Top 50 Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2021 for Website Indexing/Ranking

List of Top 50 Search Engines in 2021 where you can Submit your website Free


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about SEO is Search Engine submission. When I learned blogging and started my own blog then I got to know about how important it is to tell search engines about your site. This is the fundamental step towards SEO and search engine marketing.

The only fastest way to index your website is possible when you visit these search engines and manually add url of your website in each of them. If your website or blog is rather new, then to get your site well indexed the foremost important task is to submit it to the main search engines for ranking it in SERPs.


For this reason I visited all kinds of such submission engines and added my website urls. Along the way I started discovering new search engines and began making a list of such sites, and today, I decided to publish it for the benefits of other users like you!

Adding your website url to these online search engines is the free way of SEM. Though, to get the maximum and faster results, you should try the paid way Search Engine Marketing. To take advantage of full SEM visit here a list of top ad networks and drive traffic through paid clicks on search engine result pages for the keywords related to your niches.

You get a very good amount of organic traffic on daily basis to your content for free if you submit url to all search engines. The list contains address of all the major Internet search engines. Other smaller SEs have collaboration with these biggies. So, This way you get to submit your site to 1000 search engines for free!

Top 10 Search Engines on the Internet

If you have a blog and you are interested in improving Off-Page SEO for it drastically, then i would like to stress on one thing strongly: submit or add your blog to top notch blog submission sites. For this, we have prepared a list of only the best blog directories (20). Visit here to find a list of Blog Directories for 2021

Top 10 Search Engines for Free Website Submission
Free Website Submission : Grab the Opportunity to add url to Top Search Engines for improved page rankings


To make your business or company website appear in every major search engines across the Web World, you need to submit your website in these searching sites in order to let them index and include your site in their huge database.


These Search engines offer free digital marketing opportunity for you through the search results for the online queries made by people across the World! All you have to do is adding your website url to these major Submission Sites.

Apart from the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing, there are around 1000s of search engines that are providing the results to the rest of the online queries and searches made across the world.


They belong to different languages and places where people use the local search engines and that’s where these less known search engines play important role in providing SERP’s to the queries made to them.


What are the Benefits of Search Engine Submission?


You get the Following Benefits by Submitting your Website or Blog to these Search Engine Directories:


Benefits of Search-engine-submission-730x300
Benefits of Search Engine Submission


This is perhaps the first and foremost step towards starting an SEO process for your web property. Submitting your website to search engines is a great way to tell them about your content and online publications. In this way most of the well known Search engines and content hungry directories get to know about your web pages.


There are hundreds of small and medium kind of search engines that might not know about your website before you tell them by adding your website url to their directory.


Nowadays, there exist lots of search engines that provide searches specific to particular regions, locations, and languages. In this case, if you don’t let them know about your web pages the chances are that they will never know that your website exist on the Internet!

(off-course, unless until your web pages are easily discoverable in the major search engines, like Google,, Bing, Yahoo, etc).


Don’t be under the impression that if your website is being indexed by Google and Bing then it’s in the data base of every search engines!

As i pointed earlier in this article- small scaled search engines only care about including the three types of websites in their indexing data base:


➤1. The ones that are very popular and are very well indexed in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine result Pages).


2. The ones that have paid them to promote themselves by subscribing their premium subscription or membership (directly or through the third party channels).


3. The websites that have been submitted to their directory website by going to the page that says : “add url” “submit your website” or some other similar words!


So, it’s is surely very beneficial getting your website indexed by them if you want to utilize the organic searches to the fullest extent. Adding urls to these searches will improve your website’s traffic a lot.


Search engine submission is one the primary parts of Internet search engine marketing. This is perhaps one of the most fundamental steps towards promoting your website.


These search engines have high PR and High Domain Authority and you get free backlinks too from them once they start indexing your site.

Submitting your business website in search engines is part of a free Search Engine Marketing to Promote your Small Business using local online marketing. Hence, adding url of your website to all the major Search Engines is the most important part of SEO.


For local business advertising use these ideas for your small business and also consider to make directory submissions for your business profile.


Things to keep in mind while submitting your website to these search engines-

➤ Majority of the search engines ask only for a url in the submission process. It is very easy to add your website to these searching engines.


➤Some search engines ask for your email address as well to make sure that you are not a bot. While some SEs also take it as an opportunity to grow their mailing list. So, don’t give your regular mail address for this purpose.


➤And, don’t forget to verify the link you get in your mailbox once you submit your website to these engines. If you don’t verify, your site won’t get indexed!


List of 50 Best Search Engines for Free Website Submission:


There are only 10-20 major search engines all across the Internet World, others are only content aggregators, RSS Directories, Directory submission sites, and Pinging sites. Initially we had added around 275 Search Engines to the list then we removed most of such search engines because they either were not search engines or didn’t allow submission. So, this list is quite okay for all your needs and it is a good time savor as you wont find any creepy links unlike other search engine lists on the Internet.

Use our marketing blog Ads2020 and promote your online or offline business by using our manually selected list of the most trending and widely used webs over the internet. We are constantly adding more advertising and promotional websites for you.


#1.  Google Free url Submission

#2.  Bing Add free url

#3.  Yandex Website submission

#4.  Active Search Results (ASR) Free website Submission

#5.  ExactSeek add free url

#6.  Gigablast add url free

#7.  Entire web Free Submission

#8.  SonicRun- add free listing

#9.  HotVsNot

#10. Similar Sites

#11.  Amfibi

#12.  Link Center

#13. Submit free

#14.  Infotiger

#15.  Pigasudirectory

#16.  1abc DirectorySimilar Site Search Submission

#17.  Anoox – Add free url for indexing

#18.  IntelSeek

#19.  Somuch- submit links

#20.  Submission web directory engine

#21.  Cipinet

#22.  MasterMoz

#23.  Sitepromotion Directory

#24.  Botid

#25.  Portelo

#26.  Replaz

#27.  Rocket Browse

#28.  Seznam

#29.  Secret Search Engine Lab

#30.  Sitidi

#31.  Subjex

#32.  Business Seek

#33.  Gainweb

#34.  Winword

#35.  ThalesDirectory

#36.  Sites Internationaux

#37.  Linkpedia

#38.  Skoobe

#39.  1000000 One million Directory

#40.  Suchio

#41.  Amidalla

#42.  Add Web Page

#43.  Addme Free Search Engine Submission

#44. Free Website submission Sites List

Find below some more excellent opportunities to add/submit your website online for free:


➤ PDF document Submission Websites List

➤ Ping your web every time to these top ping sites whenever you publish new content

➤ Directory Submission Sites for SEO

➤ Instant approval article submission sites


Quotable Quote:


A study conducted by IMT Strategies found that search engines are the number 1 way (46%) people find Web sites. Random surfing and word-of-mouth ranked second (20% each) Search engines rank among the busiest and most popular sites on the Web.

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