UK Top 10 Ad Networks 2022 for Advertisers and Publishers for Digital Marketing & Monetization

10 Best Ad Networks for UK. List of UK’s highest Used Advertising Platforms for publishers and Advertisers in 2022

Content Monetization and Digital Advertising Platforms in UK via CPC, CPM, PPC Ads.


UK Top 10 Ad Networks for Entrepreneurs, Advertisers, Small Business Companies & Content Publishers.


Ad Networks play a vital role in monetizing a website or blog. Entrepreneurs, small business companies, or content publishers largely depend on ad networks for their digital marketing needs. And, at the same time Ad Networks are very crucial for getting huge paid traffic and leads. So, Ad Networks play a vital role in paid online advertising and in monetizing or generating revenues via showing ads from them.


We all are aware that how Infolinks (text based) and AdSense (for contextual based) has been popular among publishers and advertisers for a long time. But, if due to any reason, you are looking for some good alternatives to these networks, then try some of the below mentioned platforms for a variety or change.


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Ad Networks for UK based Advertisers & Publishers

List of UK Ad Networks for Digital Advertising (CPM, PPC, Contextual, In-texts ) Success in 2022

If you have tried to make money online you definitely understand the importance of paid advertising networks. There are thousands of advertisement networks available for one to choose from, some being local or country-based while others are universal in terms of their access.


Choosing suitable Ad networks for your content can be overwhelming as it is a vital tool that should help you reach as many clients as possible. Through extensive research, this article should be able to provide a basic guide to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an effective advertising network.


Monetizing or advertising on your content is as lucrative as any top business out there; most of the thriving online businesses are successful basically due to the paid advertising on their websites gotten from the paid ad networks. Below is a list of UK top 10 ad platforms from different ad networks you should always consider if you are to make good money through advertisements.


#1. Google Adsense & Google Ads


For many years now, Google Adsense has been one of the best content monetizing platforms in the universe in regards to contextual adverts. This is the brightest ad platform for publisher today on the whole of the Internet world!

Google Adsense Google Ads Platforms for UK based Publishers & Advertisers

It provides two options for the advertiser; one can opt to use as a CPC or CPI whichever suits his or her needs. In relation to the trust Google has acquired across the globe it makes this platform the best when it comes to advertisement. Google AdWords is the counterpart of Google AdSense and it is for advertisers. This is UK’s top #1 ad Network undoubtedly!



15 Ways to do Free Advertising on Google


#2. One by AOL ( Earlier


It is now

This platform is also known as It is owned by the famous and established Internet organization commonly known as AOL. They usually run a CPM based adverts and have previously been able to generate close to 2 Billion ad impressions. With such trends it sure looks as a good platform to bank on and trust to yield returns.

Yahoo Ad Tech Inc and AOL


AOL or Ad Tech Yahoo Inc is popular for their mobile based display advertising which is a common form of Mobile Marketing. 

One by AOL has their own ad exchange (Yahoo Exchange) and DSP for advertisers to cater marketing needs across all the well known channels, devices, and platforms today.



#3. Exponential (Earlier “Tribal Fusion”)


This platform offers quite a wide range of ad formats, and it is definitely one of the best paying advertisement networks on the internet. To join Tribal Fusion you should first ensure that your website receives more than 500,000 exceptional visitors every month.


One of the best CPM based networks for UK


#4. Casale Media



Casale Media pays monthly with a minimum payout of $25. They offer great yet attractive CPM rates; they also have got friendly staffs that are always willing to help in any way. It is regarded as the better option especially if you use pop-unders.


Casale Media Ad Platform



#5. ValueClick Media


Known to be one of the best  ad networks in the United Kingdom due to the good support and the technical staff that they have got. The best part is that you can choose how you want your adverts to display in the website to ensure that it is visible to the clients.

Value Click Media is now conversant media



#6. Clove Network


It is a quality media house that has been online for many years which makes it very reliable. For you to join this platform as a publisher you will need to deliver a minimum of 50,000 impressions from Canada, USA, Australian countries and UK. They offer numerous methods of monetizing your content including CPA, PPC, CPC, CPM and CPL.


#7. Epom Market


This is an international advertisement network which connects publishers with advertisers across the world. They are very strict with their payment time which is on a monthly basis with a minimum payout of $100. They also have a good customer and technical support who respond to issues within a day or two.

Epom- One of the best Paying Ad Networks


#8. Vibrant Media



Vibrant media was established in the year 2000 and its Ads reach more than 250M users monthly. They do offer every type of advertisement including for the mobile and computer users. They specialize in styles such as in-image and in-text ads and have their own your unique approach.

Vibrant Media has got good visibility over all of the United Kingdom user base. Vibrant Media is the leader in contextual advertising.

Vibrant Media for advertisers and Publishers


#9. Chitika


Chitika have come a long way, they have over 300,000 websites plus blogs on their platform. So as to advertise with Chitika your company should be making a minimum of $1M/year as revenue for online ads.


Chitika Review for publishers and advertisers


#10. Burst Media (Now, Acquired by Blinkx)


Burst Media was established in the year 1995 and had slowly gained popularity to become one of the best advertisement networks in UK. The Ad platform gives good opportunity to generate more profits; they are good marketing tools to venture into. Always ensure you do your research well and ensure you choose ad network that will generate traffic to your content page or website.


Now, Burst Media has been acquired by Blinkx PLC (Internet company) which connects video publishers and advertisers through their Video Advertising based platform.


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