How To Start Selling on eBay? Tips and Guidelines for Online Sellers

How to start selling on eBay : A step by Step Guide for Beginners!

It was eBay which stated the concept of marketplaces enabling sellers to start selling online. 
– If you are new to online selling you should start selling on eBay as its the easiest to begin with.

– Find here  step by step procedure to start selling products on eBay immediately.

Go where the customers are : 4,00,000+ daily visitors, over 1.2 million daily searches on eBay, 5 million registered users, 2.1 million Facebook fans, 1.7 million Live listings, makes eBay India a haven for online buyers and sellers.
Start Selling Things on eBay!


It was eBay which started the concept of marketplaces. From all leading brands to medium and small retailer to stay at home moms, are successfully making sales through eBay. It is the easiest and least complicated marketplace to start selling if you are new to online selling. In times when e-commerce marketplaces are being described as the next China in terms of opportunity and are flooded with all top brands selling across them you realize how indispensable it has become to start selling through these virtual shelves.

From luxury brands like Chanel, Burberry, Michael Kors and Hermes are all selling on eBay.


How to Start Selling Items on eBay Website – A Seller’s Guide


Read carefully to all the steps as given below for start selling your products globally on eBay ecommerce online marketplace.


Steps to Register and create an eBay Seller Account:

Registering your seller’s account on eBay

Step 1: Open the website


Step 2:  On your right hand side, you’ll find a link to “Sell.”

Step 3: Now, Click “Register.” To register for a new account or if you have already registered, just ‘sign in’.


Step 4:  Next, fill out the form which includes basic information like user ID, password and security question as well as contact information.

Note: Create a professional eBay User ID which is unique and relevant to your Product category. Keep it short, attractive and easy to remember.A Complete List of Do’s and Don’ts of creating an eBay User ID can be found here

Step 5:  Review the User Agreement and Privacy Policy and click “Submit”.

Step 6:  A confirmation email will be sent to you to activate your account.


Creating an eBay Seller Account:

Step 7:  Once you confirm your email id, you will get the option – Click “Register to sell.”
Step 8: Login here using your User ID and Password that you have created.

Step 9:
 Read the steps to get started and Click “Continue.”

Step 10:
 Review your information and confirm you phone number. And Click “Continue”.

Setting up the Payment Method


Step 11:  Select the payment method you wish to opt for. Choose from PayPal, credit/debit, or bank account. Setup your payment mode by filling out all information.

Step 12:  Review the billing agreement and Click “Agree and continue.”  to continue.


Create the Listing and Start Selling:


Before you list an item explore the website for the other listings for a better understanding. Also review the  Seller’s Checklist and the rules for sellers Rules for Sellers by eBay.


Step 13: Select the product you wish to sell and the category.


Step 14: Upload the picture of the item/s, set the price, select from the shipping option, and submit.

And you are all set.



Fees and Charges for Selling Items on eBay


[ How to choose the right products for your eCommerce store]


Some recommendations for successful selling on eBay:


1. Price: Learn how to price your item by exploring the similar listings on Also, you will get some recommendations while you start listing your items. Price your items smartly.


2. Title: Keyword specific titles help you to be visible more and more in buyers search results. Write a title which you feel your buyer is likely to search more.


3. Item Description: Provide all the information related to the item you are selling in its item description. A buyer needs to get all the information he/ she is looking for in the specific product before he/she actually buy it.


4. Photos: Pictures effects the buying decision. Furnish high quality pictures for each item. Learn more about taking great photos here.


5. Category: Select the most appropriate category for your listing. You may also choose to list your item in two categories for an extra free. This will increase the visibility of your item. Now read what are the Top selling products on eBay
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