B2B Trade Portals UK- Top 14 Business to Business Websites for Traders

Top 10 B2B Sites in UK where Sellers, Traders, Exporters can make online trade and get success with their business.

UK based B2B Trade Portals for small business owners & Entrepreneurs to get sure shot success by doing their business online. Import and Export business websites.


UK has an elaborate e-commerce industry featuring key players like Amazon, Tesco, eBay, Asos, Argos, next, Play.com and John Lewis. Business-to Business portals have particularly continued to grow in the UK, creating a great marketplace for businesses to transact and do business together. Exporters particularly have a lot to benefit from these online B2B platforms. These popular B2B Portals offer great opportunities to businessmen in form of leads and sales. Everything you need to get your business a desired exposure is already available there.


You don’t need to worry about transactions, selling process, sales management or payment transactions as all these tasks are handled by these B2B portals.


It becomes very easier here to focus solely on your business.


Get your business registered at these websites and work as a seller, exporter, or trader to get success with your business.


Best b2b sites in UK for Businesses


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Top 10 B2B Websites in UK for Business and Traders

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UK B2B trade Portals for Business owners, sellers
UK’s B2B Trade Portals for Business Owners, Exporters, Sellers


The List of B2B Sites in UK is also for the ones that are searching for import export business websites. The reason is that these sites host countless number of businesses and entrepreneurs who do international business trade.


1. Esources: the Largest B2B Portal in UK


Esources-UK’s Largest B2B Portal

Esources is the best wholesale B2B website in the UK for all types of products, ranging from automotive to gifts and giftware.

From this website, you can source wholesale merchandise from United kingdom suppliers fast.


Membership is free for the basic wholesale buyer membership plan, and you can upgrade to premium membership whenever you feel like.


UK based suppliers can also list their businesses free on the basic membership plan.

The premium membership plan normally has numerous trade tools that make business operations a piece of sweet cake.


With UK Wholesalers Listings now at 395590 and a cumulative total of more than 1,585,100 live business listings, is clear that this is the site where UK based suppliers, importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors meet and do business.


The international supplier registration option is useful to the businesses based in other countries but with operations in the UK.


Register your business Free at Esources


Do you sell or do business on third party eCommerce shopping websites?


Find here list of 10 Best of ecommerce online shopping websites for the United Kingdom


2. Business Magnet



Business Magnet- UK’s One of the Best B2B Portals


Business magnet has its way of attracting businesses and buyers to itself through its comprehensive operations.


Its Industry Association Program, which is one of its own kind gives this site the cutting edge over and above its cutthroat competitors.There are over 140000 listed businesses and 100000 products categories. Some of the featured businesses include, Elite Precast Concrete, Ti-Tek and Majestic Transformer Co, to name but a few.

Thousands of customer reviews give an indication of how customers like the services provided by this site.

Get your business listed on Business Magnet


3. B2B directory UK

B2B directory has been offering free business advertising since 2002.


B2B Directory- UK based online Marketplace for traders and businesses


If you are a prudent decision make who knows the cost of advertising today, then you have all the reasons to work with this directory.

You can list your business for free, whether it’s a computing business, finance, home improvement, industrial supplies, shipping or travel and tourism business.

If you are a buyer looking for a supplier in the UK, you can be sure to get the right one on this site.


Know more about B2B Directory UK


4. Approved Business

You can look for businesses, products and services on this site and be sure to get them. This is because of its large network of suppliers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors.


approvedbusiness.co.uk- B2B Directory


Just like the other sites, registration is free.

Statistically, this site boasts of over 55,000 listed UK businesses and over 28000 goods and services on offer.

Customer reviews, press releases and business-related articles are posted regularly to keep the business community informed and updated at all times.

The product and website of the month is an indicator of the products and services that are doing well on the business platform, and this aids decision-making processes.

Obviously, if a product is named the product of the month, everyone would like to buy it, or at least know more about it.

Get your online trading success at Approved Business


5. Find the needle


findtheneedle.co.uk: UK business to business Platform and B2b portal


Findtheneedle.co.uk brings together millions of goods, services, press releases, news, brochures, catalogues, videos and datasheets to ensure that visitors to the site get whatever they are looking for conveniently. You can even find job vacancies here, if you are looking for one. The inbuilt search engine makes searching for whatever you want from this site quite easy.


The top products and companies are displayed for everyone to see and join the winning team.


Companies are categorized into types, including Building & Construction, Business Services, Conferences & Events, Chemical/Oil & Gas, Cleaning, Design Interiors, Communications, Dental, Education & Schools as well as Hospitality & Catering, to name but a few.

You can also browse for products, which are mainly arranged in the alphabetical order.


Visit FindtheNeedle Trade Portal


6. uktrade.com


7. uktradedirectory.com/


8. santandertrade.com


9.uk.tradeford.com- UK B2B Marketplace


10. autotrader.co.uk


11. https://www.signature-gifts.co.uk/


12. www.businessopportunities.ukti.gov.uk/


13. https://uk.tradebanq.com/



In summary, business in the UK would not be easy today if it were not for these b2b sites. Number of these b2b sites is growing day by day, and so does the number of people in need of business services. Thanks to the internet, business transactions in the UK flow smoothly from the point of order to the point of payment.


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