Infolinks Review: Does the Contextual Based InText Ad Network Deliver the Promises?

Last updated on September 12th, 2020 at 02:32 pm

Infolinks Review in 10 Points- Is it still a Best Intext-paid network for Advertisers $ Publishers?


Infolinks – One of the best ad networks for Intext ads for publishers and advertisers | Find out Why Infolinks still works!


In our series of review articles and blog posts related to Ad Networks we wanted to add a separate review for Infolinks Ad Network as it is very popular among small and middle level business and publishers, advertisers, webmasters, and bloggers.



Infolinks is preferred by many for its shear simplicity and distraction free way of advertising. Infolinks have been rated among World’s top 100 best ad network platforms for advertisers and publishers alike. (related article- Chitika review for advertisers and publishers


Infolinks is used by Expert marketers and business owners to drive web traffic to their service or content website in order to generate leads and sales.This is one of the best websites for online advertisers and it is spread across the entire world wide web.Infolinks is definitely among top paid advertising websites in the world over.


If you are a blogger who is looking to make easy money by showing paid ads on their blogs or an advertiser who is searching for a cheaper and better ad network to market or advertise their content online, then Infolinks is an option you should surely check out.


Infolinks Review ( for advertisers and online publishers )


Infolinks: best-in-text paid advertising network for publishers-advertisers


#1- Infolinks is a global online platform which offers advertising products and solutions for advertisers, publishers, ad networks, and brands. These customers make use of the infolink’s self-serve marketplace to tailor-make their own advertisements and customize their own campaigns. When users apply the company’s products like InFrame, InTag and InSearch, it means taking branded messages to the exact targeted audiences.


#2- Owners of websites and bloggers can make some good money with infolinks while still retaining their website layout the way they want without being disturbed. Infolinks uses ad unit buffet to select the website’s winning ad combination and takes only a few seconds to integrate the infolinks into a client’s website.


#3. It’s a combination of InTag, In Text, InFold and Inframe ad units.

For webmasters, bloggers, and online Publishers, Infolinks is said (by most of the publishers who are using it for a long time) to be the best companion along with Google AdSense.  Infolinks compliments AdSense earnings rather than hampering them!


#4- By using smart algorithm and the unique positioning generated by Infolink’s calculations, the ad unit is fully customized and only invites users who wish to highly engage with the system.


#5- Infolinks overcomes banner blindness by using a platform that extracts intent and auctions ad inventory in real time. The ads are presented at the prime time when visitors on your site or other sites are ingesting content related to yours. They are therefore able to interact and engage the visitors to provide relevant information that matches what they are seeking for.


#6. Infolinks is located in Palo Alto in California ( United States of America) and with the Research and Development center situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. They had over 100, 000 blogs and websites from 128 countries in 2014 and in 2019 they have around 150,000 online publishers. 


The numbers say it all! Their customer base is growing consistently in positive direction and it shows the trust and the faith the network has garnered from its audience.



#7- One of the frequently asked question about infolinks, is how do people sign in and how do they benefit more than using other ad networks. Infolinks accepts small blogs and websites irrespective of the number of visitors that browse your site. You don’t even need to pay anything like set up fees.


#8- One advantage of using Infolinks customization is that it will not alter the appearance of your site neither will it override any present hyperlinks and layouts of your pages. After creating an Infolinks account, you only need to copy paste an Html code into your page and that’s all you need to get started.


#9- There are many ways to customize Infolinks units into your blog or website – you can opt to display Infolinks only in certain locations of your website or choose the amount of ads to appear in a given page. Infolinks is compatible with almost all bloggers’ sites and the units buffets are very easy to insert. Once you have subscribed to Infolinks, copy the code offered on your site but make sure to backup the template before you go.


#10- Just like any other online advertising systems, Infolinks is no exception – revenue is dictated by the amount of traffic your advertisement attracts and how regular they are. However, Infolinks seeks for advertisers for the bloggers and ensure that their members keep as much revenue as possible. Once the amount in your account reaches a minimum of $40, you get paid once per month and use bank, wire, or PayPal to transfer funds.


Most infolinks reviews show that their subscribers make more money than other systems. You can check your current account balance easily by singing in to your Infolinks account. Infolinks offer one click customization – from within the account dashboard- to the ads appearing on your blog or website.Signup on Infolinks as a publisher or advertiser


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A study from IMT Strategies professes that a company’s presence within search properties is the most important factor in maintaining high brand awareness — more so than print, radio, or TV advertising (Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, January 2001). 


8 thoughts on “Infolinks Review: Does the Contextual Based InText Ad Network Deliver the Promises?”

  1. Hello,

    Great Review of Infolinks, but I have some question sin my mind regarding Infolinks.

    As I am looking for a secondary way to monetize my website, Does Infolinks do well with Adsense? And also, my majority traffic is Indian, will Infolinks pay good for Indian traffic?

    Urgently want 2nd monetizing method as Adsense is not doing good with Indian traffic, also the CTR is low.

    ~ Rubel

    • Hi Rubel, Thanks for dropping by.

      Yeah, Infolinks is the best option to monetize your content along with google Adsense. Though, there are Chitika, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera ads which are used by several publishers as a secondary monetization option.

      In my opinion Infolinks or any other Intext networks are better because they don't compete with your main source of income (Adsense here) neither they disturb the readers browsing experience. Intext ads are less intrusive and disturbing among all types of ads. You can check out more about the best ad networks for Intext advertising here

  2. After trying with many add network in case of giving my product advertise i have understood one thing that there are nothing better than infolinks,because we all time prefer less time and huge response from any advertisement and i want to ensure you that you will get this advantage only from infolinks.

  3. I have a small business and that's why i need some advertisement all time.I tried with many advertising network,along them i think infolinks is best coz all of my advertising demand is fulfilled by this.thanks for suggest about them.

  4. There should no question or hesitation about Infolinks performance.For advertisement about any small business this will be first choice because it's so easy and simple to work with this advertise network and that's works fine.

  5. Infolinks is quite an amazing ads site. The minimum payment is reasonable. Infolinks really is suitable for blogs. I really love this advertising platform cause it is so easy to install, they only need Java to install which i think everyone has it. Plus, this platform has a very easy-to-use interface. Everything look simple and not confusing.


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