Top 100 Ad Networks 2021- Best Online Advertising Platforms for Advertisers and Publishers

Ad Networks List 2021-  Top 100 Advertising Platforms to Buy/Sell Online Advertisements


A List of Top 100 Ad Networks for anyone looking for advertising via PPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, Contextual ads, In-Text, Banner ads, PPV.


In today’s age of digital marketing most of the businesses thrive on advertising. And, online advertising is constantly increasing in its shape and size. Digital advertising is on the top 3rd place where most of the money is spent when it comes to branding and promotion. The first 2 are Television, and Print media.


Ad platforms or networks are the mediums/providers of digital advertising. There are many types of online platforms where online advertisements (in many forms/ways/shapes) is being bought by advertisers and sold by online publishers.


Considering their demand and role for digital marketing, we thought to publish a list of such networks which would be very useful for both the parties involved.


Searching for such online platforms could be daunting task for new comes who don’t have any work experience in this trade. So, we researched and came up with this listing of ONLY the BETTER ONES than the rest of thousands of such companies!


We have handpicked them from a herd of thousands of digital advertising networks that exist today in 2020-21.


If you want to drive traffic to your site or monetize your content, want to opt for paid advertising or need to generate revenue from your content- here are 100 plus such online advertising companies that help you achieve the same for yourself.

This list of ad networks is very handy for publishers too. They can visit them and apply for a free publisher account to monetize their content.


We all know that there is no absolute good, bad, or ugly in the entire universe. For some advertisers, a low profile online advertising platform may prove best than the other so called top networks. There could be many reasons to be so. But, one thing is for sure that a major chunk of digital advertising is being spent through all of these ad platforms in the list given below.


Buy Ads from these Top 100 paid advertising companies for online marketing. Visit the Popular Ad Networks Websites using this list. Ad Platforms are given in Alphabetical order. for advertisers, Marketers & publishers. Their services could work wonders to your search engine marketing goals for business branding, development, and success.


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For Whom we have Prepared this list of ad platforms?


For Individual Advertisers –  Use these advertising networks to drive leads and traffic from around the world for your online publishing house.


Companies, Media house, and ad agencies-  May use these top advertising platforms to offer services to their both types of the clients : advertisers and publishers.

Publishers- Bloggers, webmasters, developers, site owners, video uploaders, games monetize their content using these finest ad networks for using paid ads on your site or apps. ( Top 10 Ad Platforms for Bloggers )



Ad Networks List : Top 100 Online Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketing


Are you from real estate industry or eCommerce? Or do you have a business related to auto markets that needs leads in fastest way possible?


If you are searching for a good list of ad networks, then perhaps this list is what you need as it showcases around 100 top of ad networks that are very popular around the world for their huge ad inventory and effective technology to drive unlimited ad impressions within your budget.


Most of their happy customers include Media Companies, Marketing agencies, Developers, and Website Owners.

Please mention in the comments if we have left out any good ad networks from including in the list here.



List of the Most Popular ad networks all across the World


Are you an advertisers, media manager, Marketers or online publishers?  If so, then these systems are going to offer you a great opportunity to dominate your niche!


You can use their paid ads for search engine marketing for business via various models, like PPC, CPA, CPM, etc.

These networks work based on Premium Search Engine Marketing methods for online lead generation.

Read the Pros and Cons of Search Engine Marketing


Alphabetical list of Top 100 Digital Advertising Companies that provide Paid advertisement Solutions to Advertisers:

This is a complete list of Ad Networks for you that are popular in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, UAE. The advertising companies are popular all across the world for what they offer to their clients. The online platforms are for small businesses, SMB’s, and brands.


I am sure these 100 paid advertising networks will provide you a great digital marketing start and a wide range of options to choose from. The given ad networks are in Alphabetical order.


#1.  4w Marketplace- have 600 Clients and media agencies


Basically, this network hosts Italian sites and is engaged mainly in Native Ads , Video and Display ads.


#2.  Ad4Game- In Game Ads (Image and Text)


Ads4Game attracts Advertisers, Publishers, Developers, and Affiliates across the globe.

The online advertising platform works based on CPC, CPM and CPA/CPI ad types.

The network has clients from gaming companies, and also includes big brand names, such as Electronic Arts, Disney, Supercell, Ubisoft, Sony, etc.

The Platform mostly caters in gaming, entertainment and anime categories.


#3.  Adconion Media Group- have 2000 Advertisers and agencies


They have more than 700 million users who are engaged with their advertising platforms in 21 countries, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Amobee make usages of all kinds of advertising channels, such as TV, Web based, social media and they cover all types of ad formats and devices.


#4.  Mobsuite- growing ad network and digital media company


Mobsuite is an Ireland based advertising company which operates in more than 17 countries in the World. They work for Brands, E-commerce sector, Games, Finance, and Apps developers and companies.

YouTube Video Ads, Paid social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Search engine marketing (SEM), Google Ads, and Native Ads.


#5.  AdJug- Providing Online Advertising Exchanges


This is online advertising exchange based in UK, AdJug was established in 2007. They connect buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers)  of advertising.


#6.  One By AOL- Mobile Monetization Platform


#7.  Adnboost- for your apps & sites in real-time


#8.  Admeld (Google)- Now in DoubleClick Ad Exchange


#9.  Adperio- Advertising in the Open


#10. Adverline-25 Million Unique Visitors




#12. A Division of AOL Platforms


#13. for Advertisers and companies


#14. Alfy Video Network- Now Optimatic


#15. Ampush- Facebook and Twitter Advertising Platform


#16. Appatyze- platform for Advertisers and Developers


#17. Applifier- Video Ads for Games


#18. Appnext- monetization platform for native app developers


#19. APP Prizes- Video Ad Platform for Games


#20. apps savvy-Advertising options for Mobile ads


#21. Be On- AOL Platform- 40K publishers in over 90 countries

#22. Bidvertiser

#23. BrightRoll- Monetize Video, Apps, Games, etc

#24. Casale Media

#25. Chitika Ads

#26. Mobile Ad Network for Advertisers and Publishers

#27. Clicksor

#28. Actiplay

#29. affiliate marketing networks

#30. CPMStar

#31. DSNR Media Group

#32. Engagebdr

#33. Evonia ( (Affiz CPM)

#34. Facebook Ads- Advertise on FB

#35. GLO Gaming

#36. Google AdWords- Advertising by Google

#37. Harren Media

#38. Improve Digital for Content Monetization and Marketing

#39. Infolink intext ads for advertisers

#40. Inlinks ads- for Organic Link Building and SEO

#41. Innity-Right Audience and Real engagement

#42. Jun Group

#43. Komli Media Inc

#44. Kontera intext ads for Marketers

#45. Lifestreet Media

#46. LinkedIn ads

#47. Receptiv

#48. Audience Network

#49. NextPerformance

#50. Advertising Alliance

#51. Peanut Labs

#52. Promote Clix

#53. Publicidad

#54. PubMatic

#55. RockYou

#56. Rubicon Project

#57. Selectable Media

#58. Sharethrough

#59. Social Game Media

#60. SponsorPay

#61. SpotXchange

#62. Sticky Ads

#63. SupersonicAds

#64. TokenAds

#65. TradableBits Media Inc.

#66. Traffective

#67. Tremor Video

#68. TrialPay

#69. Tribal Fusion Media

#70. Tube Mogul

#71. Underdog Media

#72. Unified

#73. Unruly Media

#74. WildTangent

#75. Xaxis (24/7 Media)


…..we will add more later…we will keep you updated on this while we continue our research on these platforms.


About the Digital Advertising Platforms Listed here:


You will definitely agree to one thing that these ad network websites are great for providing paid advertising solutions to small business owners, advertisers, Internet marketers, affiliates, publishers, companies, media agencies, large groups, media houses and ad agencies around the world.


The Ads Networks serve great sources of paid traffic and leads based on different advertisement methods, ie PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Price per thousand ad impressions), PPV (Pay per Views), etc. You should take premium advertisement services form these paid sites according to your budget and the Internet Marketing plans and campaigns you pursue.


More paid advertising options for online marketers and publishers:


Want to drive sales higher using Internet based advertising ? Use free or paid channels to beat your competitors by staying ahead using every kind of online advertising.

Ads2020.Marketing is dedicated to provide you news, techniques, tips, information, and resources concerning Internet marketing and advertising.

Paid and free advertising websites for businesses, Internet marketers, publishers around the world. Promote your campaigns by cracking the success code for the overwhelming sales of your business services or products.


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Top 100 Paid Websites for Local Advertising

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  1. Do you know I've using it for the last two months and I´m very satisfied! I got the highest fill rates and the best results on eCPM campaigns. Recommended!

    • Does Adtomatik also support mobile advertising? What is their eCPM? i have been using Chitika and Infolinks on many sites, but their rates are not satisfactroy for the last 2-3 months? and i have Gold account with Chitika, yet earnings from them haven't increased as expected.

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  2. Thanks for the list! I used free ads all this while and i've been thinking on using paid advertising as it is more systematic and I can monetize my blog. I can also get revenues by using it.

    • Sure, Roberto! Paid advertising could really pay! But, you need to be extra cautious initially as it could be very expensive if it not understood well .

  3. Great staff,everything is looking just perfect,the list you provide of paid add networks i used some of them before and some after read your article and got positive feed advertising my product there.

    • Thanks Joey for your kind words in this matter. That's true that without paid advertising we can't generate expected leads as competition is very stiff for organic searches. That's where the paid networks play the important role for advertisers, marketers, and bloggers like us 🙂

  4. What you are providing is more than expectation,so grateful for your blog,article .your every post carry something special,essential and important tips/suggestion for us who are the regular visitor of your blog.

    • Thanks Deldra for your appreciation. Words like these keep us motivated towards the common goal we have set regarding this blog: Publishing posts that are worth our users time and are useful for their business or personal use 🙂

  5. These are great ideas for Local advertising in your Place or on the internet! I think, Local ads are more penetrative now than ever before as the world is becoming a global village!!

  6. I don't know exactly which one to use, i used one time Facebook ads, but for 21 £ i received only 51 clicks for my website, which is not converted nothing.

  7. You are invited to review Adtall Advertising Network ( and include it in the list. Adtall provides a platform for advertisers to place adverts and publishers to provide quality traffics which lets advertisers boost their online sales while publishers monetize their website inventories. Adtall offers PPC/CPC and CPM campaign models through Text and Banner Ads on the websites of her premium publishers. Advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will in-turn offer converting traffic.

  8. You may try to use our network WEB-SET Ads ( We support the standard formats 728×90 – 160×600 and we can create a customized format for premium customers.
    The website must have a min of 30’000 visitors per month in USA or EU. The monetization is based on CPM, depending on the quality of the traffic and website.

  9. Adzonal also best CPM adnetwork.I am seeing good result from last four months with them. Try it

  10. This is a great list! Another good option is which provide CPC video ad monetization.

  11. I have been using AdSense for 3month but still now did not even Reached $10 I there is some problem with AdSense program.

  12. You are saying your site is getting 500 visitors per day? But it's not live now. The Url not working. Adsense earning depends on lots of factors, like location of the visitors, niche of your website, keywords, type of traffic, and AdSense ad optimization on your own site!

    Hope, you got an idea where you are lacking in! Good luck!!

  13. You should have included Adcash, which is one of the top three advertising networks. They deliver great results. You can speak to my account manager there in skype: ozgur.adcash

  14. Try adotize and add it to the list

  15. I use for my sites I earn around 0,12$ per click and i get paid for conversions. You must include in your list.

  16. Finally got a Network which is dependable,pay ontime, best CPM rates
    They are paying for 6 months now, no issues. Best email response.

  17. is an ad network which pays on CPM basis, they have best platforms to monitor impressions & status on real-time.
    You ppl may try – CPM ad Network

  18. Christina Adegbaju

    Am using alternative advert and bidvertiser on my blog

  19. Hey ads2020 admins,

    Could you please review our Ad Network and added to here?
    Site name: Adsdream Network
    Site url:
    Description: Adsdream Network is a self serve Adnetwork. Adsdream Network Bypass 100% Ad Blocker Browser & Plugins.


  20. Nice list, however there are new ads networks ( like ) that are paying more than the ones compiled.

  21. Please ad this ad network website it's 3 year old website.

  22. Nice article, but maybe a little bit old. I found this on a blog online that compares the top pop under companies, might help you :

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