How to Promote Ecommerce Business- 15 Killer Marketing Ideas for E-commerce Development

Ecommerce Promotion Ideas for Small Business Owners


Find out why Developing and Promoting an Ecommerce Business Depends heavily on the 15 Ultimate Marketing Ideas!

The ideas that transform a vision into reality. A Concept into fact and a goal into realization!

The goal which every business maker creates for themselves. And, then there are rules, strategies, plans, and ideas that are the actual path-breakers of the journey towards achieving the goal!

We will discuss these marketing Ideas for promoting and developing the e-commerce Business but before that i would like to make clear that the methods and ways explained here are mainly for small ecommerce platforms, though they are used by the everyone, but in a broader sense.



ecommerce Business development and E-commerce Website promotion ideas
ecommerce Business development and promotion marketing ideas



Any business that is facilitated on the Internet, where transactions are carried out online, is an ecommerce business. However, just because you are selling products and/or services online does not mean that marketing your business should be limited to the Internet only.

If you really want to expand your business’s reach, then you should give some real-world, unique killer marketing ideas a consideration.

The marketing ideas mentioned below are being used even by the top ecommerce companies in India for Sellers.

To compile these Advertising tips we have researched some e-commerce business giants and found that following these marketing ideas is very crucial for the success of any kind of businesses today.

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Introduction: eCommerce Business and Marketing



When it comes to the development and promotion of an ecommerce business, especially a small-scale one, justifying marketing expenditures can be tricky.

The best and most effective business startup marketing ideas are the ones you can circulate by word-of-mouth using your PR management strategies well.

If such usefully solid ideas are implemented rightly, then it can become possible to captivate local press, national media and social media audience effectively without spending a fortune.

The following Top 10 Business promotion ideas will help your business get the attention it needs.

Before jumping to sell products on your shopping, make sure that your ecommerce website meets all the desired criteria of well optimized landing pages



Ecommerce Development- 15 Killer Marketing Ideas for Promoting your Ecommerce Business


15 ways of advertising and marketing your Ecommerce Website for Business Development and Promotion



1. Creative Business Cards



Creative Business Cards-300x200
Select the appropriate and Creative Business Cards



If you want to extend your business network and reach, then it is certainly necessary for you to have business cards. However, this does not mean that you have to resort to the same old boring rectangular paper business cards with your contact information and name on them.

Business cards can provide a splendid opportunity for eCommerce business marketing. Having normal business cards will not make your business noticeable, but doing something unique will definitely make your business stand out.

Perhaps you use business cards with bright colors, a different shape, interesting information, and anything else that will set them apart.


Are you looking for a better software/ website to create your own online storefront website easily? I think, you should check out these -> 5 best of the ecommerce software platforms to create an online storefront



2. Flyers & Posters


Flyers and posters are an excellent example of a traditional marketing technique that people are used to. You can use it to your advantage for eCommerce business promotion by taking it a whole new level.

Use your creativity and create unique flyers and posters, whether they are humorous, mysterious or shocking. As long as you are certain that they will captivate your audience’s attention, go ahead with it and make sure your website URL is mentioned on them.



3. Freebies- People love those who give away Free Stuff



Attract new and Existing customers by offering Freebies



You will never fail at getting people’s attention if you offer them free stuff. Invest in some fun stuff, such as pens, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts or anything else; and get your branding placed on them, such as your business logo and/or website URL.

People will gladly take such freebies home.

You can go one step further and grab more number of subscribers to your already existing email list of subscribers by displaying free stuff. Offer something free as per your readers and customers interests.

You could use a subscription form where users will fill in their email id to get the free gift in their mail box. Here are 10 tips to grow your email list of subscribers



4. Stickers


When it comes to killer marketing ideas, one tried and tested method is to launch a sticker campaign. Put up business-related stickers wherever you can. Your stickers can be simple and straightforward with just your website URL. Or they can be creative and unique.

Coming across your stickers at the places they frequent will intrigue people and make them want to know more about your business.



5. Event Sponsorship



Event Sponsorship-for promoting your ecommerce business-350x200
Sponsor events for promoting your eCommerce business




If you want to get your eCommerce business’s name out there, then sponsoring events can help. You can get creative with how you organize your advertising at the event, or how you take part in the event. You can even seek assistance from event organizers.

You will manage to grab the attention of people if the event is big and exciting, and keep in mind that you can also give away freebies at such an event.



6. Host A Party


Hosting a party in your business’s name is another excellent way to draw attention to your business. This idea is actually quite simple and if they enjoy the party, they are more likely to become a customer.



7. Personalized Cards



➤ Sending personalized cards or post cards to your customers is another killer yet subtle ideas for or eCommerce  business promotion. You can send birthday cards to your customers by keeping track of their birth dates.

➤ Or you can send thank-you card to every customer who makes a purchase.

➤ If you make your customers feel special, they are more likely to return and recommend your business to others.




8. Local Newspaper Advertising




Making Local Newspaper Advertising for your ecommerce biz-350x200
Advertising in Local Newspapers always pays



➤ It should not surprise you that another effective and killer idea to promote your eCommerce business is to use print media. Keep in mind that when it comes to advertisements in newspapers, people have particular expectations of what they look like.

➤ You do not want your advertisements to look like the typical newspaper ads. Your ads should grab their attention by making them laugh or shocking them, by standing out.


Tips to Place Advertisements in local Newspapers




9. Organize Fun Contests



➤ This is similar to giving away freebies and hosting a party, but you will give your customers and potential customers something to compete over.

➤ Instead, of giving away a large number of inexpensive items, organize a contest or raffle where the winner gets something more valuable and worthwhile.

➤ You can also use this to get contact information from people, which will come in handy for building a customer base and/or mailing list.



10. Billboard Advertisement



➤ Finally, if your budget will allow, investing in billboard advertising can also prove to be worthwhile. However, keep in mind that your ad should not be boring and look every other advertisement that people have grown tired of looking at.

➤ If you want people to pay attention, you will have to do something different.



11. Banner advertising


➤ Banner ads are very important for any online business in regards to the traffic and leads. And, if the business is new then it becomes more of a necessity as banner banner ads play great role in spreading awareness on the Internet about your business brand and products.

➤ It gives a great boost to a brand especially to the ones that had been launched recently.

➤ Find here 10 such websites that are very popular for providing paid banner ads services



12. PR Submission


Press Release websites are great platforms to spread the words about your newly launched website or business among the professional communities.

Submitting your eCommerce business to some of these best Free Press Release Websites makes a good business marketing sense.



13. Attract interested users using Paid Search Engine Marketing & SEO


Hesitating to pay for search engine traffic could be a fatal marketing mistake which you never would want to commit if you understand the value and power of what paid search engine marketing may offer to the success of your business development plans.


Make your eCommerce portal fully optimized by using on-page and off-page SEO techniques as per the Google algorithm updates. SEO PowerSuite is such a great Tool for optimizing your portal that you must use it regularly to keep your website up to date as per the SEO practices.



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14-Business Submission to the various Local Biz Directories (FREE)


Local advertising has become a permanent element as in mainstream methods of digital marketing. This is important for many reasons, including Geo targeting, SEO, and business branding.

You must take it seriously for the multi dimensional evolution in the development of your eCommerce business services.

Take to the free local business advertising first and then expand your efforts towards a broader space.

Find here list of top 100 free online business directory sites to optimize your brand and content for the Local SEO and reputation!

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15- Facebook Paid Advertisements


As you know, Social Media networking has become a mandate for getting your marketing done well. Every kind of online marketing is incomplete without the involvement of social networking webs.

There are lots of great social networking sites today on the Internet for the different reasons and motives. But, Facebook is an all rounder player in this game.

And, to be on a safer and smoother side of the race i would recommend it to you to be stick to mainly to the Facebook advertising for the desired social media marketing (SMM) results for your eCommerce business.

Though, you could expand your reach to other popular networking sites later on when your business visibility has become stable and regular to the largest online social network of the world!

You can promote your business on the social media giant using these 5 techniques and tips for better advertising results while using Facebook Ads

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