager


This is the initial step to get started with Instagram advertising. You are required to link your main Facebook page to Facebook’s Business Manager. Visit here to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

Once you’re done with this part, you have to now connect it with your Instagram ads.

If you are not aware of Business Manager & you’ll be going to use it for the first time then it would be better to know about its pros & cons & its working.

Steps to set up Business Manager:


– Click on get started.

– Answer questions about your business.

– Select your Facebook business Page.

– Write your personal details that are asked to fill.

You’ll see the new business account setting up.

After you’re done with this, you need to connect your business manager account to your Facebook page.

Follow the steps below:

– Click on Business Settings

– Choose pages from its pop-out menu

– At the top right, click on Add New Page button

– Based on the what page you want to add, follow the given options


                                    Advertise on Instagram

2. Connect your Facebook Ads Account to Business Manager


As the header here indicates, you now need to connect Facebook Ads account to your business manager for your Instagram ads.

Follow these steps:


– Click on Business settings

– You see a pop-menu, select Ad accounts

– Add Facebook ads account to your business manager

– You need to choose from the options of 3

In case you already have a Facebook ads account, you further have to follow few different steps:


– Copy your account ID from Facebook Ads Manager Account Settings.

– Select the 2nd option i-e “Claim an Ad Account for My Business Manager.”

– Paste your account ID in the box shown.


3. Adding your Instagram Account to Facebook Business Manager

Here comes the 3rd step in the process of Instagram Advertising.

To-do list for this includes:


– Click on Business Settings.

– Select Instagram Accounts from the pop-out menu that appear.

– Enter your Instagram username and password to add your Instagram account.

– Now connect your Instagram account to the Facebook ads account that you want to use for Instagram advertising.

4. Setting up your Instagram Ads in Power Editor


For the same, you’re required to follow the steps below:

– Go to Facebook Power Editor page to check if you fulfill the eligibility criteria for Instagram Ads

– Go to Ads account in business manager

– Select link to Power Editor

Now in this step first time users of Power Editor will be asked to download certain stuffs.

Secondly, a message saying you can start using Instagram ads will appear.

If it doesn’t appear, you just click the + Create Campaign button enabling you to see your eligibility to use Instagram ads.

You can create a new campaign for your Instagram ad or choose the existing one. But for the purpose of advertisement, you must select from Clicks to Website, Mobile App Installs or Video Views.

– Next step from now would be to choose an existing ad set or create a new one, and then create a new ad.

– Create button will take you to your campaign in Power Editor. Click on the View Ad Set link to set your campaign spending limit.

– You can schedule your Instagram ad, set your budget in the Ad Set settings. Also you can configure your Instagram ad audience.

– Select where you want your ad placement. If you want for Instagram only, choose only that.

– Below it Choose from the options which devices you want to use it from.

– Choose your bidding option as per your budget & willingness to pay.

– Select from Advanced delivery options (Standard & Accelerated).

– Now click on the Ads icon to the left to find your ad settings to configure your ad finally.

– Select your Facebook page and Instagram account.

– Create your Instagram ad.

– At last, to upload your ad, click the green Upload Changes button & submit it to Facebook.

– Once you’re done with this step, Make sure you’re able to see your new Instagram ad in your Ads Manager.


5. Reviewing the Results


Once your ads start running then you should start analyzing and reviewing the performance of your overall account.

Keep on visiting your Ads Manager regularly to review the results of your Instagram ad campaigns.


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In recent years we can see that social networks have become a powerful marketing tool. With the help of social networks now, it’s truly possible to successfully compete for consumer loyalty. How to do this with a company page on Facebook? Read more in our article.


Do you need any advertising on Facebook? If your target audience is youth or “progressive” middle-aged people, you are welcome to Facebook.



FB Ads Tips for Advertising your Facebook Page 550x400
Tips to Get the Most out of your Paid Advertising from Facebook Ad Campaigns


Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. This factor is one of the key signals to the mandatory use of this social network in business. By the way, Facebook overtakes other networks, such as Instagram and Twitter.


So, if you want to increase the loyalty of the target audience using a variety of reputation, branding or advertising campaigns on social networks – use advertising on your Facebook company page as one of the high-performance tools.



So, we will not stop on how to create a group or a company page on Facebook as you can learn about this from the various Internet resources. Let’s focus on those exclusive moments that will help to successfully implement the campaign.


How to make Strong Leads with Facebook Marketing


We all surely know that one of the employees of your company is using social networks during the office hours. Why not use this fact? We are sure that you employees would be glad to help with the process of development and updating of the company page on Facebook.


You will just only need to moderate the new information. By doing this, you will show the subscribers and potential subscribers that your business is “alive” and functioning.


Moreover, it will help to share the positive reputation of your company by making product or services reviews and discussions of the intra life.


Remember, a live page on Facebook is an excellent advertising itself.


21 Social media Tips for Small Business Marketing via Facebook


2. Don’t be a copy of a million of same pages


Come up with a unique design for your page, use interesting infographics, and entertaining video during the advertising campaigns on the Facebook page. Read about the benefits of viral marketing, and use it for the promotion of your advertising page.

Clear, legible fonts can attract users to your ad. Bright colors of fonts additionally highlight your ad on the Facebook page.

Do and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing


3. Always stay in trend


Constantly check all new updates of tools and innovations on Facebook. For example, the chronicle is a recent great tool for self-presentation and advertising on Facebook. It can be used for a brief and concise presentation of the history of the company.



4. Always communicate with your subscribers


Pages that do not respond to their subscribers is one of the worst things. Nowadays, on Facebook and other social networks, we can see many pages that are not updating new posts or not responding to messages.


Subscribers are not interested in communicating with the company’s page when they don’t see the active live on them. Communicate and respect your target audience.


How to get the maximum results out of Facebook Advertising


5. Give people the interesting content, and only then – the advertisement itself


Do you like pages in social networks that state in each post: “our director made” and “we have a new sale”? We don’t. And, as shown by market research, consumers do not like it, too. It is not necessary to give only the advertising information.



Try to share the information that would be interesting to your audience. That could be some interesting facts or a beautiful picture. This will reduce the informational pressure on the audience, and disguise subsequent advertising on the Facebook page.




6. Integrate Facebook page in your online business


Allow users to navigate from pages of your official site to the advertising page on Facebook and vice versa. Bring the audience on your Facebook page – people do not like to think and search.



7. Remember the time – 11 a.m.


According to statistics, the majority of advertising messages on Facebook are published after 11 a.m. Thus, your new advertising on Facebook will simply be suppressed by information noise. Place ads when it’s relatively “quiet”. 11 a.m. will be a perfect time.



8. Evaluate effectiveness


Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook.

The metrics for assessment of promotional activities can be:


– The dynamics of growth/outflow of visitors;

-Changing the number of subscribers;

-The number of “likes” and the dynamics of their growth;

-The popularity of application available through your page;

-Popularity of the content located on your page;

-A number of transitions to the main site from the advertising links placed on the Facebook page.



Facebook is an extraordinarily effective channel of paid traffic, but it should be tested regularly. As for the ads itself, the most important part of your advertising is an image.


You can create the most brilliant advertising text in the world, but if the image does not attract the user’s attention, you won’t get a single click through advertisements, and Facebook just won’t show it in future. So before you place an ad on the Facebook page, pick the appropriate image.


Do not use low-quality images, free public photos or any images, obviously copyrighted.


If your brand is not yet internationally known, you may not use your personal logo.


The main mistake of the most marketers working with ads Facebook is an incorrect targeting. Facebook advertising service is valuable for its “targeting” accuracy and flexibility of options.

Facebook Social media marketing tips an Ecommerce Business


The ads on Facebook can be targeted using the following criteria:


→ Location;

→ Sex;

→ Interests;

→ Communication;

→ Marital status;

→ Language;

→ Education;

→ Place of work.


Before creating an ad on Facebook, make up the profile of a potential customer, guided by these criteria.


Remember, the advertising on Facebook is like a hammer-even a professional can make a mistake and hit on the fingers. Experiment with your content and get new loyal customers through the Facebook advertising.


How to Skyrocket your facebook Page Likes Organically


11 Beginners Tips for Marketing Real Estate Business on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Business

Every day social networks are becoming more important in promoting yourself as a professional. According to a recent study conducted by Postling, nearly 80% of US real estate agents use Facebook in their work.

“Social media definitely become the main vector of real estate advertising, – commented on the situation Melissa Savenko, agent of Richmond.

– I use Facebook to spread offers, to sell new houses, also communicate with agents and customers about discounts on individual objects and additional bonuses. I think that many agents have chosen social media to promote their offers just because it’s free, easy and efficient.”

Social networks (primarily Facebook) give the agent a number of new opportunities to expand the communication circle among colleagues and attract customers – buyers and sellers.

How to Market a Real Estate Business on Facebook-450x300
Successful ways to market a real estate biz over Facebook


In today’s world, there is always a way of development, marketing, and social networks are a proof. Our advice can help you to promote your real estate business on the Facebook platform.


Facebook Social Media Marketing Tips for Promoting a Real Estate Business.

#1. Page + Profile = Right Option


The Facebook personal profile is an important step to increase sales and the level of brand awareness of the real estate business. In addition to a personal profile, it will be useful to create a dedicated business page.

Thus, you will unlock the full business potential of the social network: present your brand, publish commercial offers and talk about the benefits of working with you.

Another benefit of the real estate business pages is that it can be connected to an infinite number of friends. At the same time, a limit on a personal profile is 5,000 friends.


Top 10 Real Estate Forum Sites in India


#2. Fill in all the Business Contact Details


Regardless of whether you’re promoting your real estate business page or decided to use a personal profile, leave all possible contacts: Website; Link to other social networks profiles; E-mail; Messenger; Phone, and so on.

Make sure that your customers can contact you easily. Tips to become a successful Real Estate Agent

#3. Post the Variety of Content


People like pictures. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to publish the photo or video about real estate, or related topic, even if it is the repost and not your unique material.

In general, it is important to maintain the diversity of content on your the page of your real estate business: text, photos, videos, a selection of interesting facts in the form of infographics, and polls.

All these will make your page more interesting and, as a consequence, more and more popular among potential customers – buyers and sellers.

Top 50 sites for advertising your real estate business.

Create good number of Notes


On your business page place not only the repost from other pages but also the unique texts. Thus, users will see that you share your experiences, instead of untested hypotheses from the Internet.

This course will help you to get the trust of people. Also, ask for a feedback in their posts, ask questions, and invite them to a conversation. People like to feel important, so tell them about it.

Comments and private messages have to be answered and it is a fact. Look at the posts that your subscribers shared from your page. Perhaps, someone commented them and it is better to respond people and on other pages, too.

10 Killer Tips for Promoting a real estate Business

#5. Use the Targeted Advertising

Think of the promotional strategy of your real estate business page. Select the target audience – the people of your city of a certain age or with certain interests (the people of your or other cities that are subscribed to other real estate search groups).

Create your ad and after checking all the data pay for the targeted advertising.The price can vary from $0.1 to $0.25 per click.

What are the Top 10 Real estate Sites in USA

#6. People Come for the Emotions


Keep this in mind and give them these emotions. Share what they are pleased to see on your real estate page.Share the fact that today you’ve picked up a house for a great family (you can even add a picture of a happy family if they do not mind).

If people come to you and get positive emotions, they will stay with you as long as possible.

Top 5 Ideas for Real estate Business Entrepreneurs

#7. Contest is a Great Tool


The prize does not have to be expensive. Arrange a competition for a free consultation, or even a master class on real estate case.

Customers, who are interested in your services, take advantage of the offer and will take part in the competition.

#8. Put a Call-to-action button in a visible place

The cover photo is a great place to place a CTA button ( Call To Action ). Encourage customers to call, write you or immediately book your services.

You can do this in two ways:

  • via Facebook functions;
  • by placing a CTA on the cover photo.



#9. Not more than 20% of advertising content


If there is more than 20% of advertising content, you risk of having no followers.

Make sure that you publish no more than 1 ad per 5 posts.No one is interested in your marketing or promotional ventures.

The moment they realize that you are here only for marketing purpose of your business they make a distance from you.



#10. Invitations to events


If you participate in exhibitions, conferences or workshops, invite your subscribers to come to the event via the Facebook page.

This will help you to know them personally, but also to present yourself as a professional.


#11. Be a part of the community


Take part in discussions, answer questions – be a part of the community that you’ve created on Facebook. And then you certainly will succeed if you post the content regularly that interests your users. Keep a balance in the post volume you generate with your promotional and fun related posts.Never present your audience only with self promotional posts.

And finally, let your publication will be positive and informative. Do not show your customers how difficult this business is. Instead, use the power of social networks for advice and a call to action.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India for Business Advertising Marketing

Top 10 Social Media Sites in India for 2018-19. Best Websites for Extending your Social Networks.

List of the Main Social Sites in India.

Social Media Sites needs no introduction to introduce them. We all do have social media accounts on different social networking sites in accordance with our needs and preferences.
It is no secret that there is going a boom in online social media Industry in India as well. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to social networking.
They are built to cater different types of communities and people’s need for connecting socially on the Internet. Like, dating, chatting, education, business, marketing, SEO, advertising, knowledge and Information, science and research, etc.
Top 10 Social Media Sites in India for Business Advertising Marketing and SEO-500x450
Find out what are the most used Social media Websites for India

Top 10 Social Media Sites in India for 2019

Detailed List of The Most Popular Social Media Websites in India for Yr 2018-2019.

In simple words, social media sites have become a part of our lives, in whatever manner, but it is. But here question is not about what social media sites are you using, but the question is that which social media sites got the place in top 10 rankings in India?
If it is the same question which is rambling in your minds too then, let I tell you about the top 10 social networking sites in India.

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#1. Facebook – It’s No. 1 in India too

[ Read more Tips on Facebook Social media

Facebook- The Best Social Networking Site in India ever!


Facebook needs no words to get introduced. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz in 2004. It is among the top most popular social sites in India and across the globe and why it shouldn’t be?
Facebook has introduced many new things for general and business users as well. Facebook has brought a new timeline for its users, groups on Facebook through which you can connect with the persons of same interest, games on FacebookBusiness Pages on FacebookFacebook Advertisements, Free Basics SubmissionFb Start and a lot more.
Along with that, it has 142 Million Facebook users according to statistics in India which makes it be in the list of favorite social media sites in India.

#2. Twitter- The Most Popular Social Media Site in India among Smart Users

Twitter-the second largest social networking-400x250.jpg
Twitter.com- The second Largest Social Networking Site in India for Micro bloggers


In the recent few years, Twitter has also become one of the used social media networks in India. Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Evan Williams in March 2006. Twitter is a micro-blogging site supports 140-character messages to post which are also known as tweets.
According to statistics Twitter has 310 million monthly active users around the world and 100 million users actively use Twitter on a daily basis. Along with that, an average Twitter user spent 170 minutes every month. [ Interested in making money online? – Learn How to make Money with your Twitter Account ]
People use Twitter for both businesses as well personal purposes. Twitter has provided many products in order to help the audience which includes product card (way to represent goods and sell items on Twitter), player cards (a way to deliver rich media –video clips and audio clips) to audience, photo cards (to put image in front and middle of the tweet) etc.
Additionally, Twitter has also been adeptly widely by the education sector, famous faces and world leaders which list it among top 10 social media sites in India and across the globe.

#3. Instagram India : The Best Social Site in India for Sharing via Images-

Instagram India-the best social site for sharing images and personal pictures


Instagram is also one of the most used social media channel used by people in India nowadays. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 which was later acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram is an image sharing site which allows you to share your photos and videos (3 to 60 seconds long) both publicly and privately.
Along with that you can also login to multiple accounts on a single phone with their add account option, it also supports 25 different languages. Additionally with the help of Instagram blog you can find various blogs on various topics related to Instagram.
So due to many facilities and according to latest statistics, Instagram users are got doubled in a year in India and hence makes it one of the popular social networking site in India.

#4. LinkedIn: The Leading Social Media Platform for Professionals.

LinkedIn-Best-social media site-in-India-for-professionals-and-jobs-400x400
LinkedIn-Best social media site in India for Jobs and employment in Private sector


Another popular social networking site in India is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business based social media sites where users can interact with the business persons of the same domain and other domains as well. LinkedIn was founded in 2002, and it has an existing user base of above 30M audience in India as per claimed by the company.
Along with that Linkedin has also introduced some useful features for business users like Add A Companycreate and discover group, to post a job and to apply for a job under their job section, which makes it favorite among business persons and individuals as well.

#5. YouTube- The Outstandingly Popular Site for Video Sharing and Watching

YouTube is one of the most used & popular social networking platform in India. Users make use it for different purposes like just for entertainment, for teaching something, for learning, for business promotions and a much more. YouTube was founded in 2005 and later owned by Google in 2006.
And as per the statics, India is the second largest market for YouTube and has 60 million particular users in India who squanders over 48 hours a month on YouTube.

#6. Pinterest- The Social Site Revolving around Awesome Pictures

Pinterest has also gained immense popularity in past few years in India and has become top social media marketing site in India. And according to stats Pinterest has second largest user base after the USA.

#7. Google Plus:-


Google Plus is also one of the used & prominent social media channels in India. Developed in 2011 and substituted Google Buzz, this social media platform allows sharing images, videos, links, events and even poll for certain issues. Along with that users can get benefited by joining Google communitiesGoogle Connections, etc.
In present date, Google Plus has exclusive 120,000,000 monthly visitors which are enough to make it be in top 10 social media channels in India and across the globe.

#8. Tumblr:-

[ How to use Tumblr for Free advertising and marketing ]

Tumblr- the best micro blogging site in India


Tumblr is one of the renowned social networking sites, was founded by David Karp in 2007 and latter Yahoo owned it in 2013.
It allows sharing of different types of media, and it has total 110,000,000 unique numbers of visitors in a month which makes it one of the most renowned social media channels in India and across the globe. Tumblr is one of the best Microblogging sites on the Internet.

#9. BharatStudent: Joined by Millions of Users in India for so many things.

BharatStudent is also a social networking site which allows has many different options which user’s uses for various things like for making friends, gangs, uploading photos, videos, classifieds, playing games, for online mobile recharge, sending e-greetings and a many more things. Currently, site has more than 7 million users in India.

#10. Flickr: The Best Online Place to be to find Amazing Photos and Talented Photographers

Flickr is a primarily a social networking site which allows sharing of photos. It was launched in 2004 and was owned by Yahoo in 2005. It has about 65,000,000 monthly users in a month which shows that it is one of the most used social media networks in India and across it as well.

Top 10 Major Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing


Social Media for Business: What are the Largest Social Networking Sites for Marketing and Branding?


Get here a detailed list of the Top 10 Social Media Sites in the World for Business and Marketing!


The Top 10 Social Media Platform that are used by people of all walks of life from all over the World! The legends of Social networking Sites that are also best known for their use in personal sharing, socially connecting, and Business Marketing for Branding and Leads.


Marketing through Social Media is one of the fundamental parts of Internet Marketing campaigns. Social Media Networks are perfect platforms to promote your business. Most of them are free but they also have paid advertising schemes for brands that want to attract even more audience.


If you want your business to run smoothly on a social platform, you need to study how it works and choose which site appeals the most to your target audience. For that, you need to possess some really powerful tools that are built having social media marketing in mind.


➤ Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India

➤ List of Top Apps for Social Media



10 Best Social Media Sites Worldwide for Business Marketing

List of 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites for Business and Marketing across the World:


The list contains the social media sites that have influenced the most to the people from across the world. The Social Networking Sites in the list are most popular in 2018-19 for various reasons and sectors, like :


  • Social Sharing and networking where people share and connect to each other for similar interests
  • Business development
  • Digital marketing (actually, social media marketing)
  • Sales, Conversions, Branding, and Lead Generation:
  • SEO, Blogging


1. Facebook– The #1 Social Media Giant




Facebook -The Social Networking Giant for the Masses! 



The biggest and largest social media platform on the internet is Facebook with the most number of registered users from all over the world.



  • It is a highly recognized site so it can easily connect people from various parts of the world with your business and increase its popularity.
  • Facebook was launched in February 2004 for college students and since then, it has made a lot of progress in becoming a multifaceted social platform where everyone can connect with their friends, families, celebrities, and businesses also.


Facebook is a great platform to start your business of any type. You can easily create your business page on Facebook because of its simple interface. You can also post business updates, share pictures and videos to make it more appealing to the audience. You can also use the techniques of content marketing on social media websites and ensure a larger audience.


This larger audience can be thought of as potential customers for your business and the products you are interested in selling. The content should be compelling for the readers. Furthermore, you can advertise your business on Facebook which will help lure more traffic to your social media page and increase brand awareness.


Facebook-based social advertising and marketing guides:


How to Increase Facebook Likes for SURE

Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook marketing


➤ How to promote your eCommerce business over Facebook


➤ Tips for using Facebook Ads in the Expert way



2. Instagram Social Media Platform for Images



Instagram-Top-Social Media Marketing site-300x200
Instagram-The Top Social Media Place for Celebrities, Biz Tycoons, and Masses


  • Instagram is a pictorial social media site based completely on photos and video posts. Instagram has distinct filters and editing options for photos and videos that make it popular among the audience.
  • For the marketing purposes an owner of some brand, restaurant or company, etc can make an Instagram account and post related photos, video clips and can even share reviews of people, which were posted by different people in the form of pics and short video clips.
  • The audience is millions of people around the globe that may increase the popularity of a particular brand. The more people that follow, the more is the popularity of that brand.


Instagram based social advertising and marketing guides:

How to market your Instagram Videos

➤ Instagram marketing Tips for beginners
➤ How to use Instagram for your Business

➤ Instagram Mobile Apps for marketers

➤ FREE Apps to Create Appealing Images for Instagram

3. Twitter– The Largest Micro Blogging Platform




Twitter-Number-one-microblogging-Social Media Site-300x200
Twitter is the undisputed Number one Micro-Blogging Social Media Site


Twitter a multi-featured social website where you can upload almost anything: photos, video clips, share descriptive paragraphs, links, polls and updates, etc. This social website has above 300 million users around the globe and its target audience is from individuals to multi-national companies.


Moreover, Twitter is among the list of top 10 websites globally that are considered best for business marketing. Due to a large number of users, you can also use Twitter to know customer reviews and serve them better. If you are more active on Twitter, more people will express their interest and share their thoughts on your brands or business.



Twitter-based social advertising and marketing guides:

Tricks to boost post engagement on Twitter

➤ Twitter marketing Ideas for eCommerce Business


➤ Twitter for Business- 15 Free Tools you must use


➤ How to market your events on Twitter



4. Pinterest Social Networking Site



Pinterest Social media Site-for biz marketing-300x200
Pinterest – Business Marketing via Images- Very Popular Social Site


Pinterest is a very effective social media site if your products are visually attractive to the audience. Pinterest was launched in 2009 and is regarded as a photo sharing site and connects people having shared interests and same taste of different things.


Users create and organize theme-based boards and setting up these boards with a ‘pin it’ button consisting of photos, videos, and gifts related to those boards. Users can follow and also ‘re-pin’ the items pinned by a particular brand or a company.


This media platform also has unique kind of pins called ‘Rich pins’ that can help various brands to share even more things like details of the product and even location map of the brand with its audience. Companies can get a huge amount of followers in little time if they post product photos actively and attract more audience.


Pinterest is a great marketing site for every business but its best in some particular businesses like fashion, food, sports, photography, and health-related projects.


Pinterest based social advertising and marketing guides:

Start selling through Pinterest Ads

➤ How to get referral traffic through Pinterest

➤ Killer Tips for Marketing over Pinterest

➤ How to get Followers on Pinterest


5. LinkedIn– #1 Social Media Site for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest online network for Professionals!


LinkedIn-Number 1 Social Media for Professionals-300x200
LinkedIn- The Best Social Networking for Business Professionals



LinkedIn is a productive social networking site launched in 2003 with a total of 135 million active users in 200 countries. Earlier viewed as a place to put your resume and look for a job, LinkedIn has progressed a lot to make its name in today’s booming networking sites.


LinkedIn is the best channel for B2B leads and sales. That’s why to generate leads for B2B most of the businesses trust LinkedIn and they dont hesitate to invest some money in their premium subscription.

Unlike Facebook, you can target people based on their work position or profile in any segment or industry.


For example, if you are running a company that sells products to the people who are in a managerial role in any software company around NYC areas. In this case you can use LinkedIn ads and show the ads ONLY to the people who are manager in a software company around NYC. This is the best thing which is only offered by LinkedIn. It is very effective way to target B2B clients so successfully! 


Recently Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in a much talked about deal of well over 26 Billion dollars.


Maintaining your LinkedIn profile every day and keeping it up-to-date will ensure huge benefits and flourish your business with more job listings and interest groups. You can share job-postings and company research and description with the people through LinkedIn.


You can also look for clients for your business and employ individuals interested in your brand through the LinkedIn network. Through particular advertising programs, LinkedIn is great for connecting people in the similar kind of industries and increasing the reputation of one’s business.


The more active you are on all kinds of social media, the more your business will prosper. It will help in gaining a lot of audiences. A social media coordinator is necessary for your business if you want to see your company’s name thriving on all kinds of social media.


Every social media site has its distinct features so you need to enlighten yourself on all the social media sites and design a profitable social strategy. If you can be consistent on these websites and really work hard then there is definitely a chance that you will reap the results of your efforts. It will take time and it will not happen overnight so perseverance is essential in these kinds of endeavors.


LinkedIn social media marketing and advertising guides:


LinkedIn Best Practices for B2B marketing

➤ Ultimate tips to generate leads with LinkedIn

➤ Best Tools to define campaigns and events over LinkedIn


How YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, Google plus and Yelp are Great for Social Media Marketing



Social media marketing is a great way to attract attention and gain traffic to your website or product that you would like to sell. In this new generation of internet, people have found tons of ways to attract attention to their firms, business, companies, and websites that allow them to share their product information to the entire world and hence creating a new marketing scheme that allows them to dominate the overall business and getting ahead of the competition.


Through social sites, people can add links to their product or merchandise that they want to sell and hence gaining attention for their product but it is to say not all social sites are good for attracting attention. I mean mainly it would seem that some sites are good for attracting attention but if the popular platforms are dominated then it would surely be your win.


Here I will discuss the 5 other famous platforms in the Top 10 list of sites for social media marketing.



6. YouTube– Promoting your Business via Videos



YouTube- The Number #1 Video Marketing Social Site Worldwide



We all have heard about YouTube. It is a site that displays video content to the users and in turn, gives them information about particular topic or point. Many people create their channels on this site and those people share tons of video content to their users and help them to notify about recent activities or help them through a challenging task.


Now the first thing that comes in mind is how is it a great way for social media marketing? Well, people all over the world use YouTube for their daily problems and needs.


Now imagine that you place a video content on this site and thus creating a link to your product. Once people will be on this site looking for information then if your product is what they were looking for it would instantly allow your product to gain attention.


YouTube does a tremendous job of keeping its audience engaged and once they are done, you will have a perfect opportunity to come up as a related video and stealing the attention.


➤ Pros and Cons of YouTube Video marketing

➤ Youtube Advertising Tips for Beginners

➤ Tips to grow your Subscribers on Youtube

➤ Video Submission Sites like Youtube

Ultimate Tips for Making an Explainer Video


7. Tumblr -The Top Notch Micro blogging Platform



Tumblr -The Top Micro blogging social media Platform-300x200
Tumblr -The Business marketing Platform via Micro Social Blogging




Tumblr is another social site where many people have created their accounts and they share blogs, articles, post, pictures and videos. Tumblr is also a great way for social media marketing because many Tumblr users are here for looking for some uniqueness and creativity in this site.


The best way to social media market is here not giving a direct outlook of what you trying to gain attention for but simply being creative in a way that shows humor and creativity.


The best way to that is simply pair your product with an image that spike engagement or create a funny GIF that links to your product. This way many people will start to give attention to your product and ultimately you will gain traffic on your item. It’s all about how much people re-post your funny content; this is the best way to create hype for your product.


How to Market and Advertise your Business at Tumblr



8. Vine


Vine – The Highly Popular Social Networking Site for Biz Marketing via Videos and Photos


Vine is yet again a great tool for social media marketing. Vine is a site that creates a short film about anything but it is to be noted that the time lapse is only 6 seconds and it is crucial that you deliver the message in six seconds time limit.

Now you have to be clever and keen with a sharp mind that is also creative that comes up with a unique vine that attracts attentions. People hate old, boring and dull content that deliver straight meaning.

Being funny and creative but also linking your product in it is the best way to gain attention and become popular on this social media site with your product.

Business Channels at Vine


9. Google plus


Google Plus – Popularly Known as a Google Social Networking Site


Google plus is also a social site with over 150 million people on it sharing their posts and contents with each other sure it isn’t as popular as Facebook or twitter yet it is another way for marketers to build up attention for their product and gain traffic.


15 Ways to advertise your Business on Google


The best ways to market your product is the about page which is fantastic opportunity to give a fast overview about your product or business. Make sure that you include important information about your products so that searchers would want to come back to the product.

Use bullets in a description and create an easy-to-read list of your products. By making an overall good appearance and making your product noticeable is the main goal.

Google Plus Marketing Tips


#10. Yelp





Yelp- A Great Business  Networking Site for Local Marketing and SEO


Yelp is an online review site where millions of people come to give reviews about a certain business or product of a company although seems to have been for quite some time yet it has tons of people giving positive reviews and feedbacks about their business.


By making a yelp account on yelp and having the strong photography is the best way to attract attention and in the description, if you place the most accurate information people are surely going to be fascinated in knowing how it is.

Top 10 Business Listing sites like Yelp


And if your product is ongoing topic their then make sure to give responds to the reviews that way more people will be determined to know what it actually seems to be.

➤ Best Social Media Platforms for Employers

Hire Social Media Influencers for broadening your influence over social networks


You may be already well aware about influencer marketing. It is a great way to expand your reach over social channels with the help of influencers. You can hire such influencers easily from influence  marketing platforms.


I am going to give you a few names of the most popular platforms where you can find such influencers who are willing to provide their services for branding and marketing your business over giant social sites.


#1. Activate– Hire Influencers for branding and impactful social media marketing campaigns.

#2. Influence.co– Find social media influencers from all over the world.

#3. Hellosociety – A New York Times Company for full services regarding social media marketing and social story telling. 

#4. TribeGroup– An Influence marketing platform that connects micro-influencers and businesses.


How to Start Selling on Facebook – Store Setup Tips for Online Sellers

Steps for Selling on Facebook : Tips for Setting your Online Store on Facebook.

Onlinestore Tips for sellers – How to be successful with your Facebook Storefront.


With over 1.65 billion active users every single month, Facebook stands to be the leading social media platform. Businesses are tapping the opportunities they are getting via Facebook. It is one of the greatest platforms to promote & market your products and services.

You can imagine yourself, when it has 1.65 active users, even if you target just 1 lakh customers you can have enough of potential customers to grow your business. Facebook is growing day by day at such a rapid speed paving way for you to get more potential customers.

Tips on How to Start Selling through Facebook Store-600x400

Tips for Sellers for Selling Online through Facebook Store


What is a Facebook Store- an Introduction

[ Facebook Ads Tips for Advertisers- What are the Sure Shot Success Techniques for Advertising on Facebook ]  

You must have your Facebook store to sell on Facebook and grow your online business. In this article you’ll read about how to set up a Facebook store.Well, before getting into the process of how to set up a Facebook store, let us know what actually a Facebook store is.

To start selling your products, Facebook allows you to create a Facebook store on your Facebook page. Surely, you all must be aware of what Facebook page is.

In case some of you are not, for your knowledge, Facebook page is a public profile or we say a dedicated page you can create for your business, brand, organization, cause, community, website, etc.

Also, Celebrities & famous personalities often create their Facebook page. Facebook page is different from your personal Facebook account or profile. Learn how to increase Facebook page likes organically.

Facebook store can be included on your Facebook page as one of the tabs once you set it up. When the page visitors will see your Facebook store Tab on your Facebook page, they would click it and can make purchase from therein directly without any hassle.

Now this becomes very obvious for you to make sure that you are focusing on growing your Facebook audience or say community as one of your strategy or a part of your marketing plan to grow your business by maximizing your sales as a result of huge customer traffic on your Facebook store.

Target people with specific interest and share content effectively using these social media tools to make people know about you and what you offer.

✪ Killer Facebook Tips for e-commerce Business Promotion

Setting Up your Facebook Online store:


It is quite a technical process and requires people who excel in that department but wait there are better ways instead through which even a nontechnical person can set up a Facebook store.

With such advanced technology available, you don’t need to smash your face against wall because of all the technical task. We have softwares available that automatically does your work & make things easier for you.

Various softwares are available for you to help you set up your Facebook store without the need to spin your mind around codes or other technical aspects.

You can create Facebook store via Ecommerce Builder Software, Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, Wix.


Let us highlight few of the above mentioned in detail:


Set Up Facebook Store With Ecommerce Builder Software

Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips ]


The software allows you to automatically create & update your Facebook store. All you need to do is update your product once, and your Facebook store will also be updated helping you saving your time.

Whatever changes you do to your product will get automatically updated on Facebook store as well.

✪ How to Generate Leads Via Facebook?

Set Up Facebook Store With Shopify

To your Shopify store, you just need to add Shopify’s free Facebook store app.
If you already have a Shopify store then you can Showcase and sell your products from Shopify store on Facebook by visiting this page.

Set Up Facebook Store With Wix


Firstly It would require you to create a Facebook Page in your Facebook account, if you don’t have it already.


Now, To add your Wix Online Store to your Facebook page:


Click the Product Gallery to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Manage Store > at the bottom left of the Wix Store Manager, click Get a Free Facebook Store. From the pop-up window, click Create Store > in the confirmation window, click Okay > select a Facebook Page from the drop-down menu > click Add Page Tab.

This will add a new page tab to your Facebook Page with your store.

You are now ready to go with your online store on Facebook. Just enlist your products listing properly over your FB store and start promoting it. Create deals, and start advertising your coupon over these sites for more sales and leads.

✪ Next-> Tips to Setup Ad Campaigns for your Advertising on Facebook


How Facebook Buy Button Helps Sellers with more Conversions

Facebook Buy Button is Proving to be a Bliss for the Sellers: Check out How!


With over 1.65 billion active users Facebook has made a huge mark in the world of social media. Today, social media has much more to offer than just connecting people. Businesses are tapping this powerhouse source to grow its sales increase the customer base.


Selling on Facebook gives massive opportunity to the sellers to find new prospects and convert them into its customers while retaining them for long in order to enjoy their repeated patronage.  Therefore, if you want to grow your e-commerce business you definitely must consider using Facebook Buy Button.


Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing
How to generate leads via Facebook marketing
How to Grow your Facebook Likes Organically

Facebook Buy Button for the Sellers-268x188

Facebook Buy Button for the Sellers

Well, the process is nothing to detail about as almost everyone today is aware of how to sell on Facebook. By coming in contact with the people on Facebook, via Facebook ads and engagement you successfully grab their attention. 

Now from here on you need to attract them towards your Facebook page as well as your website so that they can see your products and end up buying from you if they get interested in any of your offerings.


The people who have more detailed knowledge of how to sell successfully on Facebook or who are more savvy in using Facebook at its best for the purpose of selling/marketing or promotions would be having the Facebook store already set up on their Facebook page.


Basically Facebook store minimizes the long procedure of visiting your site and then purchasing the product. With the help of this store you can purchase directly from your Facebook page without the need to visit your website which could be unnecessarily time consuming.

How to Improve Facebook ads Performance with Facebook ads Targeting  ]




Indeed a challenge that is faced by the online sellers. Reason behind low conversion rate is that people might be visiting your page, watching your Facebook ads but they might not be purchasing. We need to face the fact and reality and not avoid it or try to cover up.


But nevertheless, nothing comes without a solution in this world. Similarly, there would be a way out to grow sales and improve conversion rate.


As a seller on virtual space, you try all sorts of hit and miss methods, tools and techniques to up your business game which is worth appreciating without a doubt.


But you need to think that the efforts you are putting in, the cost you are bearing is worth it or not? Are you getting the desired results out of it? Is there any kind of improvement in your sales graph? You must be true to yourself and your business.

[ Holiday marketing tips and techniques for Facebook ]


Mostly it is seen that online business lay more emphasis on optimizing their sales. They try all the methods, variations, testing, layouts, designs etc but what they don’t consider important is tapping the opportunity that is right in front of them which is none other than the interested lot of prospects who are ready to buy from them then and there.


There are all kinds of people or say customers for that matter. Impulsive buyers who without much thinking would like try out a new product and on the other hand people who will resist from buying any new product because of so many ongoing doubts in their mind.


So, if you are a smart and savvy seller, you would be proactive to exploit the opportunity coming your way in the form of these ready to buy customers.


Killer Facebook Tips for e-commerce Business Promotion ]





Facebook buy button help you grow your sales. Set up an online store with Shopify which is one of the leading e-commerce website builders. More than 2 lac online vendors have benefited from it.


You don’t necessarily need to have technical knowledge like coding or so to build a successful e-commerce store. Shopify does it all for for you.




All you need is to connect your Facebook account to Shopify account and start posting products with Buy Button embedded. All the order you receive from Facebook, Shopify will help you manage them with the tools available therein.


Selling on Facebook became fun with Shopify. The Facebook Buy Button helps you grab more and more customers who are willing to buy from you. The conversion rate also increases as these customers click on buy button and make purchase from your Facebook page itself without any time wastage.


To conclude it, selling online is not an easy job yet if you make best use of the tools available that could be your support system, the nothing can stop you from winning the battle.


Facebook ads Tips for Advertisers ]

9 Most Popular Social media Sites Globally apart from Facebook

7 Best Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes Organically

Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners to Increase Facebook Page Likes, Shares, Comments without any Paid Promotions.


Ever increasing promotion and advertising activities on Facebook has divided the quota for each and every post and has largely affected the overall per post reach on Facebook.

Less reach or less visibility has also directly affected the likes on every post and consequently the organic likes on page and post has also seen a decline.

We simple cannot blame Facebook for putting a bar on the reach and continuously changing its algorithm. The huge numbers of brands and products as well as services are cluttering the whole lot of advertising space on Facebook and it has become essential on part of Facebook to manage it all efficiently.

How to Increase Organic Likes on Facebook Page-social-media-tips-580x350
Social Media Marketing Tips to Increase Organic Likes on Facebook Page


7 Tips for Beginners to Increase Facebook Likes in  Organic Ways

Facebook works wonders for businesses. We all are aware about Facebook paid ads but what matters most is the organic likes. Lets us learn how to grab more organic likes on on your Facebook page.

1. Make use of Images and Videos more often


Make Enough Use of Images and Videos on FAcebook-560x315
Make a Good Use of Images and Videos on your Facebook Page


Images and Videos get more priority as Compared to other content. Facebook loves images and videos as the audience loves it. It gets more visibility as well as engagement.

To increase your organic like count you should focus on Images, Info graphics and Video posts only. This also translates into a Facebook strategy where you do not post plain text posts.

2. Calculate the ‘Time Vs Reach’ Game

Decode the Time Vs Reach data on your facebook account-400x400t
Find the best time to reach maximum audience for your page on FB

Keep in mind the optimum times when you posts and do other promotional stuffs like group sharing, etc. Be active at a time when your audience is active as it will get you more visibility.

If you are doing activity at a time when your audience is active you will show up on their walls, their feeds etc.

Advertising Tips for Using Facebook Ads to get more likes on your account


3. Cross Promote on other Social Media Platforms



Promoting on other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram can also get you more organic likes and increase the visibility on your Facebook page. You can create a message for your new followers on these Social media accounts and use your Facebook Page link in that!

Most of the followers from else where would tend to check you out on Facebook if you are posting things of their interest.


Holiday marketing tips for Facebook


4. Facebook Groups


Facebook groups are a huge resource of getting good organic likes and increasing visibility. Find out the right Facebook groups according to your business type and promote your posts there to gain organic likes.
Many businesses are effectively promoting and even doing sales through these Facebook groups.


5. Interact more with Followers


The followers are the biggest assets on any social media platform. Same is the case with Facebook. The more you are in good books of the followers and the more they are inspired by you they will become your direct and indirect promoters by sharing your posts etc.

The more followers are inspired to share your stuff the more chances are that their friends would also like it and share it. This is how you will get a chain of shares and likes and start getting viral.

How to get More Followers on Pinterest Social Media


6. Share the Real you


If you will fake it you will loose trust in your brand and thus you will have no credibility.

You need to project the real you, show them only what you do and what you are capable of. False promises and wrong commitments will lead you astray.

You necessarily do not have to be the jack of all trades and offer everything even what you cant fulfill up to the expectations.

Have your own product or services so wonderful that they just get impressed by what you have to offer.

Startup Marketing Tips for young Business Owners


7. Question and Answer

Ask Question and give Answers-on your Facebook page-420x400
Ask Question and Take Feedback and give Answers to questions on your FB Page


Ask questions and take feedback. Feedbacks are a good way to understand what they are thinking about you. It is a good way to map your audience and plan your strategy accordingly.

It gives a clear picture of your audience and helps in improvisation and optimization in accordance to them.

Answer to their queries proactively and offer solutions. Be an expert and act like an expert in your field.

How to get leads from Facebook Marketing

Fake Social Media Promotions- How to catch and Avoid them


Social Media Marketing- 21 Facebook Tips for Promoting a Small Business

Improve your Facebook Marketing with these Quick Fixes that you most Probably be doing Wrong.


Facebook Marketing: 21 Things that You are Doing Wrong
Facebook Marketing: 21 Things You are Doing Wrong
Facebook marketing is these days one of the most trusted channels for promoting products and services online. While on the one hand we have great sources like online tutorials to some of the great social media mentors, the crux lies in implementing the taught strategies and having a better clarity of the functioning of Facebook marketing to yield results in the dynamic ecosystem.


We cannot rely on even the best of the sources or the best of the techniques without having a detailed understanding of the platform and the complete ecosystem of Facebook marketing.

Most of us tend to go wrong with the implementation of an excellent strategy due to the lack of the understanding of the basics. Most marketers are new to social media and have learnt it in due course along with the other marketing channels that they were specialized in.

As the social media started gaining popularity it became a need to adopt a new skill and everyone rushed in to have their pie of social media techniques.

21 Facebook Social Media Tips for Marketing Small Business

In this article we would try to bring into the limelight ‘The Facebook marketing that we are doing wrong”

1. Everything Takes Time

We need continuous efforts for sometime to start seeing results. Many of us give up soon because they are looking for quick fixes while we need more patience time and efforts to start churning out the best results.

2. Slow and Steady Wins the race

One thing at a time and not drooping out things in midway is the key. You do not need to rush in initially and then stop or become complacent. Steady and continuous efforts works best in long run.

How to get leads from Facebook Marketing


3. Happiness comes in Small Packets

Set up small targets and accomplish it. Do not make unrealistic goals and get demotivated at the end.

4. Do not neglect the Comments

Every comment on your page matters. Reply and engage to everyone who is commenting on your posts. Proactive reply and feedbacks works wonders.


5. Seeing is Believing


Let the audience see more of what you sell in different forms and shapes and get inspired. You need not do selling but just show off a bit more everyday.

Facebook advertising tips for Marketing


6. Hashtags are for Instagram or anything else

Hashtags? Everyone knows it is no use on Facebook. So use it anywhere else but not on Facebook. Try Instagram Instead. It is absolutely indispensable there.

Best Social Media marketing Tools for Small Business

7. Post what they like not what you like

Know your audience and understand what they like and dislike. Post accordingly and you will earn more brownie points like this.

How to find new ideas for your blog posts

8. Study your Audience

Do a proper research of your audience, their demographics, their behavior and more. The more you know them the more you will be liked by them.16 Free Twitter Tools for Business

9. Make Audience Participate

Ask questions, feedbacks, quizzes, contests, giveaways or anything that it takes to make your audience participate and engage with you.

10. Let the Audience Wonder


Do not reveal everything. Keep things for imagination is a good old trick, which works here as well. Let the audience wonder about some interesting things that you come up with. Be it the product launch or anything else.

Top 50 Social Media apps for marketing


11. Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook ads are getting the marketers more profit than anything else. Invest in Facebook ads and learn how to get the most out of it. Tips for Targeting your Facebook Ads in best ways


12. Don’t do Selling here


Do not sell here! A Big No No.Unless you are running a Facebook Store exclusively for selling don’t push down your products down your customer’s throat. It will choke them and you will be abandoned sooner or later.

Holiday and festival season marketing tips for Facebook

13. Speak less, Listen more


Good listener is always liked more than a good speaker. Speak good but listen real good. Pay attention to every details of the engagement happening on and off your page about your brand.10 methods to promote an eCommerce business over Facebook

14. Give Solutions


Problem solving will help you gain more attention and acceptance across your audience. Lend a helping hand. Offer solutions and project yourself as an expert.Do’s and Don’t of Facebook social marketing


15. Call to action


A good post without a call to action is an effort gone waste because the audience even when they like it and are willing to take an action they feel lost and therefore abandon. So do not miss out!Tips for making outstanding Landing Pages 

16. Images are Important


Content only posts are not popular among Facebook audience. With a picture a post makes an impact.10 Best apps for editing Images 

17. It’s an era of videos


Images gain more attention than plain text and videos are all the more impactful when it comes to capturing audience’s attention. It’s an era of videos. No one likes reading a lot when they can easily listen to it over in a video.

Find the ten best websites where you may submit your videos and follow these Video Marketing Tips to get the most out of them!


18. Infographics grab more attention


Infographics convey more information in a compact manner to the audience, thereby making it more useful to be used often in our posts.

19. Mobile Optimization (Use Mobile friendly Images )


With more and more users using Facebook over mobile phones as compared to laptops or desktops it becomes crucial that we keep our Facebook page optimized to the mobile users for better user experience. In this context the most important thing to think about is the best sizes of photos you upload on Facebook.

20. Cross Promote on other channels


Cross Promoting on other channels is paramount to gaining more visibility and improve promotions across other mediums. Share on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc to gain maximum from your each post.


21. Appeal to one and all

Your audience can be varied but your posts shall be such that it appeals to all of them. Everyone has to be kept happy with all that you post across over and over again.

How to increase Facebook likes Organically



Facebook now Allows upto 50 Friends Connect in a Call over FB Messenger

Social Media News- Now Connect up to 50 Friends over Facebook Messenger Call


Announced in the recent times about its newly introduced feature i-e 50 friends connect in a call in its messenger, Facebook is all set give threat to telecom sector. As we know Facebook is the largest social networking site so far and it will continue to lead if it keeps on adding more and more feathers to its advantage.

The reason why this site is most loved by all is because of its non-complexity. In order to start a group call, people involved in a group conversation just need to tap the phone icon on their respective screen.

Also it is easy for them to manage the participants on the next screen. In case any member miss the call initially, they can join the call while it’s on by tapping on the phone icon. The said feature is only available in the latest version of Facebook messenger and can allow only upto 50 people on group call.
Facebook Messenger Now Allows you to add upto 50 Friends over a call
Facebook Messenger: Allows upto 50 Friends


The Evolution of Facebook Real Time Communication

It is being talked that this new step by Facebook will cause major concern to telecommunications companies. People just need a way to connect with people and there are some who find social media as an asynchronous form communication but as far as Facebook is concerned, then it has a huge subscribers base and the figure goes somewhere around 1.3 billion standing as the largest telecom on the planet.
This was when there was no such real time communication feature available but now when the real time communication feature is all set to be available as announced, it will be a powerhouse altogether.

Other Competitors (Viber, Line, etc)

There are other apps also that offers this feature of group calling and that too upto 200 people, say for instance Viber, Line, etc, yet they are not as successful. If you think of comparing them with Facebook in the light of this group calling feature, you would find them nowhere.
There’s a solid reason behind it, one such reason being Facebook is unique. It is very much different from other social networking sites. The huge following makes it even stand out from the pool of other apps.
Viber or line or any other such app does not have huge following and is not as famous and rich in potentiality, power as Facebook. No matter if 200 participants are allowed on a group call or 50 participants, Facebook is a huge threat to the players existing in this field of communication. Facebook does not have to struggle hard to expand its service scope. Mere launching of a switch would do all for it.

A Blow to the Telecom

This step by Facebook throws light on the upcoming threats that can be caused to telecom companies due to the new technologies. Facebook can be misunderstood as a threat to chat applications only rather it is much more than that because of its wide visibility.

There was a time when wired phones used to be the only source of communication but then came time of mobile phones slowly it took over the market of wired telephones, then things changed to great extent and there came the trend of mobile apps and social media, Facebook being the one that brought revolution.


Now its messenger has more than 900 million monthly active users and as said above the Facebook user base being 1.3 billion indicates the status of how easily it will be able to imbibe this technology on day to day basis by the end users. It also pose a great threat to the conventional telecom technology and thus it will totally wipe out the traditional telcom.