An Ultimate List of Top 50 Social Media Apps 2023 for Android & iOS Platforms

50 Most Popular Social Media Apps for Mobile Phone Users for Networking and Social Media Sharing in 2023.

50 Best of the Social Media Apps for Personal, Professional, Business, and Marketing Benefits.
Social Media has changed our way of life. It has now become our need because we need to stay connected to the world for numerous reasons. Our near dear ones, friends, family, colleagues & others form important part of our lives, Hence need to develop connection is imperative.

To stay Connected with the Loved ones and your potential clients or customers, these apps play an Immensely important role.


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Top 50 Social Media apps for Every Reasons: Personal, Professional, and Business


Listing down Top 50 Social Media Apps for Everyone in 2023


Social Media have already connected everyone on this planet and more and more people are adding up everyday to the various social media networks. Let’s discover the top 50 social media apps in 2023 to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances.


1. Facebook


Being the Number One among World’s largest social networks, Facebook has over 1.4 billion members. The site covers up all what social networking users want, status updates, wall posts and private messages as well as real time chatting.

Facebook is the undisputed Number one Mobile App Worldwide for Every device, Every Operating system and for Every reason you got!


Facebook-social app iPhone-android business marketing networking-400x250
Facebook App- The Number One Social Media App Globally for Networking and Business 


By adding people you know to your friend list, you get connected to them. Facebook allows upto 50 friends connect in a call over FB Messenger. You can read each others posts and write comments as well. Create groups or join the groups you want, similarly you can create pages or like pages you want (Celebrities, Brand, TV shows, Movies, Politicians etc).

Facebook App on Google Playstore FB App on iTune Store


2. Twitter


Twitter allows people share status updates in a short, brief format of 140 characters.The user can follow whoever he/ she wants & similarly user will have followers too.


Twitter-social media app for iPhone-android business marketing networking-400x250
Twitter App-A Great social media app for Tweeting for Personal and Marketing Level


Every time the user tweets, followers will receive updates. Celebrities, Politicians, Businesses and others use Twitter as a medium to keep connected to the audiences.

Twitter app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry device users.


3. Instagram


Instagram-Socialmedia app for iOS-Google Android-400x300
Instagram App- World Famous App for Social networking


With over 300 million users, Instagram is a social network used for sharing photos & videos. Reason why it is unique is because of the amazing multiple filter it offers to make picture look even more fabulous & which can be shared to other social networks too.


4. MeetMe– Chat and Meet New People of your choice


Previously known as MyYearbook, this is a social media site that is actually meant for teens. It features many activities which help teens make friends and meet people.


Meetme-Find-beautiful-girls-boys-near-local-areas-social app for iPhone and android-400x250
Meetme App- To Search and Connect with People near you in your locality


People use Meetme to search cute girls, boys, business opportunities, connections, marketers, etc.

Often it happens in your teenage that two people secretly admire each other. Here’s when this app serves its purpose by helping them with the teen dating seen.

Download Meetme App for Android Meetme App for iPhone


5. MySpace


Say it musical or music-based social network, this app allows users to put together a playlist of their favorite music to share with others as well. To start off with users can add friends and do stuffs like they do on Facebook. Like, connecting up with friends as well as new people and explore different kinds of musical talent, sending messages on each other’s profiles etc.


6. Tagged ( The social network for Meeting New people)


 This is a social network that helps you connect to people you don’t really know online. Unlike facebook where you add your friends basically.


Tagged-social media app for connecting people-400x300
Tagged- Social Network App for Connecting New People


You can create a profile that can be viewed by tagged community, send messages across etc. Users can sign in this site via their Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account.

Tagged on Play store   Download Tagged App for iOS Systems


7. Netlog->


Netlog is just similar to other social networking websites allowing users to add friends and follow one another. Simply as you do for other social networking sites here also you create a profile, start posting photos, blogs and more.

twoo-socialmedia app for meeting-new people online 400x300
Twoo- A Social Networking App for meeting new people online


Like, add events, music and video clips to your Twoo profile. For privacy issues it also has customization feature available. The app is for meeting new people online.

 Twoo App on Google Playstore Twoo App for iOS


8. LikeALittle (Discontinued)


The app allows students to anonymously chat with each other. Send messages, compliments etc, the app is of great help for shy students as they can use it as a tool or medium to try to speak with a man or women whom they otherwise probably wouldn’t have the courage to speak to.


09. Snapchat


Snapchat App for Social Networking for Personal and Professional Use


It is quite a craze amongst youth. The app allows real time photo sharing which appears for a certain limited time span as defined by the user to ensure safety. Snapchat has about 200 million members and is available in 15 languages.


Download the Snapchat App on Android Download the Snapchat App on iTunes


10. Coderwall


Coderwall is an application that provides a platform to skilled workers like programmers and developers highlight information about their achievements in order to let others see what are their skills, experience and interests.

The information on these aspects help them gaining credibility. Users of this app are allowed to mention their profiles in job applications as well.

Download Coderwall App


11. Sharing Giggles


Sharing Giggles is the app that lets parents and family capture special moments, share memories, laughs and giggles of their children with others. its up to you who you who you allow to have access to view your child’s photos or memories. Working or parents who are busy can track, save and store precious moments of their kids.


12. Clubhouse


Clubhouse is an Audio based social networking site. It is like audio or we shall say sound based social networking which could be linked via your Twitter or Facebook account. Herein you use short sound bites for social networking. It’s of great help when you are driving, jogging, hanging out, or doing some other work which doesn’t allow your hands to type.

Clubhouse is being liked quite a lot by its users and its reach is growing steadily. Clubhouse has More than 10M+ download with a 4.5 rating on Playstore and a very good rating of 4.8 on iTunes. All that says a lot about its acceptance among its audience.

Clubhouse App on Google Playstore Clubhouse App on iTunes for iOS


13. 4Talk IM


This is basically a chat app available meant for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users because of its main motive of letting people talk via mobile device. Completely utilizing features of iOS 7 this app allows users to enjoy real time texting, sending voice messages, pictures, files, location details and store contacts and others. Explore it to know what more it offers.


14. TalentSplash


TalentSplash helps people build their careers.  A simple sign up and you are available to companies and organizations those who are in need of talent. It covers all forms of talent: actors, writers, visual artists, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, comedians, dancers and people with unique talent. The app welcomes all.


15. Ning


This application helps in building social website by bringing its audience together at one single space. There are various designs available from which users can select their favorite theme for their social website. It allows users to organize events on their social pages, start with the discussions through forms, chats, groups & others.

User can post images, comments, blogs, voice opinions & videos. To make it even bigger & better there is built in connection with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. For the businesses, Revenue features are listed therein.


16. Hi5


The app is very cool just like its name. Via this social networking platform you can play games, connect and interact with new people & find virtual friends.You are not just confined to the friends who you know in real life rather you can grow your circle with the virtual friends as well and enjoy with them by playing together.

Rest it is much like other social networking sites, with users having their own profile page with the amount of details they want to share supported by customization feature. This is so in order to depict user’s personality.


17. Bebo


Bebo is a social network that is used for various purposes. Primarly for the users to interact and share media online. Customizable profile of the users can be created  and videos and photos can be posted for the Bebo community.

Other than this functions are just like other social networks. Users can to post updates and send messages to friends, family and others. To make it more cool some online games has been added to it which can be played with others via bebo.

Guess what more? 

For those who are single and looking to date someone, this site has a dating area for you. Check that out!


18. PeopleJar


Aimed to help people connect with others throughout the world. People with similar interest or passion are bonded via this app. As an individual you can share your life’s passions with others whose interests & matches with yours.

Along with other social networking profiles, users can use and enjoy this one too. You can add video, audio clip, photo, or document to share your interests. In basic words, PeopleJar brings together people with similar interests & passion and a bond is created amongst them.


19. Classmates


Currently covering more than 30 million people, the app revolves around high school friendships allowing to find people you went to school with, so as to reintroduce each other & keep in touch.

Classmates includes schools in the United States, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and France. The site also has huge collection of high-school yearbooks available online.


20. TagWorld


Tagging in the context of the app’s name ‘TagWorld’ basically means searching by keywords. Herein you can find all the content available on the site related to a tag. TagWorld has profile of users just like any other social networking site has.

They share blogs, post, photos etc & can comment on each other’s posts as well. there are certain rules for the users which usually one can expect. Overall a fun app.




The most interesting of all. is indeed a powerful app. want to know how? For a big reason that it allows users to login to all of their social networking sites from single location.

Be it information sharing between networks or sending information to all of their networks at the same time, the apps does all of it. The app supports Facebook, HI5, Orkut, Voteme, Google, Metacafe, YouTube, MSN, Games and 5 other social networking sites at present.


22. BlackPlanet


Dont worry this is not any new planet found. This is a space that brings together black women and men for friendship, networking or dating online.

They can share their talent, interest and other information using the site’s personal profile and networking with other members of this community. Users can view photos, enjoy music, blogs posted by others.


23. Gather


To keep you updated with the latest on going topics and issues Gather is the app that has a stock of articles and allows you to post your commentaries as well. Means to say as a member of this site you can comment on the content and also post the content created by you.

Keeping articles sharing aside, you can also befriend with those having same opinion as yours.


24. is a social network that connects different local groups or interest groups online like Makeup & Hair, Healthy Food, DIY and others. With such a busy & fast life of people, these days it is not easy to find new friends be it one’s own neighborhood.

This app allows you to search for communities by keywords.




The site alllows users to develop or say build their own social networking site. Organizations can make use of it as a source to start their social networking site.

The user who creates the site is the admin of it (by default) but administrative rights cab be shared with others too.




If you’re thinking it has something to do with food or eateries then you are not right. This app brings together people with common interests, preferences, beliefs, views etc so as to connect with & share things about each other.

Best Google Playstore Alternatives to download your favorite mobile apps


27. Togetherville


Parents are often seen worried about their children’s safety online. They might never know who their children are connecting to via social network, Now this app allows parents with a tool through which they can keep their children safe online.


28. is an app that helps people keep their online presence impressionable enough. Especially professionals who are always worried of their reputation.

It lets them highlight their strength, put privacy settings as to what stuff they want to make visible to public & organize their life online exremely well & reputed.


29. GetGlue


Quite a cool app that allows users to stumble on their next favorite stuff in terms of movie, book, or any other entertainment related thing.

The site gives you different suggestions based on things like what your friends are watching, reading etc & its you who can decide if you want or liked it by giving thumbs up or thumbs down to that.


30. Tarpipe


With workflows via this application several posts can be automated to get posted to social media platforms. Workflows herein can be created depending upon the needs of the user & social media destinations as well.


31.  ScuttlePad


Here again another app that brings peace to parents. Scuttlepad provides a safe platform for childrens to enjoy their online presence. Childrens can make new friends, share messages with each other, send photos etc but the photograph needs to get reviewed & approved before posting.

So that parents are kept aware of their kids.


32. Everloop


This app too like Togetherville & Scuttlepad is aimed at ensuring safety of childrens online. In this everytime there’s an activity on Everloop, parents get alerted. They have to set alerts initially so as to know about the child’s online activity.

Before creating an account on this site, parents are asked for their credit card information and it is made sure strictly that every single child on this site has parent’s permission to be there.


33. Google Profiles


Google Profile is an application that works like a social media hub for the purpose of linking blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, and other profiles.

In order to use Google profile, you are required to have your Google account first & then you can enjoy this free application that helps you create a public profile.


34. PeerIndex


PeerIndex let users know as to what’s there image & where they stand in the online social space. With the comparison feature users can even see where they stand compare to friends and others.

All is done with a detailed profile that is given to the user that reveals their status online on the basis of all their activity. Over 6 million people have been analyzed via this app to date.



35. Glogster is a social networking platform that allows users to create “glogs”.  A glog can include anything like text, graphics, images, videos, a background image etc. Once the glog is completed, it can be saved at its own specific address on the site which could be shared through link or social networking sites.

Glogster has got similar featurest of social networking sites for instance; ratings on glogs, friends, fans, comments on glogs and messaging.


36. Bloson


Meant for regular internet users. The app is connected to Facebook so as have greater accessibility to people with whom you can share content via bloson. This is for making them recognize social cause like charity.


37. Path


With this app you can keep your friends, family and close ones informed about what’s going on in your life by sharing photos with location, tagging people they know etc.

It lets you capture special moments of your life & allow you to share with 50 close friends or family people.


38. Soovox


The app allows users to build a Social IQ (Influence Quotient) and essentially earn via networking. Users need to enter all their social networks into their Soovox account and after that user’s Social IQ is calculated by this app.

After the profiles are added, Soovox begins to keep an eye on content and posts by the users through their profiles. The best part is every time the user states or supports brands/products, they get rewarded.


39. Noteleaf


As we know human beings have a tendency to forget things as well as people. What happens on a social network is users add & connect to huge number of people via their account & later they forget which person they spoke, what was discussed etc.

So Noteleaf app helps users remember the aforesaid and other important notes as well. Keeping their memory sharp.


40. Rendezvous353


An Irish social networking site connecting the worldwide which helps people with common interests connect with each other. They can take each other’s suggestions on certain matter, ask opinions etc. Meant for both personal as well as professional contact.


41. MeetYourFriends


This site also brings people with similar interests together at a single platform where they can share about their culture, talents, experiences via safe, secure & private community.


42. LeFeed


This app helps the users enjoy their facebook in the best way. It organizes the news feed of user in a mannner that he/she sees what is of their top interest firstly when they login facebook. Yes, the app is designed to support Facebook only.


43. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social network build for professionals, allowing them to connect with each other for the purpose of hiring candidates or we say candidates seeking job.

The site has 350 million members as of now & is available in 20 languages.


44. Skype


A social network that allows real time voice chatting, video calling using webcam, quick messaging & free international calls. Isn’t this app just too cool? Well, Indeed it is and so is the reason it has large user base & is loved by all.


45. Piczo


Basically designed for young people especially teenagers. Briefly explaining, it is a space provided for the young people to create their own blog pages. Not much experience required though to create blog via this app. There is an official Piczo blog too which is a great information tool for these young teens.


46. MastoDon


Much similar to Twitter, MastoDon is the application which lets the user create a profile complete with name or image and other contact details. Just as we tweet on twitter, here you can add a short update which is shown public to anyone visits that. You can attach all kinds of popular media (video, photo, etc) along with the post update.


Mastodon: Network of Social Sharing Sites

MastoDon is a free and open-source software and you may create your own social networking services with the help of this application.

Join Mastodon by visiting here.

Download MastoDon App from Playstore Download Mastodon Free App for iOS


47. Viber


Available in 30 languages and has a user base of 250 million. Viber is mainly for the purpose of calling, voice messaging as well as texting. To communicate internationally viber is quite helpful. Viber is a multi platform software and app for users globally.

Viber: Call and Messaging Platform for Multi Devices

Viber- owned by Rakuten Group is basically a software for desktop and mobile application for mobile devices for instant messaging.

Supports: Google Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux platforms.

Headquartered in Tokyo | Founded in 2010|

Download Viber for Android based Devices Download Viber for iOS based Devices


Apps that were Popular at a time but got Shutdown in the recent Years: 




A political social network with a refined approach that aim towards helping people connect. The site reviews the user’s beliefs and opinions of specific issues. By applying the user’s position on these issues.


49. Google Plus

Googleplus has has been discounted since the last 2-3 years. We will update you once it comes back or takes a new form.

Google Plus is the social network concept created by Google that is completely based on your interest. The primary aim of this application is to provide better social networking features for its users, allowing them to create circles that can be used to organize their contact list.

GooglePlus social app for iPhone and android users for networking-400x250
GooglePlus: #4th Most Popular Social Media App for Mass the World Over!


Google Plus lets you use “circles” for grouping and differentiating peoples you follow based on their connection and niches. So, Users can even separate friends, family and coworkers according to their wish.

50. Orkut


A social network that helps you keep in touch with your old friends  find new ones too. Orkut allows you to present videos, blogs and other content to your circles of friends. You are also provided with the option to customize your profile if you want to keep it private.

How Social Media Apps are Beneficial for Personal, Business and Marketing Reasons?


We are all attached to our devices these days. There are many applications (apps) out there that can make your life easier. They can help for personal uses, business uses, and marketing.

There are thousands of apps out there in 2023 that can make many things more convenient.


Personal Reasons: Great for Connecting and social networking with the World around you!


There are a multitude of apps out there that can make your daily life easier. You can do a lot of your banking via apps. You use your phone to check the weather instead of having to turn on the Weather Channel.

You can do your shopping via smartphone apps. Walmart will even let you purchase your groceries online to be picked up at the store. There are many different calendar apps for anything you need to schedule.

You can save notes on your phone with things you need to remember. No one remembers phone numbers anymore; we all use smartphones and/or smartphone apps to keep tracking of personal information.

There are also apps that will let you enter your emergency information to use in case of an emergency. You can access your Kindle or other e-books on there as well. This can help make professional development and training easier.


Business Reasons: Grow and develop your Small Business with Social media Marketing!


There are many smartphone apps out there that can make running your business easier. There are apps that you can use to take credit and debit card transactions while running your business.

You can also keep track of all transactions on the same app. It makes your accounting a lot easier. You can set up multiple email accounts on your device if you have multiple email addresses to keep track of.

There are many apps to help you keep up with your business accounts for money. The best thing for a business would be to create its own mobile app. It would bring you more customers.

People live their lives on their phones. The big name brands such as Walmart and Target have their own apps. They just make it easier to do your shopping online. You want your customers to be able to do business with you easily. It can help you remain visible with your customers.


Marketing: Increase your reach, Engagement, and exposure over Social Networking Sites


There are many apps out there that can help you market your business. In addition to having your own app, there are other apps that can help you out.

To start, you should make accounts for your business on all of the major social media outlets. People get their news and discover new things through their social media accounts.

It is a great way to spread the word and reach many customers. You can also use document sharing apps to send out literature to your customers as well. You can also use apps to keep track of advertisements on your website if you are blogging.

You can also use apps to share and keep up with news in your industry. This can greatly help with networking in your field. The Internet just allows us to reach so many more people with our businesses.


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