Top 10 Apps for Students that are Making their Life Easier

Best Apps for Students: Mobile Apps for Studies, Learning, Health, and Planning

Most Important Tasks of the Students been made a lot easier with these Mobile Apps!


Student life is the best time of ones life. We learn to enjoy amidst immense pressure of books, teachers, assignments, presentations & other things which we need to manage on daily basis. Coordination, Team projects, Organisation etc. All these along with commuting, staying fit & fresh. Life gets so busy and need to simplify the way of doing things arises as a very important job.


With the smartphone & Apps in trend life has become easy for all and as we are talking about students so here are Top 10 mobile Apps for them to reduce workload & manage life situations being a student.

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Some of Very Useful Mobile apps for Students

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Collection of Top Apps for Students.


List of the Mobile Apps that are the Most Useful for Students:


# 1.


The App covers all the important aspects which any dictionary would include making it worthy of use for all. Synonyms, antonyms, a thesaurus, audio pronunciation, translator & others including word of the day which makes the users learn a new term on daily basis. That makes it quite an interesting App. Isn’t?

Not only confined to this, the App also shows up a purchase option wherein medical dictionary, encyclopedia, idioms & phrases and other important details are available. You just need to select what you want to add more to your app.

It is the leading free English dictionary App with over 2,000,000 definitions & meanings/synonyms. The best part of this App is that it works offline means you don’t need an internet connection to use it. No more googling of words.

Statistics shows the ratings as 4.6 stars with 10 million downloads.

The App works wonders for the students & make them learn something new everyday.


Download Dictionary App for Android based Phones
Download Dictionary app for iPhone

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# 2. Skype


Skype is one of the best communication apps for Android and iPhones


For all those who think that Skype is just a Communication App which includes mere video calling or chatting than it is to bring into your notice especially students lot that Skype is not just confined to video calling & chatting rather the list adds on to many other important features.


The features, like file sharing, voice chat, screen sharing etc which makes it a complete helping package for the students who land up in situations where they don’t want to step out of their place due to whatever reasons be it cold, snow, humidity, heat, emergencies like lack of time, last minute study and many others.


So, here the Skype App comes as their Savior helping them sharing files while video calling process, sharing screen to help a friend demonstrate step by step procedure for doing certain work, etc.


Today almost every smartphone user uses this App. It is a huge success in the market with over 500 million downloads & counting.

Skype is available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and TVs too.

That makes it incredibly amazing.


Download Skype communication app for students from Google playstore

Skype App for Apple Phones


# 3. Google Drive



One Billion downloads. Yes, the figure itself can determine the success of this App.

It is one of the safest place to put all your files and share the same with selected people you want to.

The Google drive can be accessed from computer, smartphone, tablet etc. You can create a backup of videos, photos, documents and other files & the safety of these are ensured.

The advantage lies in sharing of files because it gets easy to share the files & folders with others, draw diagrams, create spreadsheets, prepare presentations, get access levels for others to view, comment or edit, scan pictures using device camera etc.

Google Drive for Android
Google drive app for iPhones

The Google Drive App is extremely helpful for students of any level & is a must have for your phones.


# 4. Exam Vocabulary Builder


As the name indicates this App – Exam Vocabulary Builder- serves the purpose of enhancing vocabulary for the students & improve their command over English.


Freshers, graduates, professional students make use of it learning or merely for the purpose of speaking a better English. The App uses typical functions for the retention purpose like Spaced repetition in order to let the user revise & repeat making sure they are able to memorize & retain.


Students appearing for TOEFL & other similar test which requires a good knowledge & command on English by the student particularly find this app of great benefit for them. Hence, they use it for the latter.


Exam Vocabulary Builder app for Android
Vocabulary Builder on Google play store

# 5. Coursera


“Coursera”, first come that comes to the mind after reading the name of this app in context to students is course. Course in terms of some professional course or learning.Well yes! Closer enough to the aforesaid, the App is meant for this very purpose of providing information about various courses worldwide & connecting you with online courses from 115+ of the top universities and educational institutions in the world including Stanford, Yale, Princeton and others. which is an online education site has partnerships with many top colleges and universities around the world. Coursera provides facility to watch & experience the lectures from the world’s best instructors virtually on the click of a button. A simple sign up & you can avail the benefit of adding on to your knowledge which you attain from college.

No place or time boundation.

You can sit back on your bed & listen to the lectures on varied fields right from computer science to cooking.

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Coursera Online Courses App on Google Playstore

Coursera Online Courses App for iPhones

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Subject lists include:

Computer Programming, Data Science, Entrepreneurship, Business, and Leadership, Finance, Accounting, and Economics,Machine Learning, Mathematics, including Calculus and Statistics, Marketing,Music, Nutrition, Project Management, Psychology, etc.

What more a student can ask for provided he/she really wants to learn.

1 million downloads already with 4.3 star ratings.

# 6. Evernote App: Make notes and organize tasks


Evernote works as your digital assistant when talking in context of professionals but on the other hand when you talk about the advantage & purpose of Evernote for students then it can be summed up in the following words:

For students, Evernote acts like their digital notebook, keeping records of everything which they would normally write in organized form, would share time to time with friends for helping purpose.

Like, notes sharing, discussions, team projects, detailed information, make to-do’s, checklist, files, documents, PDFs, making assignments and many many more of such features which reduces the burden of losing important information, document or work.

100 million people use it to move projects forward in other words 100 million downloads + counting with 4.6 star ratings.

Evernote- Organizer Planner app for Android Phones

Evernote- Notepad and Organizer for iPhones

# 7. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Analysis and Sleep Alarm App


Famously termed as the Calculator for sleep cycle, sleep cycle app is the app available for both iPhone & android users to manage their sleep time ensuring you’re not yawning in the first lecture & throughout the day.

It is imperative for students to take proper sleep, missing out on which may hamper their growth as well as academics.

The App works in two different modes namely:

Fixed Wake up mode & Sleep Now mode.

The former allows you to fix the sleeping time as per your wish whereas the latter helps in the case where you get tired of working/reading & want to jump in bed to catch on sleep.

Now here this mode would display the best times to set your alarm clock to on the basis of the time your device shows. Settings are available to disable the unwanted alarms. This way it is bug free.

Well, students who haven’t yet tried, can definitely try out this App.

Sleep Cycle app for Android on Google Playstore

Sleep Cycle-Smart alarm clock for iPhone users


# 8. Moovit


What happens very often & we get to see every year is students relocating to new places leaving their families shifting to hostels/PGs in new cities in order to pursue their studies further.


It gets tough for them to commute to the places in the city for their needs like shopping, eating, recreation & others. So here’s this app moovit which brings together all your transport options at one single place.

It is the no.1 local transport App in the world with over 28 million active users across the globe covering 785 cities providing you the information about the next bus/train or other transport option, gives you real time live directions & alerts you when it’s the time to get off.

Also provides the feature of bike sharing on specific days. Very user friendly app with lots more to explore under.

Moovit Transit guide app for students



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# 9. RefMe


This App helps in overcoming one of the most tiring job of students especially in college who have to go through number of books just to prepare one project.

Bibliography (referencing books, publications) which is a hell lot of tedious work and when you can do it within a minute just at the tap of a button? Doesn’t that sounds exciting? Well obviously yes!

All you got to do is paste in the URL or use which syncs with the app, you can also scan a book or journal’s barcode through the phone’s camera again as said which it syncs with the app and generate references.

It has about 7,000+ supported referencing styles including Harvard too.

It makes the referencing experience an enjoyable job rather than tedious.

Highly recommended for management & other professional students.

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# 10.Yik Yak


Specially meant for college campuses. The App helps the students have fun time and crack some jokes through its medium.

Not only limited to jokes but students often use it for the purpose of gossips. A lovely App to let students enjoy little moments besides studies.

Available for iPhone as well as Android and is free of cost.

Campus Chit Chat- Yik ak 2.0

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  1. Apps make life much easier. I think that not only for students but also for other people, adults, and children.
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