10 Killer Facebook Marketing Beginners Tips for eCommerce Business Success

Facebook Beginners Tips for Ecommerce Business Promotion: Tricks to Drive more Traffic and Increase Profits


Facebook has been unanimously identified to be one of the most promising social media networks by the eCommerce marketers. And it has been upgrading its system to be more attractive and useful even for eCommerce sector. You can see that from their introduction to “buy Now” button on Facebook pages for Business.

They also have already started offering lead generation tools for marketers, like Signup forms, Sign up buttons, call now button, links for App pages, etc.

Let us discover in this article, some tips and tricks to amplify results from Facebook marketing for e-commerce business.

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Facebook Tips for eCommerce products marketing and sales

10 Facebook Marketing Beginners Tips for Ecommerce Business Success:


Ever since E-commerce sector started reaching new heights and success, every big social media network has been evolving their platform to match the digital marketing demands created by shopping portals, and online stores. Facebook is not behind at all in these times of ecommerce boom. So, anyone with a good knowledge and some digital marketing experience can get good benefits of leads and sales for their online store through Facebook based promotion opportunities (Free+paid).


Facebook has proven to be one of the most dependable social media networks for e-commerce marketers. Find out how to make it your tool to success as well in the e-commerce arena.


1. Boost Sales with a Facebook Store Setup


Facebook store allows to set up a free Facebook e-commerce store. It is an excellent way for startup and even big businesses to get the maximum from their Facebook promotions.


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Setup your Store @ Facebook for Ecommerce Growth


With a Facebook store the consumers now can shop directly from the Facebook store. This helps reduce the time as soon as the shopper sees something on Facebook that he is interested to buy he need not be taken to the e-commerce site from Facebook but he can make the purchase on Facebook itself.

It also reduces the bounce back rates and trap more sales leads because sometimes shoppers just abandon as soon as the new site starts loading and due to the time it takes to move from Facebook to an e-commerce store.


How to Start Selling via Facebook Store


Watch this awesome video about “Facebook Store Setup” on YouTube by the Popular SMM Blog- “Social Media Examiner: –

Also, Read this article on Facebook itself about setting up an online store at FB in easy way!


2. Increase Sales with your Optimized Store


Optimize your Facebook store to get more traffic and increase sales. Use right keywords while writing the description and other details. Use unique content for product description and try to incorporate high search volume keywords. Learn how to add SEO friendly content.

Make a research and find out from other popular e-commerce sites about what people are writing about their products and especially the customer reviews. Encourage customers to interact and engage with them actively on your Facebook page.


Learn how to generate leads via Facebook


3. Content is the King even over Facebook


Write content rules unanimously over all social media platforms. A right Facebook content strategy with a weekly and monthly posts calendar helps out to get the maximum results.

Facebook content includes not just textual posts but images, videos, info-graphics, links share all are equally important to be shared on Facebook.

People get bored of a typical product picture day after day. So add some fun and spice up a bit to bring something different to them to catch hold of their attention and engage with them.

Offers, discounts, festive sales, contests, giveaways, themed pictures, relevant information from industry, a social cause, etc, all can be a savior from the monotonous product posts on Facebook.


4. Highlight your Sales and Discount offers


Highlight your sales and discount offers on Facebook by using he Facebook page highlight feature. It gets more attention and draws more engagement as when a new visitor is scrolling down on your page he will notice all the highlighted posts by you more than the other posts. Learn in more detail, the coupon marketing tricks for e-commerce.

If you have to come up with some new deals and discounts then visit every time to these Coupon advertising sites to capture the attention of more users. The coupon advertising sites are great help to promote your deals and discount as they are the landing pages for most of the users who make searches on Google and other search engines for discounts on a particular product.


5. Drive more Sales with Giveaways


Giveaways are an excellent way to keep people visiting you and keep engaged. It also popularizes your brand sometimes as you have excellent giveaways for your customers.

Many brands successfully have adopted this strategy to increase their Facebook engagement. For example, you can run weekly giveaways where you have a lucrative prize for the best comment on one or more Facebook posts.

This way you will get more engagement on your Facebook page and posts.


6. Run contests and Time Bound Offers


Facebook contest are one of the best ways to generate more traffic on your Facebook page and increase engagement. There are tools like Agora Pulse, etc which you can use to leverage Facebook contests to drive more sales for your e-commerce store or Facebook eCommerce store itself.


7. Attract more Sales by Sharing New Product Launch


Share new products that you launched on Facebook and start with first look and teasers to create more interests and get attention well in advance.


8. Promote your videos and Images


Facebook posts with images and videos perform much more better than the texts only or links to text. People prefer to watch a video over reading a long post. They are more keen to find out all info in a concise info-graphic rather than going about reading the same in a textual form.

So promote your product videos, tutorial, demos or whatever you are making on Facebook as well.


Read more about making an effective marketing video


9. Include ‘Call to Actions’ with Everything you Share


Include ‘call to action’ with everything you share else you will miss out some leads for most of the consumers would not take a pain to find out what to do next and from where.

Even if they are interested to buy in the absence of a buy button they might skip and move on to something more readily available.


10. Integrate all Social Media Buttons


Integrate all social media button so that you get most of your cross promotion. Shared your Facebook content on twitter and other social media platforms. You can use applications like Hootsuite to help you schedule your posts and post simultaneously on various social media platforms for maximum visibility of your content.


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