What to Sell Online? Beginners Tips for Choosing the Right Products for your e-Commerce Store Shop

Products Selling Tips for Online Sellers: How to Decide what to Sell on eCommerce Storefronts and Shopping Websites

The Most important and the first step in selling products online is zeroing on the most suitable products that you want to offer on an eCommerce storefront or shopping website. Then come in the other things in the process of selling products successfully online (or anywhere else, off-course).

[ Important Criteria to Choose the right markets to sell your products ]

eCommerce Sellers Tips: How to Find What to Sell on eCommerce Storefronts and Shopping Websites?

Start with what you already have by selling on auction sites like eBay, etc. It will give you some experience of online selling and not cost you an arm and a leg. Look for the products which you can easily source and/or can be made available from a known source.

Look for the products which you find selling is easiest for you and interests you. Perishable products or those with a short shelf life should be avoided unless you have an expertise.

Products which are unique and not easily available are also bestsellers.

Customized products or personalized gifts also have a good demand in online space.


Then Come the next basic question in the selling process:

How to price your product and what to charge from the customers?

Can you afford to give some discounts to new or returning customers?

Who would be your potential customers?


Try to understand the basic demographics, psychographic, and price sensitivity of your target audience.
This will through you in what you are selling and to whom you are selling and hence strategize accordingly. This will help in pricing decisions, marketing planning, and branding, etc. For example, we need to have different marketing and brand strategy for selling a cosmetic brand or selling industrial or automotive parts.
Choosing the right Products for your Storefront


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The current trends and an analysis of market will help you with a direction for your product selection. What products are selling like hotcakes and in which markets? What products are selling more in your local markets? What products you may source easily?

Start analyzing the trends in local markets as it is the most feasible to begin with. (For ex., Use Google Trends to find what is selling best in the market )


1. Analyzing the current trends and market trends is a great way to begin gathering ideas and get a hang of the market. There are many popular online publications like Trend Watching, Trend Hunter, Spring Wise, etc.


2.There are several product reviews and discovery sites like Uncrate, Outblush, Stuffcool, Firebox, Material Gear, etc which can help you understand product trends daily.

3. Social sites like Pinterest and Instagram are not just for sharing pictures but can be a goldmine to understand trending consumer products.


4. B2B wholesale marketplaces like Alibaba, Tradekey, Gochina, Global Sources, Madeinchina, etc can also give a detail into the current product demand, market and supply.


5. B2C marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc also give an insight of the product which has more demand in the market.


6. Newspapers and magazines are the most conventional yet effective way to feel the pulse of the market. Look for the products which are being advertised the most in the print publications. Lifestyle section of the newspaper is the haven for your hunt.


7. Trade magazines are a must read if you are looking to sell to a specific industry type. There are industry specific trade magazines also available.


Choose a product which is not easily found elsewhere in the market and is a utility:


a. Choose a product which can solve a problem of the consumer.


b. Find a product which addresses to the pain point of the customer.

c. Look for a product which can be a value for money and not easily available.

d. Find out a product which consumers are passionate about. It can anything luxury, utility and/ or daily use.

e. Find out something that interests you the most and appeals to you the most and look out for like-minded consumers.

f. Look for the keyword that customers are searching the most and research product accordingly.


Other than all this, consider sourcing the products from a supplier to begin with rather than going for your own manufacturing which involves a lot of setup and production cost.

Products which are lighter and of less volume are easier to ship and involves low packaging, shipping cost as well as often have a higher margin. In the case of heavy products, the breakage and wastage during shipping etc is also high.


Are there additional methods and unique products which you would like us to review and write about? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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