5 Certain Ways to Promote a Business Blog Successfully-Beginners Tips

5 Primary Ways to Promote a Business Blog: Blogging Techniques and Tactics That Work!

Your blog is a very important part of your small business or online income source. Your earnings can’t be completely successful unless your blog is quite popular for your business niche keywords and search queries. Your blog is a very potent marketing tool for making your business a real success.


Because, it alone can drive huge leads and sales via various marketing platforms, i.e- search engine marketing, SMM, Content Marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, etc.


So, it becomes imperative to promote your blog very well in order to get the desired lead generation through it. Read the simple yet effective business blogging tips mentioned in this post and start improving free search engine traffic for your business blog.


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Best Ways to Promote a Business Blog


Blogging for Business

Publicizing your blog is the primary step towards promoting your small business.  Read our previous blog post : free search engine traffic for your blog -15 best methods


You might have started a blog on the Web, but do you have the skills to promote it successfully online? Perhaps you are trying to create a consistent and engaging blog, but if your blog posts are receiving minimum traffic, then perhaps it is time to analyze your tactics.


Certain SEO tactics empowers the ranking of your blog such that regular traffic can be generated. To engage with Internet entities is a skill that involves both consistency and creativity.


Business blogging: 5 main tips for business bloggers

Score tons of traffic and increase your popularity on the web with a high ranking. Nurturing social connections for a respective position on the web is part of building brand awareness.Introducing relevant content is necessary for search engine optimization. If your blog is SEO friendly then make blogging a part of content marketing.


5 Basic Methods to Promote a Business Blog

Check out 5 best ways to promote a business blog online if you want search engines to reward your site with tons of page visits. Read other posts in the business blogging series. Please subscribe our blog as we are constantly adding valuable content to it more oftenly.

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#1- Keyword Orientation

Every blog post that is published on any online domain becomes a part of the content stream that search engines scrutinize. Keywords are primary words that are commonly used by users for seeking certain content.




Such tags if placed in the principle headlines, subject content and introductory descriptions can catch heavy traffic.


Boost your online visibility using keywords in the right density and at ideal points in the content to attract more visitors to your blog. Encouraging a lot of social shares is merely a part of social media marketing however the use of keywords that is affiliated with your blog is simply a form of logical advertising.


You can collect statistics regarding your blog’s main keywords that you can effectively use in your blog advertising campaigns.


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Where to use the collected keywords?


1. After collecting the relevant and related keywords for your blog, use them into Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (in the form of hashtags).


2. Use the main keywords while submitting bookmarks of your blog posts to some best of social bookmarking websites for Business  (in the form of tags, like as on Delicious, Tumblr, etc). Visit here to submit your blog’s bookmarks over the best bookmarking websites for Business


3. Also include these keywords into your paid advertising campaigns (like, as in Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc) and grab the traffic coming from these keywords.


4. Insert these main keywords for your business blog while submitting your blog to local citation websites (Including, Google local places, Bing local places, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc).


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#2- Originality



While creating content, many webmasters forget that search engine bots seek out fresh matter mixed with the old. This means that you shouldn’t repeat the same posts with monotonous content that is mind-numbing for its followers and readers.


Search engines look for content which is original, useful and regularly updated. Blogs that feature a content platform which stimulates the mind and attracts tons of readers can easily gain attention.


If a blog obtains immediate attention then it depends upon the content majorly irrespective of the advertising tactics you’re following. Apart from fitting in respectable keywords in the content, your blog should deliver original, clever and SEO friendly material.


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#3- Social Networking

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Become a social sharing express where your content is regularly posted, updated and shared with tons of users. Social media platforms have been introduced to increase brand awareness and feature blogs that are intensely followed and liked by users.


Search engines analyze social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc for authentic content which should be highly relevant. Apart from using a number of keywords, social media marketing influences ranking.


Create networking opportunities where you can easily link your blog with other websites. Link building therefore plays a major role in building business partnerships. Internal link building can easily be associated with search engine optimization which increases media influence.





#4- Consistent Posting


Irrespective of how evergreen your blog content is, it should be promoted on a regular basis. The content can be durable for an eventful week but plenty of web masters don’t understand the importance of change.

Once you have successfully targeted the right audience then ensure that your blog posts have fresh content to attract more users. Search bots don’t channel visitors to a blog post that is old but instead search out blogs that regularly place fresh content.


It is important to ensure that content is engaging such that the experience of reading the blog is enjoyable and memorable. The blog posts should be shared and devoted to subjects that users can relate to.


Once you have tons of users landing on the blog then make use of navigational links to boost your ranking.



#5- Backlink building



Backlink building is the single most important part of a blog promotion process that involves creating backlinks from high authority websites relevant to your own business blog. Back links coming from the same niche sites are considered to the best ones.


So, start a campaign where you go on for building quality backlinks for your blog. Create a mixture of Dofollow and No Follow backlinks for your blog.


Don’t use black hat SEO otherwise Google will ultimately penalize your blog. Create backlinks from a Good number of business forums. As they are thought to be very nice for backlinking and Google gives a good value to the blogs that have back links from good forums.


Blog commenting is also very important. Find quality blogs that are built on similar topics like yours.Don’t create backlinks suddenly, instead, generate them naturally and steadily over some period.




It is important to create opportunities for the business blog to receive traffic from distinct corners of the web. Turn one-time blog visitors into addictive fan followers to ensure that your blog posts are shared on social networking sitesMajor SEO tools can be used to keep track of the blog’s progress, for example- Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Semalt, etc.


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