Weird but Cool Mobile Apps that you Should Try Out

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Weird mobile apps you should try out now because they are so cool!


A good & useful app helps us in numerous ways, be it time pass, entertainment, time management, organizing worklife.

With so much technological advancement & education new apps are coming in the market some are extremely of great use while some are kind of weird.

Even some of the weird ones are cool too & proves to be useful in a little way they can.


Weird and Cool Mobile Apps
Weird but cool apps

7 Weird and Cool Apps for Android and iOS


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Here are some weird but cool apps you need to go through:

1. Hold On


No doubt in saying it’s the world’s most funniest app ever. It requires you to hold the button on screen as long as you can. Then there’s a timer that shows your progress and saves the best scores you made.

You play online with players across the world. Basically you can call it a patience testing board.


2. Honey it’s me


Well, to those who don’t have any girlfriend, how about if there’s a girlfriend who wakes you up every morning in her sweet voice & different looks & by the end wish you goodnight as well? Stunned to hear? Don’t be. This is true.

There’s this Korean app ‘honey its me’, which delivers prerecorded video messages from a Korean girl named Mina. Wishing you good morning, telling you your breakfast is ready, wishing you goodnight.

Mina will call you at the appointed time if you want. If you want to see Mina you can press the button anytime & there she is with all smiles for you.

3. Melon Meter


Ever stuck in a situation while purchasing water melon that you are standing blank thinking whether to make a purchase or not because of the doubt you have in your mind about water melon being ripe or not.

Okay now can you imagine you can test your water melon with your iOS? Yes, with melon meter app available for iOS you can place your phone’s microphone on the melon, tap on the button and tap the melon until the application instruct you to stop.

There’s a quite  complex algorithm that ultimately determines whether the melon is ripe for eating. Praiseworthy or not, can’t say but Moms surely going to love this app.

4. The Haircaster


By using your location to analyze weather conditions considering the humidity, wind, temperature and rain the haircaster lets you know how the day’s weather going to affect your hair.

Making sure your flat-ironing sessions doesn’t go wasted when the climate outside is humid.

The app has 5 stage alert system that ranges from ‘perfect’ to ‘Stay home’, giving you the idea of what kind of hair would do that day.

5. Carrr Matey


Car Parking is often a problem & tedious process in the cities where because of rush & other things you have to park your cars on the street amidst so many vehicles. Sometimes you even forget where you parked you car.

This app carrr matey proves to be of great use in such situations. It makes sure you always remember your way back to your car. A pirate themed app where you are the captain, your car is a pirate ship, and via magic compass it lets you find your car or should I say your pirate ship ( or treasure). Weird app, cool though.

6. My Magic 8 Ball


The app acts like a fortune-teller. When you install this app, you will see the image of magic 8 ball which when shaken gives one of 20 answers to your questions like ‘ask again later’, ‘my sources say no’, ‘my reply is no’, ‘it is uncertain’ or ‘don’t count on it’ etc.

The app has got answers to all kinds of questions be it friendship related, love, work related, anything. You just need to shake or tap to find out the answer. Overall a fun app but a bit weird.

7. Easy Metal Detector Lite


With easy metal detector lite you can search for all the coins dropped around in the house or neighborhood.

Yes, with the magnetic sensor that is built into your device this app measures magnetic field value which increases if there’s any metal near you. How accurate the app works depends upon the magnetometer of your device.

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