Shop Marketing- 11 Beginners Tips on How to Advertise a Store Online to Get more Clients

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Storefront Marketing Tips for Beginners on How to Advertise a Shop or Online Store for Free

Does your Retail Shop or Online Store not Getting enough Leads and Sales? Read these 11 Tips for Beginners for Online Store Marketing.


Success in the cutthroat world of business does not come on a silver plate. It requires adoption of pragmatic policies that will give a business the cutting edge over and above its competitors.

Tips to increase sales from your online store

Advertising and marketing an online or offline shop is the cornerstone of growth and expansion of a business.

Let us explore a few popular methods of advertising a shop in order to get more clients or customers, Such as:

Combining traditional and digital age marketing techniques is the key to success for any business. (Also read- 50 bright ideas to promote a business )


11 Marketing tips to get more customers and sales from your retails shop or storefront


Introduction: Marketing Tips for Beginner Shop and Store Owners


If you have opened a new shop (any type, like grocery shop, computer shop, clothing store, etc) OR you are not getting enough customers or clients for your small business, then you need to market it properly to get good business revenue from it. Read the below given tips to give a boost up to your daily sales.

This post is written for everyone who is running a shop/ store for selling products online or offline.


Read this post if you are running a business related to:-

  • Retail shop
  • Wholesale retail products selling
  • Online storefront
  • Online shopping website


11 Beginners Marketing Tips to Promote your Online Store and Shop:

Try the Top 11 Tips that are meant for the online store/shop owners who are struggling to get enough customers for their business.


#1. Create a Website for your small business


If the shop is the conventional brick-and-mortar type, it requires an online presence that will ensure that it is accessible to everyone in the world. On the other side of the coin, an online shop thrives on a website.


Create a Website for your small business to get more leads and sales-350x250
Creating a Website for your Small Business or Shop will increase leads and sales


In short, having a website is a key advertising strategy that ensures that the shop is available to all.

For an offline shop, details, such as location, contacts, an embedded Google Map to the registered business location and other relevant pieces of information are crucial in advertising the business and creating a loyal customer base.

Obviously, all the information contained on the website will be helpful in promoting a business.


How a website can be useful for getting customers for your shop or store?


There are good chances that users are using Internet for searching various products and services in their local places.

So, if you have a website for your retail shop or products store, there are chances that your website will appear in search engine result pages for the queries related to your business or services or products.

Once any users reach on your website, they will get contact information and other details about your products and services from there and then they could directly visit your shop or contact you for further details.

Therefore, a website is a good source of directing online users to the actual physical location of your shop or store. OR at least you get a lead that you can easily convert into sale if you handle their queries properly.


#2. Local advertising- Geo targeting your customers based on their locations

Local advertising is very important when it comes to promoting a business that is limited to a specific region or locality. You have to narrow down your marketing range by geo targeting your customers.


Geo targeting your customers in local areas-350x200
Geo Targeting for your Shop or business is Crucial


(i)   First of all, claim your business or storefront in Google Places (Free). Create a local Business on Google


(ii)  Enlist your shop or products listing into Yellow business web pages. (Free as well as paid)


(iii) Submit your website to local business directories based on your city or town (Free & paid)


(iv) Post classifieds for your retail shop or store on hundreds of local online ad posting websites.


(v) Use PPC based paid advertising channels to geo target your customers. For an example, use Google AdWords and create ad campaigns for your shop smartly. You can use Google AdWords even when you don’t have any business website. You can give your contact number or mention the address of your store in the sponsored Google ads.

Local Advertising 11 Methods for Beginners to Advertise a Shop Locally

Choose from 99 Websites where you could get paid advertising to publicize your storefront for your local areas. There must be an option when you create an ad campaign to set a desired location where you want to show your sponsored ads to the potential clients for your products and services.


(vi) Email marketing. eMail marketing is great weapon for increasing sales of your products. You need to have a good email database of the users from your local city or town.


Top 100 Ad Networks list to promote your online store


#3. Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers and Catalogues


A business card is the most common yet very effective sign for any business. It gives your business a voice and it helps in making good impression for your business/services in your potential customer’s eyes. I always exchange visiting cards whenever i meet someone who might be interested in my business.

Most online and offline shops print brochures, calendars and flyers that contain promotional information about their business. So, make such print material available for your business as per your needs.


make Business cards and catalogues-599x400
Make Business Cards and Catalogues for your Store

These materials are normally given to people as freebies and they are cheap advertising methods for most businesses.


They normally explain most of the information that a customer would wish to know about the business.


#4. Print media (Good even for small and medium sized businesses)


The number of magazines, newspaper and journals increase by the day and rightly so. These print media forms are very popular methods of dissemination of important information, and that is why advertising your shop with any of them is as right as rain.

With most of them, advertisements are placed in a specific column so that they can be easily noticed.


#5. Mass Media ( very costly, only large businesses can afford )


Sometimes, it is common to place an advertisement on a popular radio station or Television channel. In fact, these advertisements tend to be more attractive than those placed on the print media, as they are normally aired at the time that everyone is either listening to the radio or watching a favorite TV program.


In the modern times, popular music, movies and tapes contain adverts of various organizations.


#6. Billboards and Signboards (Very beneficial and cost effective)


The visual appeal of billboards and signboards is almost irresistible. For this reason, a shop that envisions reaching the next level in promoting sales and reaching out to many people cannot avoid using billboards and signboards.

Putting them in strategic places like busy streets, highways and junctions adds color to the already good package.


#7. Using Industry Influencers and Opinion Leaders


Working with influential people has a great impact to the sales volumes of any business, whether online or offline. For instance, creating the impression that the business works closely with a certain celebrity like the current Miss World will generate a lot of sales as a result of the fans of that specific celebrity.


#8. Opening Lines of Communication with the Customers


Proper communication is in the heart of every successful advertising plan. This is because the customers’ tastes and preferences change constantly.


In a bid to keep abreast these changes and to maintain customer loyalty, it is important to maintain smooth communication between you and your customers, whether it is through emailing, social networking, telephone calls or word of mouth.


Remember that efficient communication is a two-way street, and it makes the customers feel that the business is operating at their interests.


#9. Using all the prominent Internet/ online advertising methods efficiently


Globalization is here, and we have to embrace it fully. Gone are the days when computers and the internet world make us feel like old Jurassic fossils.


With more than 1/3 of the world population having access to the internet, it is imperative to engage in internet marketing in a bid to reach out to the masses and improve sales. It does not matter whether you run an online or the conventional offline shop.


Online advertising comes in various forms, including:



#10. Business Newsletters


The impact of newsletters in advertising both an online and offline shop cannot be ignored. A newsletter is a good way to maintain a long lasting relationship with your customers, particularly the regular ones.


It personalizes the advertising strategy and loos professional. It can focus on the frequently asked questions, details of the items that the business wishes to promote and community support special programs that will create a positive image of the business.

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#11. Customer Driven Advertising Strategy


Depending of type of products that the shop deals in, it is easy to identify the customers of the business and come up with the most suitable advertising strategy for these customers.


For instance, if the shop deals in religious products, you may have to get involved in the congregation of that particular religion. Communicate with these customers frequently and let them know that they are highly valued and you wish to establish a long term relationship.


This means that you can determine the commodities your customers want and what they expect with regards to these commodities. This will further enhance efficiency in your business, leading to more sales and consequently high return on investment.


In a nutshell, profitability and bankruptcy in a business can be as a result of presence or absence of an effective advertising plan. Advertising and marketing is a core area of business growth that no business person can ignore.


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