Top Banking and Finance Apps for Android Mobile Phone Users

Last updated on December 27th, 2018 at 02:25 pm

Manage your Finances made easier with these Banking apps: Discover the Best ones!


Have trouble managing your finances? Looking for an easy access on the move? Read on…


Banking forms an important & unavoidable part of everyone’s life. The world is running & dependent on banks. Sometimes we spend our money carelessly & don’t keep track of how much we’re taking out to spend.

Therefore, the need is to keep yourself updated on the regular transactions that you do via bank. So that you’re aware of the inflow & outflow of your cash.


Banking and finance apps for Android users
Mobile apps: Banking & Finance
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With the banking apps things have become easy & smooth. Just at a click of a button you get to see your account details, your bills, debit/credit card details & transactions history as well.


Top 6 Banking and Finance Apps


Throwing light on few of the banking mobile apps for android that can be of great help for you:-


1. PayPal


Large section of people are aware of & using PayPal these days for different purposes right from selling/buying material or transferring money to friends or family or even making payments at restaurants, local stores or cafes etc.

The service of Paypal is quite popular amongst people as it makes the process of payments/receival etc very simple & a tap away. You can check your account status, view transactions on your account and a lot more. It’s one of the best finance apps.

2. Mint: Personal Finance & Money


Budgeting is a good thing & every person should keep a track on where & how much they’re spending their money. This is not necessarily for people who don’t have enough & have to spend after thinking a lot but rather for people who earn more as well.

Mint app is available for free & helps you spend correctly and moreover allowing you save some money too.

With this app in your phones you can track status of all your accounts, cards and investments into one place, keep a check on your spending,  receive bill reminders, make a budget for you & get tips on saving money.

3. Citizen’s Bank


With citizen’s Bank mobile banking app you can not only pay bills but send money to people, even outside of Citizen’s Bank. This app is available for all Citizens Bank Online Banking customers.

It allows you to keep a check on recent activity, transfer of funds between accounts, deposit cheques, check available balance, bills payment etc & much more.

As far as the security is concerned, there is 100% assurance of security & privacy of customer/user’s financial information & protection from any kind of fraud. This app is also available for free so download it and avail benefit.

4. HSBC Mobile Banking


The app has over 1 million users and is meant for those who are HSBC Personal Internet Banking customer & use HSBC for their banking needs.

You can log on to your account from any place around the world, transfer money, keep a track of your account status & transactions history.

The app even allows you create your HSBC account via mobile. Might not look very attractive but the app works great & a must to try out by all HSBC customers or prospective customers.

5. Billguard


With half a million users benefitting from the app, you can also be the one if you try it out.
The billguard app as the name makes it clear enough, helps in monitoring transactions in terms of bills, charges & other.

You can keep in account where your money is going, how much you have spent. It even protect your cards from fraud and unnecessary charges that affects your budget in a negative way & helps you save money.

In the words if customers, billguard is the best money management app they got to use so far. Therefore its worth a try.

6. Chase Mobile


How about getting to manage your accounts, make deposits, find ATMs and 24/7 banking facility just on your fingertip? Well, sounds cool & with the chase app available it is actually a dream come true. You can check your account status, credit/debit status, transaction history via chase mobile.

Depositing money, transferring funds between accounts, find nearest branches of ATMS and so much more,  forms a part of this app. For transactions (deposits/transfers) you get alerts which is a reminder for you to check the status of your account.

No charges applied from chase but data charges may be applicable.

The app holds a good status in the market as it shows 10 million downloads with 4.4 star ratings on a scale of 5.

These were the few best-rated apps but there are many other apps related to banking & finance that you can get to see on Google playstore. Go explore them too.


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