Twitter for Business Leads – Beginners Tips for Generating Leads with Twitter in Best Ways

The Present article will help you unveil how Twitter can be a great tool to generate leads for your business for free.


Online Business Tips for Beginners on Generating Leads from Twitter.

Ever since when the Twitter was launched back in 21st March 2006, the platform has been a heaven for digital marketers, small business owners, and lead generation executives from all types of industries, sectors, and countries across the globe. If you haven’t already though seriously about Twitter based marketing then I would suggest you must make it a goal to make your business presence felt over Twitter in front of the right audience. It helps greatly in branding and long term benefits.

No matter you are selling in B2B or B2C space, Twitter is an amazing tool to get you leads. There is a big opportunity amidst getting followers and tweeting to engage.

If we channelize how to actually get leads from the engagements we would be in a win win situation. We need to create a compelling call to action for channelizing the potential prospects to actually go beyond the engagement and take an action.

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How to Get Leads from Twitter- Techniques for Business Lead Generation


First and foremost we need to project the value proposition of our product or services that we are offering. It should be projected in a manner that it addresses a solution to the problem of our potential prospects. It can be in the form of tweet, video, article or a report.

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5 Twitter Social Media Marketing Beginners Tips for Business Leads

The whole process can be understood in the following steps:


1. Followers or Potential Prospects


Everybody from Barrack Obama to Narendra Modi is Twitting daily but you don’t want them. You are on Twitter simply because your potential prospects are there. On an average every one out of two businesses is on Twitter. So,  it’s great news if you are working in B2B space.

Nonetheless it’s a equally good opportunity for B2C companies with more than 500 million active users on Twitter. By getting the right followers who are most likely to be a prospect or who are a prospect is a prerequisite to an efficient Twitter campaign.

It makes all the difference whether you are just carrying out a promotional campaign for the heck of it or actually generating any leads from it.

The right way to identify your prospects is to find out the keywords they must be using. Use the relevant hashtags and search for the hashtags they are using. Follow the followers of your competitors.

Be selective and read out the profile of those who you follow before blindly increasing your followings count. Keep building the followers lists on a regular basis.

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2. Tweets or a Call to Action

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Your tweets should be little more than a generic tweet if you are looking to get some sales leads generated. At the same time it should never be a direct call to sell. A big No! Let the tweets generate interest in your prospects.

Let the tweet connect to the emotions of your prospects. Send a tweet to help them out or solve a problem for no cost. When you see a good engagement don’t hesitate to take the conversation to the direct messages and get the contact information at the right time.

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3. Audience Vs Content

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Plan your content strategy revolving around the interest and problem solving of your audience. So as to keep them checking out your tweets.

Let them not swerve away by flashing irrelevant content. Share the content of your website, blogs or anything you find relevant and interesting.


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At the same time it is equally important to listen to what they have to say. Participate in conversation and lend a helping hand.

Flattery neither hurts but make sure to not over do and get caught. Plan personalize welcome tweet for the new followers and never use the automated ones if you are serious about lead generation using Twitter as a tool.

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4. Collect Information

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Reply frequently and try to bring the conversations to the email. Offer to provide solutions and don’t hesitate to share your email id for the same.

Direct Message (D.M) those who are looking for your solutions to get in touch with you on your email or ask for their email ids.

Send signup tweets sharing your link which lets the followers’ signup with just their name and email address.

Keep sharing offers and solutions which requires the followers to just enter their name and email ids. Try to cover all possible ways you can help them and consider you a dependable source.

Send across a free guide or an eBook which can be instantly downloaded by just entering their name and email id. Share incentives to signup or subscribe.

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5. Follow up

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Don’t lose out on conversations and engagements on Twitter once when you already have the prospect talking to you directly over a call or email.

Keep them in loop engage them to write a feedback if you have already served them.

Hold on to your happy customers and encourage them to share your specific tweets for some incentives of giveaways.



Use the Tools and Techniques that are specially designed for Twitter Marketing for Beginners

Here are some more useful Tips and Tools for further reference on Twitter based Marketing and Advertising:

Social media marketing is very similar to Digital marketing in many aspects. You have lots of useful marketing tools at your disposal as an Internet marketer.

Use of Twitter platform is incomplete without the full use of Tools that are specially designed and created for it.

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