Tips to Publish your Advertisements in Newspapers


Newspaper Advertising- Things to Consider for Placing an Ad in a Local Newspaper

How to Get an ad published about your business services in the regional newspapers.

A few aspects will have to be considered before placing an ad with the regional newspapers and successfully getting it published.


Pricing policies for newspaper advertisements are largely dependent on the newspaper size, the size of the ad to be published, how often it will be published and if it will be published in colour. A larger and more widely read newspaper will cost more to advertise in.

Likewise for a bigger sized ad that is published more than once and also printed in colour. The costs can be significantly higher as compared to a small ad in black and white colours placed with a small town newspaper. 


It is important to assess the newspaper company that you will choose to market your business services under. A regional newspaper with a wide readership will definitely cost more but you may also be required to publish your ad more than once in order to grab a proper audience and their attention towards your listing.Repetition is key and sure is costly.

Ad Placement

Should cost not be an issue for consideration, another critical aspect of advertising businesses on newspapers in order to generate sales would be how the ad is being published in the newspaper. The section, page and location of the ad matters and a popular section with a eye-catching spot requires a bit more forking out from the wallet but can also be worth the venture should the ad draw in the intended crowd.