Free Ping Submission Sites List 2023 – Top 30 Pinging Sites for Faster Indexing

Blog Pinging Sites List 2023: Top 30 Free Ping Submission Sites for Indexing your website faster in Search Engines, including Google


An ultimate list of Ping Sites in 2023 Where you can ping a list of urls. Try these Top notch Ping Submission Sites to accelerate the Indexing Process for your Blog or Website!


Pinging submission Options to add any url free: A handy listing of useful pinging sites which you would be needed more than often for making indexing process faster for your content. Better indexing means Better Search Engine Ranking and hence more Traffic to your content. These sites help ping your website to search engines. 


Pinging to some important content syndication and discovering sites is a great way to tell other search engines and content platforms about your newly published blog posts or any content.

By doing this you can get your content indexed faster and it is a good way to make sure that your content is being indexed, discovered, or included by search engines in their web crawling systems.


Once you ping your latest updated posts or content to big search engine sites through any of the good ping sites mentioned here, you are actually inviting the various search engine web crawlers to visit your fresh posts. This is a great way to get free traffic to your website. Even minutes later of making ping to these sites you would notice a sudden surge in your blog traffic, kind of ripples. And, if your blog is relevant and useful, then it will garner more reads and footprints in coming times. So, overall, it is a very good idea to submit urls to such sites occasionally, if not regularly.

Hence, your content gets easily and quickly discovered as soon as it is published on your blog.

You can submit any website or business blog to the ping sites, BUT don’t do it too much otherwise it could send spamming like signals to Search engines which in turn can do more harm than any good.


Pinging submission sites list 

Pinging Sites : How and Why they are useful in blogging and content promotion

How you can use Ping sites to promote your business website, service blog, or any content page? Why to ping your blog to search engines?


25 Best Ping Websites List


If you perform the pinging process regularly then you can get free referral traffic to your  website from various other sites and blogs. You can further promote your website using other methods explained in this post in later paragraphs.


Once you submit url of your blog or website, Ping submission sites instantly send signals to other important blogs and websites about your content. These sites get notified about the pings from your end by the pinging sites.


Ping sites act as a messenger. They tell other sites about your content. Thus your business websites or blogs get free publicity or advertising through these Ping websites.


There could be many types of ping websites. I know 3 types of them:

  1. Individual pinging servers
  2. Network of ping website
  3. Collection of individual ping websites.


Ping Submission Sites List 2023: Bulk Pinking Sites for Faster Search Engine Indexing


As you may be knowing that Search Engine indexing is the reason why we use ping submission. Because, we want to let other content syndication services know about our update as soon as we publish or modify content on our blog. In this way we can see the near to immediate effects on our blog traffic and search engine rankings.

So, for any content update if you want to send ping to the important online services then check the below given listing of such platforms.

Get here a list of the best Ping submission sites in 2023 on the Internet. We have covered all of the top Ping websites and pinging systems here. You don’t need to use every site listed here to ping as some of them send signals to some common systems.


  1. If you want to Ping your website to search engines and notable content syndication platforms then is a great platform. It has been in business for a long while. So, it is trustworthy, genuine, and has expertise in what they do. Pingler is United Kingdom based company and has good help, service update, and support services. They also have premium plans for paid members. has paid plans/packages which include 3 benefits : more urls, social feed, and faster ping frequency. Undoubtedly, has the most sophisticated Ping features and Pinging services till date on the Internet!
  3. Blog Search Google Ping Service
  10. Bookmarking websites for faster Indexing
  27. Upload your blog links in Text forms at PDF Sites


What are the other sites to Index your content faster apart from Ping Submission Sites?

If you want that your content get indexed regularly then i would suggest you to not depend solely on ping submission sites. Take some concrete steps which would make your blog indexable for forever.


And, what are that steps?


#1. The most important thing is your content. Write long, unique, informative, and useful posts that can engage your readers. And, keep them updating regularly whenever the need arises. Some blogs are such that they are time dependent and they need to be updated as per the latest changes.


The other necessary thing that you should take care about is related to inter linking. Link each page to other relevant pages on your blog. In this way all of your links get discovered by search engine bots if there is an update.


#2. Don’t forget to add your website or blog’s feed to these  RSS directory sites here. As this is another great automatic way to tell content syndication sites about the newly published content on your site.


#3. Visit the websites of the major search engines and submit the main url of your blog. There are lots of other online search engines on the Internet that are used by people to make a query. Visit here to find here a list of 50 major search engines for url submission


#4. You should also submit your newly published blog posts to other important social media and bookmarking sites in order to get good backlinks for them from high authority social networking sites. You can do so very easily by using SocialAdr’s social media automation.



Default Ping Submission Sites for WordPress Blogs



In your WordPress blog when you go to the below mentioned path you find “Update Services” option in the dashboard where you can put the below listed Ping services urls:

To go to WordPress Ping “Update Services”, visit Dashboard>Writing>”Update Services”.

WordPress blogs send your ping to update services automatically to the following ping submission sites:




If you wish you can add more such ping sites in your WordPress blog and the WordPress XML-RPC will automatically send ping to the pinging sites to let them know that your blog has been updated recently.

In this way you get more traffic coming to your blog as the ping sites tell many other networks about the updates in your blog. Technorati is such a network that crawls links to the updated blogs.



Pinging is a great way to get quick traffic by letting other important websites know that you have published something new on your blog. After that you should Submit your blog to these blog directory sites for next level online promotion.


Free Website Submission Sites List:

Blogging Tips for Beginners

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