SocialAdr- Social Media Marketing Tool for Sharing over 29 Social Networking Sites by Real Users

SocialAdr: Social Sharing Tool where the real users share your content over top 29 social networking sites


Social Adr – An affordably good social media marketing tool for content marketing over the social groups on the Internet. Promote a Small Business website using this social media promotion tool from Social Adr. You can promote and share your content automatically over top social media sites on the Internet.




SocialAdr for Auto Sharing your Content over 29 Best of Social Media Websites!


SocialAdr- one of the top 100 best online tools for social media marketing for ranking your website.


Do you know that social media marketing is going viral presently? There are big networking platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and Google moving into the social media marketing platform with all dedication. This is because as the internet advances, there will be more social interactions among people than the local static notion. Nowadays social media marketing (SMM) is as popular as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and it’s very cheaper than paid business advertising.


The idea of creating social network bookmarks pointing to your website is to assure to bring trustworthy position in social media networks. It is also fair to grow off-page Search Engine Optimization of your website using Social Adr tool.


Because the content submitted on SocialAdr gets shared on various top notch sharing and bookmarking websites. As a result your content gets quickly indexed in Google and other search engines if they get positive signals for your website from reputed channels.


It is clear that Google will regularly inspect your website’s social engagements over sharing sites and online reputation among other popular networking media sites. SocialAdr is one of the most active social bookmark and social sharing providers of our time.

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Social Adr Review:


Have you ever heard about it before? Are you going to read about it for the first time? Read our review and details about this cool SMM tool.


SocialAdr social-media marketing tool to boost your small-business promotions


This is pretty cheaper tool compared to similar other software program tools available on the internet, like Hoot Suite, Social Sprout,, be honest it is very different from all of these and should not be directly compared with them.


Actually, you can’t compare Social Adr with any other such social media tool. Since it is based on a very unique approach where the real users (like you!) share your content on their own reputed social networking and bookmarking platforms. Your content get real mentions over 29 of the best of social networking websites, like Google Plus, Facebook, Plurk, Delicious, Diigo, Twitter, Pinterest, My Space, etc.


From several reviews by Internet marketers and the feasibility studies, it is clear that SocialAdr remains a good social bookmarking + social networking platform. It presently makes use of 29+ social media platforms to offer different backlinks to clients. Several of the reviews by experts have stated that SocialAdr remains a complete social media service offering platform.

Do you know the main reason for creating SocialAdr? The basic reason for creating this service is to offer users different links for promotional purposes. With SocialAdr this can be achieved by easily getting the social bookmarks of your business website/blog submitted by several real human users who operate the real and actual social networking accounts for quite a long time.


That’s why Socialadr proves to be good for Social SEO!


On this note, you are sure to discover that backlinks created by SocialAdr is done by real human accounts. One thing to know about this service is that links created will never be banned for any negative reason.

It is important to know that doing social bookmarks from fake accounts does not make sense. Every social network has their own system to detect such spam work and it wont get any real engagement if you are faking it.

Why to choose Social Adr over countless number of social media and bookmark sharing over hyped services ?


Socialadr bookmark sharing queue to promote your content over 29 media networking sites


Presently, there are several social bookmarking channels and services being offered in the Internet market in the name of manual bookmark submission.Most  of them are using auto bookmarking and hence of almost no use.

And, if you go for real manual social sharing+bookmarking services they will charge you very high prices. That’s where social Adr comes into picture.It is a real system and there are real people working behind it. You can check their reports and live work and you will see the benefits of using Social Adr.


All that priceless services come in 10% of what others are charging for the same type of real services. In practical, social bookmarking and social sharing services are not that much cheaper if they are provided by real persons behind the manual work.

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10 Common Benefits of using SocialAdr for Social Media Marketing:


Social-Adr uses spin tags based content to make every submission unique on every social site

10 Benefits of using SocialAdr for basic and simple social media marketing:


#1. Easy to manage. Simple reports to analyse the work. Even you can check the urls on live time basis on different systems.

#2. Social Adr is a real manual social sharing platform backed by real users! 


#3. SocialAdr does not require any setup from your end.


#4. Social Adr uses spin tags, so you get to share only the Unique content for every article or story on each of the 29 best sharing sites in its system.


#5. It is one among the top 100 business Internet marketing tools.


#6. You can easily set the speed of bookmark submission rate.They have : Drip, Slow, Normal, and fast rates to share your content on the social sharing sites.


#7. You can easily customize the number of social channels where you want to promote your business website.


#8. The service is very user-friendly.


#9. SocialAdr is a web based service. This simply means you will not have to download anything.


#10. You can also use their free version as well, but it’s for common users who firstly have to share others work and then they get credits to share their own stories.



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  1. Digital marketing has a great future in India. Every company is giving equal importance to digital marketing when compared with traditional marketing. Digital marketing can yield good results provided it is done in a proper way from the marketers.

  2. What solid post this is for me and usually posts some really exciting stuff like this.That's where social Adr comes into picture.IT is a real system and there are real people working behind it. You can check their reports and live work and you will see the benefits of using Social Adr.Domain Names

  3. Thanks for providing the details about Social Adr. UI want to know have you personally used it? Or anyone else here? please inform me as i am considering to take this after hearing about it for may people in the blogging neighborhood .

  4. I've heard about Social Adr before but I never used them. Been wanting to use them but I don't know much about it. But when I came across your site, I can say that you've explained everything about it. You've made myself clear about this tool. It is important to get our content being mentioned to huge real social media sites for e.g facebook, twitter etc. What attracts me the most is this tool is backed by real user. Some tools uses bots or their own system to monitor the site. Thanks for the explanation!

    • Thanks Johnny for your detailed inputs regarding SocialAdr. I think you should give it a try at least for once. They offer Free and paid plans on trial basis where they also offer guaranteed money back offer in case you don't find their services satisfactory.

  5. Thanks +Marken . It is because i have been personally using SocialAdr and other #social media marketing #tools for business and website promotion. SocialAdr is great seeing its value for the money. They have great tools for social media sharing. And, the best thing about the tool is that the submision and sharing work is done through manual process. No automation, specially for bookamrking sites, like Plurk, Delicious, etc. The submission is made by real users like you and me on their real social bookmarking acounts.


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