Reasons To Start Your Own eCommerce Store With Weebly- Tips for Sellers

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What you should know before you Start your e-commerce Store with Weebly


Weebly allows you to create a free website, store or blog. If we see the figure then over 30 millions of people have already created the website using Weebly. It is by far the easiest website builders that allows you to build a website without much a do.

In this article we’ll throw light on how can you grow your business (if you sell goods online) and what online store features are offered by Weebly.


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Reasons to start your e-commerce store with Weebly
Reasons to start your e-commerce store with Weebly

Headquartered in San Francisco, Weebly is a web-hosting service featuring a drag and drop website builder. Although there are various other online store builders like Shopify and BigCommerce which solely dedicated for helping people build their online store but Weebly is one of the best available in the community of drag and drop website builders.


Key Features – Weebly Web e-Commerce Platform

What key features of websites with Weebly make it so lucrative platform tool for the e-commerce store owners. Discover in this article in further details.


1. Product, StoreFront and Category Pages

a- Product Pages:-


What makes Weebly stand out from the rest online store builders is its ability to allow you to operate independently and also its committed product pages for every single product.

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i- Product Images

You can insert multiple product pictures of the main product. These pictures can be included as sub pictures under the main picture of the product so that users can see the product from different angles and get better idea of it.


ii- Multiple Product Variations


You can totally control as far as the variations of the product is concerned. Weebly allows you to have full control over it so that it gets comfortable for your customers to select from different variants of the product available therein.


Multiple product options can be added by you for your customers to select from. This can be easily customized by you in Weebly Editor.

iii- Sales Option, Product Description & Social Sharing


A very interesting feature offered by Weebly is that it gives you a sales option wherein you can create sale price which in display will cross down the original price of the product and will show the discounted price right there next to the crossed actual price.


This feature attracts more and more people to buy the product because of the discounted scheme displayed therein. Also custom product description can be added by you in your product page if you want so.

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iv- Drag & Drop Zones

More details can be added to your product be it product videos, slideshows, image gallery, description, contact forms etc. A full drag and drop area is provided to you where you can insert the aforesaid elements. This drag and drop zone is right below the main image of the product.
For you to highlight your best selling products to the customers, a storefront page option is provided by Weebly. Here on this page you can choose and add the products you want to display to the customers. The storefront page will help you out in highlighting your seasonal products, best sellers, promotional items and other schemes etc.

c- Category Pages

In order to make easy for the customers to shop, you can categorize your products in different categories. Weebly allows you to create multiple categories and it depends on you what products you want to insert in each category. This helps the customers in narrowing their search and reach the product they want.

2. Fully Integrated Shopping Cart

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Your shoppers can see how many products they have inserted into the shopping cart by seeing the shopping cart menu on turning on the eCommerce function in Weebly.

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3. Payment Options

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Weebly provides various payment options unlike other online store builders. You can choose from different payment processors and that too which are well known & leading ones.


i- Paypal


Paypal is without a doubt very famous payment processor. People trust this brand more than any other. Usually all the website builder provide this option because of this reason.


ii- Stripe


With stripe you can deposit money directly into your bank account. This brand is also growing at a very fast rate.

iii- Square


Yet another fast growing payment processor best known as the small or shall we say a minute credit card processor that gets easily plugged into your smartphones to make payments via mobile devices.



Although this a renowned payment processor yet it is less recommended for the smaller business due its complexed features. People often get confused with their large number of features and also because of lack of knowledge about this payment processor.


This doesn’t means to say that this payment processor is not good enough. It just requires people who have knowledge about it and can use it smoothly without any confusion.

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