Website Banner Advertising – 10 Best Websites to use Banner Ads to Advertise Online

10 Best Websites for Banner Advertising: Post Banner Ads to Increase Traffic to your website


Without increasing your website traffic, you are just like a boat that is in the sea and directionless. Do not wait for the traffic of your website to run so low. Go for the best websites that can put your banner ads near new market and get more traffic. The below given websites can get you the desired results from banner advertisements.


Banner Advertising Networks to Buy Ad Space on Websites


Banner ads are a great form of paid advertising for using for quick digital marketing, business marketing, product promotions, app marketing, MLM, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate marketing, etc.

If you have been worried on how you can increase traffic for your website then worry no more. Banner advertising helps you solve the problem once and for all. Before you get there, here are the top 10 websites that can assist you achieve this milestone.

You have a list of choice to get traffic services from the best paid advertisement network websites. The websites are described below.

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Banner Advertisements for Rapid Paid Advertising


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Tips for Using Banner Advertisement for your site


Paid advertising could be very costly if not used wisely. So, it’s always better to start safely with a lower budget. Spend some time to understand how a particular ad network works. Always analyse the statistics and the quality of the traffic.

If the traffic received from the banner ads fails to convert into leads then it’s of no use. It will be a completely waste of money! So, think wisely and analyse everything.

Keep experimenting and learning the important things regarding the paid methods of getting premium traffic from banner advertisements and find what advertising is effective for your business or website in long run.


Top 10 Banner Advertising Sites to Place Banner Ads

[ 10 Best Websites for Using Banner Advertisements to Increase Traffic to Your Website ]


Below given networks or websites offer great opportunities to use banner ads for advertising your website, products, business, or company online. You can get unlimited ad impressions depending on your daily budget. These networks provide direct or indirect banner advertisement options. If you buy banner ads from the below mentioned networks then it would definitely help you in achieving your goals of content marketing.


1. Facebook Advertising Banner Ads



Facebook Advertising Banner Ads-599x338


Your website traffic can be increased by adverts done on Facebook. The social website has many people visiting and using it every day. Due to the large numbers of users, if your banner is posted on Facebook, it receives more clicks as they want to know what it is. The visits to your websites will proportionately increase because the users who think the information on your website is relevant will go for it.

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2. Twitter Banner Ads for Business Advertising



Twitter based Banner Ads for Advertising-600x367


The possibility of getting more traffic on your site is certain when you use twitter for banner advertising. Your banner will get more followers everyday once this is your advertising strategy.You will not feel the pinch of paying for this service since twitter banner ads increase traffic. You only need a free sign up to the website and prepare an ad that will suit your site best.



3. YouTube Ads Advertising


There is an estimated 1 million visitor each month on this website. Paid adverts can be posted and appear before anyone could play a video that they want to on YouTube. Youtube offers several types of video ad placement options to its advertisers. The Ads though, to some look disturbing, many of the visitors on Youtube always crave to know about the websites being advertised and therefore give them a click.

Your ads are shown in Youtube videos based on the two important factors:

#1.  Ads are shown to based on the search queries made by its viewers on Youtube search bar.

#2. Ads are shown based on the interest and behavior of the viewers. There are other factors which Youtube takes into account to find the suitable viewers to your ads.


4. Post Banner Ads Free



This website allows free signing up to for free and they advertise your website for you. It does not matter whether it is a new website or an existing one that has previously had low traffic.

The site allows banners of four types; 480 ×60,160×60,728×90 and 300×250.



5. AdWords (now, Google Ads)


Popularly known by its search engine, Google Adwords website can be paid to advertise your website. Once your website is hosted by Google, then the banners that are paid for can be displayed in the before the search results of the users.

Google ads: Number #1 Global Digital Platform for Banner Ads

Google Adwords is one of the top 10 ad networks for paid banner advertising. They show your adverts in their Search Engine Result Pages SERP’s as a ‘sponsored listing’ as well as on the publishers websites that use Google AdSense account.

This way the banners receive more clicks and increase the visits that are recorded on your website every month. This makes your website popular and more income generating.

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6. Pinterest Ads

( )

Pins to be followed by any of the users who are signed in this website carry the trending Ads. The estimated 250,000,000 unique monthly visitors of the websites have pins on the accounts. There are also lists of suggestions of pins to the users. This is where the banners of the websites are placed.

Put foremost, they are easily recognized and pinned hence making them popular.

If you want to generate referral and search traffic from Pinterest follow this post and to increase your Followers at this social media you need to follow some workable strategies and techniques as mentioned here.


7. Amazon Online Advertising


This is one of the best websites to market products on the internet. The website can also place Ads that attract more traffic in the process of product marketing. At the top of the website and in between the product descriptions, banners can be placed for your website to gain popularity among the users of Amazon. You only have to pay for the Ads and your website is shown as per your niche.

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8. LinkedIn Ads


Creation of topnotch profiles on LinkedIn that have the business banner can attract new website traffic conversion rates. Many connections and joining of professional group that suit your industry can create a platform of placing Ads on the website.

Linkedin Banner Ads for Digital Advertising over Giant Professional Network globally!

There is an option of buying space for Ads and the placement of your banners for easy connections to other professionals. LinkedIn ads offers a vast number of options, filters for targeting the right audience. The advertising cost could be more than other similar networks but the quality of traffic could be the deciding point.

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9. Yahoo Advertising



Yahoo has a specific platform that is used to advertise online websites and businesses. The website has different display ad formats that can fit the screens of desktops and even mobile phones. Weather is a standard banner or a rich one; the banners can be placed over mail when opening the mail app or on the Yahoo homepage.

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10. eBay – Sell with Classifieds banners

This community places banner ads on top of various pages to market your website. The different programs like adMarketplace and Advertical help in doing this for your site banners to appear in this product selling website.

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Buy sell The best of them all for Banner advertising! is one of the quality online advertising networks for advertisers and publishers. is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It offers automated guaranteed media buying that converts greatly! Here at Buysellads you could find thousands of quality publishers as per your niche. You get transparent pricing without any hassles. But, before starting here you should analyse first what kind of advertising works best for your site.

They are claiming to sell over 6 billion guaranteed banner ad impressions per month. Even today in 2023, this is still the best banner site for showing ads on highest quality websites that have great ranking in search engines. The sites in this platform are costly but the banner ads displayed there are worth the price, for sure!

You can use Display and custom ad placements to drive ROI.

You can purchase banner space directly from 1,500+ publishers in their high-quality content networks.

You will find only the quality publishers at there because they do not approve average quality publishers. They have a strict review team that picks the websites that are rich in quality content and traffic volume.

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Other Means of buying banner Ads for your Website:


Apart from buying banner ads from the above networks you should also make a list of good sites for placing banner ads. Whenever you find out that a website or blog is good and has content that you are interested in then include it in your self prepared list of sites where you would want to place banner advertisements.

The next step would be contacting such website owners and ask them if they allow placing third party banners. If they do so, then negotiate on pricing and other things.

Banners on Forums: You can also use banner ads on various niche based business forums. Get here a list of 50 Top business forums for banner ads.

Find Suitable webmasters on LinkedIn:
LinkedIn is a place where you can find most of the noticeable website owners and bloggers. Grab this opportunities and connect with such members and negotiate new opportunities with them to place your banner adverts.

Try Online classifieds Sites: Most of the classifieds offer free advertising opportunities. They also allow images or banners in your ads. For example, and are such classifieds where you could make use of banners as well as HTML elements in your advertisements.

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