How to Increase eBay Sales- 50 Beginners Tips to Earn More from eBay Online Store

50 Tips for eBay Sellers to Increase Sales from eBay Product Listings


50 Tweaks to Boost eBay Sales and Generate more Profit: Tips to Get over the Sluggish Sales and make more Profits.

Have you listed on eBay but not getting sales? Are you struggling with sluggish sales on eBay? Check out the 50 tweaks and start increasing your online sales consistently.

While eBay has a lot of traffic of its own and you have good chances of getting sales but it has got an equally huge number of product listings also.

So, if you are looking to speed up your sales and earn more profits, check out these simple tweaks.

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Boost eBay Sales by Following these 50 Killer Tips


50 Beginners Tips to Increase Sales from your eBay Listings:

50 Tweaks to Increase Sales and Generate more Profit from your eBay Product listings.
Learn 50 simple yet Awesome tweaks to attract more traffic to your eBay listings and start selling more.

#1. Do Keyword Optimization for your Listing

Include high search volume keywords in your listings and try to keep the keywords very relevant. Using good keywords in your product description is the single most important thing you can do to increase exposure of your product listings.


Good keywords attract potential buyers from two sources:


#1. First source is eBay platform itself. When the visitors on eBay make any searches for the items they are interested in, your listing page may come up higher or lower due to the presence of the keywords in your product listings for a relevant word. (On site search)


#2. As you see, when we search products on Google or any other search engines, we often see eBay products from individual sellers like you in the search results (organic search)


#2. Social Media Promotion for your Product Listings


As you may be knowing that Social Media has most powerful presence over the Internet and that’s why it offers great opportunity for free digital marketing for any business today.


Promote your listing across social media. Share the listings on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all other social media you are active on.


Here is a list of Top Social Media Sites for online promotion. Be active on the social networking sites and drive traffic to your eBay listing page. You can share your products listing links whenever there is an opportunity.


You can join various niche groups on Facebook and actively participate in the discussions and search for the potential buyers and connect with them.


Youtube is also a great platform where you can put up some videos of your products in the form of reviews or useful Information. Apart from Youtube here are top 10 Video Submission sites where you can market your eBay listing page.


#3. Use High Quality original pictures of your Products

Pictures speak more loudly than words. A really good product description may fail if the pictures used in your listing is not that much promising!


So, make sure you use high-Quality Pictures as its crucial in online selling because the buyers don’t get to see the products physically.


#4. Write Product Descriptions that Sell Well


Provide all the details of the Product in the description, all the features and functionalities, colours, size, variants, and everything. So that there is no confusion and buyer gets satisfactory details and none of his questions goes unanswered after reading your description.

Learn here some good ways to write product descriptions that sell


# 5. Create an Instagram store which directs the buyers to eBay store. Learn how to use Instagram for marketing your products  effectively.


# 6. Connect to buyers on social platforms like Twitter and Instagram and let them know about your eBay store.


# 7. Build your brand and create a trust in buyers for the repeat purchase.



# 8. Come up with interesting products which will attract a niche. Learn here the techniques to select the best products for your eBay store.



# 9. Look for the products which buyers are looking for.



# 10. Upsell to your customers by giving combos of the related products for a discount.



# 11. Write fresh and unique content so that popular search engines pick it up.



# 12. Blog about your products and tell the readers about your products. Also, follow these suggestions to promote your blog for higher rankings in the search engines for the related keywords.



# 13. Participate in forum discussions and ask questions and answer questions.


# 14. Write reviews about other products you have bought or used.


# 15. Increase your engagement level across eBay.


# 16. Increase your engagement across social media network.


# 17. Send emails and newsletters to your previous buyers. Learn step by step about how to set up your email marketing campaign.



# 18. Build up a new email list and send product updates and other relevant information. To increase the power of your mailing list, visit here to learn how to gain more email subscribers.


# 19. Develop your brand logo and don’t change it. If you want to design your logo by your own then you can find here an ultimate list of free online logo maker websites where you can even design banners and posters for your eBay store.


# 20. Keep a professional seller name/I’d and don’t change it as well.



# 21. Use the about me page to describe your company in a way that buyers finds you to be a trustworthy seller.


# 22. Have all delivery options ready with you so that a sale is not missed just because you don’t have a certain delivery option.



# 23. Accept all kind of payment modes so that a sale is not missed because of this petty reason. You can find here a list of popular Payment gateways in India.



# 24. Sound honest and reasonable with your description and pricing so that buyers develop a trust in you.


# 25. Mention all your store policies on custom eBay store pages so that buyer doesn’t buy because he is not sure of some questions and who would like to waste time in asking you through mails when there are better options available.


# 26. List your entire inventory for a fraction of price so that the buyers have a good number of options to buy from and all your products get visibility.


# 27. Link your listing to all pages, all listings interlinked, about me page, your emails, newsletters all should have a link to your store.



# 28. Start selling internationally through eBay and become visible to more buyers.



# 29. Cross promote with other eBay users or if you have multiple eBay seller accounts cross promote in them each others products.


# 30. eBay’s enhanced listing features also increase the visibility tremendously thus giving an upthrust to the sales.



# 31. Define clearly the shipping cost so as to avoid any order drops afterward.



# 32. Join relevant groups on Facebook where sellers promote their eBay and Etsy stores. Post links there to get more traffic.


# 33. Keep a professional looking HTML graphics of your store.



# 34. Get more repeat sales by keeping a professional name, high-quality pictures and graphics.



# 35. Deliver with value addition to get more repeat and referral sales.



# 36. Send thank you notes for shopping at your store.



# 37. Get in touch with the customer to let them know the exact delivery time and other details.



# 38. Always deliver on the committed date. Don’t delay orders.



# 39. Any damage in the item, refurbished goods etc should be clearly mentioned and highlighted.



# 40. Sell in the most appropriate category or you will miss upon the right buyers looking for you.



# 41. If you want to get featured in multiple categories then upgrade your listing by paying a fraction of the cost.



# 42. Use eBay’s Turbo Lister for a convenient and professional listing.



# 43. Use eBay’s Seller Manager tool for getting the most out of your eBay listing.



# 44. Interlink your eBay store, Facebook store, Instagram Store to let the buyers know you are a trusted sellers selling across many platforms.



# 45. Optimize your store for free by incorporating search words and phrases as well as updating content time and again. Use these Methods to get traffic from SEO and Social media marketing to your eBay Store website.



# 46. Made available your feed file for shopping comparison sites.



# 47. Encourage the buyers for more reviews and feedbacks.



# 48. Reply to your review posts and engage with the buyers.




# 49. Offer discounts for subsequent purchase on every sale. So as to get repeat sale.



# 50. Send promotional discount coupons on all major occasions to boost sales. Find here a list of most popular websites for advertising your coupon codes.



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