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Top 10 Mobile Apps List for Business Owners for Various Purposes and Tasks Online

The Most Popular Apps for Small Business Owners: Top 10 Must Have Mobile Applications for every businessman

[This List of Apps contains Best Business Apps for Communication, Time Tracking, Productivity, Project Management, Accounting, Online Payment, and Social Media Post Scheduling.]


Mobile Applications or popularly known as Mobile Apps have become a necessity of every individual who are using mobile phones. In our day to day business routine, we are into many activities to make our business more established and successful. But for that we can’t always sit on the desk and perform activities.


So, here the role of Mobile Apps comes in. We can use these Mobile Apps anywhere, anytime and operate our business related activities efficiently. Thus, on that account, I am going to share top 10 Mobile Apps for business, for different needs of business.


The Selected Mobile Apps that are highly used for Business Purposes


So here the list begins:-

Communication Apps:-


The first and foremost important mobile apps for a business are communication apps, why so? The answer is simple as everything starts with an effective communication with a client and your team as well. And hence excellent communication apps are a must.

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1. Skype:


Skype is one of the known mobile apps for communication. With Skype free version you can chat with your clients, team members & can call your clientele & team members over video or audio call depending on your need.


Skype best mobile app for communication-320x240
Skype- of the best and highest used mobile app for communication


Apart from that in Skype’s business version, you can also manage your professional meetings and partnership with an immense number integrated office apps and a lot more.


It is available in many languages, and it has around 500,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 installs from Google Play Store and is also available at App Store.

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2. GoToMeeting:


GoToMeeting is also another good app to communicate and meet online with the team members, professionals, etc. With GoToMeeting App, you can Host a Meeting and also can join a Meeting with a single click.


GoToMeeting-good app to communicate and meet online team members-320x256
GoToMeeting- A Popular App to communicate and meet team members Online


It is easy to use and reliable and fast as well which is must need. Along with you can chat with single attendees or every individual in the meeting.

You can get it on both Google Play Store and App Store.

Time Tracking Apps:


Time tracking Apps also plays a significant role in successful completion of a project. With these time tracking apps you can manage your time effectively.

You can get an idea about facts which task is more time-consuming and which is taking less and then can cut unnecessary time wasters to complete the project at the time.


3. Rescue Time


Rescue Time is also among the best time tracking apps for business. With rescue time you can get complete information about the time you spent in your whole day. Rescue Time provides a complete compressive report of the activities performed by you. It has both free and paid version, and both versions have their features.



Rescue Time-best time tracking-app for business-320x256
Rescue Time- The most Popular App for Time Tracking for Balancing Work-Life!



Where free version has limited features, paid version has many features with just a payable amount of $72/ year with four months free at initial. You can also test it with their 14-day free trial service.

You can get it on Google Play Store.



4. HubStaff:


HubStaff is one of the best time-tracking business mobile apps. It helps to keep records of different things which include time tracking with screenshots, app and URL tracking, online timesheets, advanced reporting, attendance scheduling and a lot more with dedicated support.


HubStaff-best time-tracking business mobile apps-320x256
HubStaff- The Famous App used by Businesses to Track time and other Employees activities



HubStaff provides three versions named Solo Lite which is free and is for one user with limited features. The other two are Basic Version and Premium Version Starting at $5/month per user and $9/month per user with numerous features respectively.

For getting an idea of their product service, you can also apply for a 14 day free trial for both the basic and premium version. And can get it on App Store and Google Play Store both.


General Productivity and Project Management Apps (Organisation)


General Productivity Apps are also crucial and play an important role for any business.


5. Pocket:-


The pocket is among one of the best mobile apps as it provides relief of reading interesting content later when you are not busy and completely ready to read it.


Pocket-mobile-app-to-save web pages for reading later-320x256
Pocket- A Highly used Mobile app to save web pages for Viewing later


Apart from that you can also recommend others your favorite or most liked items and the same can others do as well.

It is available for both iOS and Android.

With Pocket you can save web pages for reading later (probably at night as I often do). You can save images, videos, blogs, articles and whatever you want to do deal with later.


Project Management App:


Organisation Apps or Project Management Apps are also essential as without perfect organization of tasks, and, activities anything can’t go well.

6. Trello:


Trello is one of the best business mobile apps to organize things at a fast pace and with ease.


This app is highly visual which makes things even much easier and with its help, you can perfectly make numerous file, and shift cards amid them to represent the changes in the status of the particular project.


Trello-best business mobile apps to organize-collabrate-things-320x256
Trello- The Best business app to Organize and Collaborate Things


It has both free and paid versions. If you want to use it for personal then can go for free but if you want it for your business then going for paid is best. And it charges $9.99 per user/ month (when paid annually.) You can get it on Google Play Store and App Store as well.


Accounting Apps:


Accounting Apps are also essential as without, accounting you can’t smoothly manage your business accounts as you also have a lot of other works which relate to business. And hence account apps come as a handy option.

The Most Popular Apps for Finance and Accounting


7. QuickBooks: –


QuickBooks is the best accounting app to manage your business accounting and finance related activities. With this app, you can accomplish a lot of things like track not paid invoices, paid invoices, profit and loss, employee and vendor’s payment and a lot more.

QuickBooks-best accounting app to manage-business accounting-finance-320x256
QuickBooks- Best Business App for accounting to manage business accounting and finance


It has some versions: – individual contractors, Simple Start, Essentials and Plus of different pricing. It is also available with a free trail option for one month. You can also get it at App Store and Google Play Store.


Online Payment app:


After the successful completion of the projects you need to get paid and also to pay the employees involved in the project and here the role Payment Apps comes into action.


8. PayPal:


PayPal is among one of the most trusted names for online payment transfers, and now you can also do it with their app. Can receive and pay funds with its app.


PayPal-most trusted names-online payment transfers-320x256
PayPal- The Most used and trusted App for online payment transfers Worldwide


The basic version of the app is free, and the paid version costs $30 per month with extensive features. For receiving payments with the means of PayPal, you have to use a small card reader with the device. You can get it on both Google Play Store and App Store.


Social Media Post Scheduling apps


Along with all activities of the business, promotion is also a significant activity. And to promote business in front of huge audience base, social media platforms are the best option to go for.

And here the role of social media scheduling apps comes which enables you to schedule for all the platforms you target with just a single App.


9. Buffer:


Buffer is the best app for social media scheduling. With Buffer app, you can schedule posts for almost every major social media platform.


It has total five different plans ranging including free, ranging from $10/month (Awesome), $99/month (Small), $199/month (Medium) and $399/month (Large).


Buffer-best-app-social media post scheduling-schedule posts major platform-320x256
Buffer- The Number one App used by small, medium and large businesses


It has around a user base of 3+ million people around the world. You can get the app on App Store and Google Play Store as well. They also have a browser extension as well that does a fantastic job scheduling and sharing posts and content!

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10. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is one of the best social media scheduling apps. It enables you to share stuff to almost all the leading social media platforms.

It also has both free and paid versions which you can be chosen as per your requirement.


SocialPilot-top-best social media scheduling-app-320x256
SocialPilot-The Widely Used social media Business App for scheduling and Marketing any Content


The free version has limited features while the paid ones are full-featured.

The paid versions include Basic, Growth Hacker, and Business with the pricing of $4.99/month, $9.99 and $14.99 respectively.

You can get it on both Google Play Store and App Store.

Hope that this post will help you. Please let us know your experiences after using the apps in the comment section below.

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