Tips for Using Twitter Ads to Grow your Audience and Tweet Engagement

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How to Boost your Twitter Marketing Campaigns by Advertising on Twitter?

Social Media Advertising Tips for Twitter- How to Advertise on Twitter and get More Engagement?


A well planned marketing budget and a well executed plan can lead to effective results. Every company needs to set apart its marketing budget in order to give their best shot when it comes to marketing their brand.

Moving on with today’s scenario and trend, social media comes up as the one needed to be invested in whole heartedly.

Advertising is that weapon which can either take you to heights if goes well planned and done rightly using appropriate advertising medium but if you fail to do so and lose the track then it can shake your financial position by costing heavily.

Tips for Using Twitter Ads to Grow your Audience and Tweet Engagement 

Twitter Advertising Tips to get More Engagement through Twitter Ads


A well planned Twitter campaign can get you mind-blowing results however you should have a look at these valuable tips to help you get the most from the Twitter Ads.



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Basic Tips to Advertise on Twitter


You need to choose the appropriate medium for advertising and keep on testing new methods of advertising to see what’s giving you the best result and proving effective for your brand’s success.

Also you must not merely rely on display advertising rather go for social media advertising side by side. That’s the space where you will grow your network of customers. Keep in touch with existing ones and get to know the new & potential customers.


You will be easily able to reach out to your target audience via social media marketing which otherwise would be little hard for you.


The success of social media marketing has reached to such level today where it has become the most effective digital advertising channel for increasing conversion rate and more.


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Why to choose Social Media Ads?


Social media ads are for the purpose of increasing conversion rate along with increasing engagement.

Creating awareness about product/ service, educating your target audience etc, is what advertising strategy is focused upon.

But the major aim is to convert potential customers into buyers & maintain the existing customer base.

This article is focused on Twitter and will help you understand what all a marketer needs to know to make the most out of its Twitter advertising.


Decide your advertising goals for the Twitter Ads

Twitter, standing second largest in the world of social media has a lot to give to the marketers, business.A lot of advertising options are provided to choose from. As a marketer you can select which options goes best with your brand or product.


According to what your goal is, you can plan out the campaign as given below:


– It could be gaining followers if you want to launch any product.

– It could be website clicks or conversions if you want to track the impact that social media has to your business.

– You might as well go for promoted tweets which involves cost though as it is a paid form if you want to reach a larger targeted audience.

– If you want to generate leads or convert leads into sales, Twitter card is there that allows you to capture people who are ready to convert into your buyers.

– Lastly there’s also an option of custom twitter advertising that allows you to go after specific audience using specific keywords, and followers as per your interest.

Choice solely lies with you depending upon the goal you want to achieve.

Use Twitter Analytics to Track Your Success


Twitter analytics tools



Are you a social media marketer looking for ways to monitor your success on Twitter?


Twitter’s analytics tool is the tool you’ve been waiting for.


It is a free tool designed to help marketers by giving them access to firsthand/authentic data that cannot be retrieved from third parties.

Twitter’s advertising analytics helps you measure the effectiveness of your Twitter ad campaigns.

You get to see the new followers, engagement and follow rates, demographics of the audience, impressions, testing, etc.

Twitter Analytics is a simple tool that gives statistics of your followers.
I will help you get conversant with Twitter Analytics to help you leverage the statistics for creating successful campaigns.

What useful Insights to gain from Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics Offers the Following Useful Information for your Marketing success:

1. Through Analytics you can learn the top 10 interests and top 5 unique interests of your followers. You can, therefore, base your campaign advertisements based on these interests.
2. Twitter Analytics allows you to break down your followers according to their location. Location information can be used to determine the time of day or night to launch your campaigns so as to reach more people.
3. Analytics also permits you to know who your followers follow. If you’re a social media marketer, this information can let you know exactly who your competitors are. You can then devise a way to get ahead of them.

4. You get to learn the type of engagement your tweets are creating. For example, if your tweet was retweeted, it tells that the person who retweeted values the message in the tweet. If a person likes the tweet, it shows appreciation.

5. You can measure your engagement rate. This feature shows you the percentage of people who reacted to your tweet out of all the people who viewed it. Engagements are measured by links, favorites, hashtags, and replies.
There has never been a better time to become a social media marketer. Twitter Tools such as Twitter Analytics do all the heavy lifting for you.
If used correctly, the tips above will certainly help you make the most of Twitter analytics to create successful campaigns.
For more tips visit:

You can now even watch out for your organic Twitter performance via tweet activity dashboard. According to various reports published, it has been concluded that engagement rates on Twitter are higher as compared to most of the other social media channels.

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