Banner Exchange Advertising – 10 Best Sites for Exchanging Banners FREE in 2023

Banner Ad Exchange Programs 2023- List of Banner Exchange Sites for Free Banner Advertising

Free Banner Advertising Sites and banner exchange programs for Free online advertising across the Web World!

An online business without a successful banner exchange advertising plan is like a directionless boat in the sea.

Banner exchange advertising is different from banner advertising in that banner exchange advertising involves display of other sites’ banner ads in exchange for display of your banner ads on their sites. Banner advertising is similar to contextual advertising where you control the niches of sites you want to target.

As per my own work experience, making banner advertisements on various other similar sites is one of the most popular advertising methods on the Internet.

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Conventional banner advertising on the other hand is a form of paid online advertising where advertisers pay a certain amount for per the number of impressions displayed, depending on the specifications of the advertiser.

If you don’t want to exchange banners, i mean, don’t want to put other sites banner on your site, then you may use these paid banner advertising sites  >> 10 best websites for banner advertising in 2023

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Banner Exchange Sites


3 Important Aspects of Banner Exchange Advertising:


The first one is the exposure ration. This ratio indicates the number of times you need to display a banner in order for your banner to be displayed on the specific banner exchange site.

For instance, a 2:1 exposure rate means that you are required to display 2 banners for yours to be displayed once.

There are also limitations in terms of the size of banner used in the banner exchange program. These limitations vary from one site to the other.

Earning credits is the other aspect of free banner exchange advertising. The participating websites display each other’s’ banner ads in exchange for credits. These credits are used to purchase ad spaces for posting banner ads on the other sites on the network.

Lastly, a click on banner sends a visitor to the correct site, and the rate at which this happens is called the Click Through Rate (CTR).


Banner Swapping and Banner exchange program:


A banner exchange program is an advertising program of group of websites that advertise for one another using banners. Banners are stored and displayed from one central server. In other words, this is a program that facilitates trading of advertising among websites.

Banner Swapping is an advertising method where you put ads from other sites on your website and in exchange others show your banner ads on their websites. And the mediator company that offers this services is called a banner ad exchange. There are many banner d exchanges today. They are like online markets for exchanging and buying-selling ads.


“What is Banner Exchange?”

A banner exchange is an advertising service that allows you to display banners for other members of your ad exchange network and they show your banners on their sites. Banner exchange is a process of advertising where both the parties put banner ads of each other’s website for mutual benefits. Simply speaking, it is bound by ‘give and take’ policy. There is a large number of websites that offer this service, but here are a few best of them:


10 Best Sites for Free Banner Exchange: Banner Ad Exchange Programs for Exchanging Banner Ads

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1. Banner

Banner_ad-exchange-300x178 offers free banner exchange services and free link exchange services which will boost your website traffic a big deal. You are simply required to place your banner on this site and it will be distributed to other websites for free.

There is a huge network of websites on which the banners can be placed, and you are assured of success with this site. You will actually get more exposure rate than most of the other banner exchange sites.

The exposure rate is 4:3, meaning that 3 exposures are offered for every 4 visitors, unlike most other sites which offer an exposure rate of 2:1. Banners of all sizes from the largest to the smallest types are accepted here.

On top of free membership on this site, you get 1000 free credits once your account is activated.


For Publishers:

  • It offers 1000 Credit points as signup bonus.
  • Free Banner Ad Exchanging program.
  • Referral program where you earn commission for getting others in the network.


For Advertisers:

  • Offers Lowest CPM as 5 Cents.
  • Real time statistics and anti-cheat protection.

Visit here- >  Banner Exchange .Net


2. Banners go MLM

Banners_go_LML_exchange-program-300x123 is one of the fastest growing banner exchanging websites that helps webmasters and website owners to grow their businesses in the most profound way. Advertisers get a 1:1 exchange rate and 10% of all the impressions generated by their referrals.

Targeting ads is one of the most important online advertising facets, and is keen on this matter to ensure that you beat your competitors.

Visit Here->


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3. Hit 4 Hit


Advertise your website today by taking advantage of the various banner exchanging opportunities offered by Hit 4 Hit. Banner exchange is one of the most popular website promotional tools, and the packages offered ensure that all your banner advertising needs are met.

Getting started is quite easy, as you are only required to provide the HTML code given to you by the program, and you are ready to go.


Visit -> Hit4hit for Banner exchanging programs

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4. Show Your Site

You can post banner ads for free on and enjoy a 10:9 exchange ratio. Both text and image banners of up to 468×60 in size are acceptable, and you can decide which of your banners you would like to show first.

You can also block unwanted banners and take control of your own ad exchanging campaign.

They also offer first 1000 banner impressions for free!


Visit- > for Banner exchange

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5. Free Banners


Joining Free-Banners gives you an opportunity to advertise yourself while still earning income. With over 150000 member sites, there is no doubt that this is a banner exchange site to work with.

This is actually one of the free banner advertising sites that will increase the popularity of your site within a very short period of time.

Visit ->

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6. 5000 Banners

A 2:1 banner exchange ratio, a click ration of 2:1 and 5000 FREE credits on signing up are some of the features that you get at JPG, GIF or SWF (Flash) banners are allowed, and the available banner sizes are:

  • 120X60 Button,
  • 120×600 SkyScraper,
  • 125X125 Square,
  • 160X600 Wide SkyScraper and 234X60 Half Banner,
  • 468X60 Standard Banner.

Visit ->


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7. Exchange-it

Your search for free advertising for your web site ends here. You display a banner ad of the participating sites and your ads are displayed on theirs in return, and you just watch the number of unique visitors to website growing every minute.

You get 0.5 credits every time a banner is displayed on your site, and you are able to rotate 5 banners in one account.

Visit- >


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8. Link buddies


LinkBuddies continues to provide awesome banner exchange advertising solutions to its clients since 1997. With an ever-growing network of member sites, you can move a great proportion of internet users to your site by joining LinkBuddies.

The exchange rates are flexible here, but the dominant rate is 1:1. You get 500 free impressions once you join and you have access to banner credits protection tool, wizard-based banner creator, advanced banner targeting and visitor tracking statistics, to name but a few.

Visit- >


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9. Banner co-op


The banner exchange advertising services offered by can be used by websites of all types. Advertisers earn 1:1 credit and 10 cents for hosting banner ads of other sites on their websites.

Additionally, continues to incorporate the market changes in the banner ad exchange services, keeping in mind the fact that online advertising styles change by the day.

Visit ->


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10. Exchange ad

Both advertisers and webmasters have their traffic generation needs met by With more than 65 million banner exposures per month, there is no doubt that is a great banner exchange advertising site.

There is free advertising and paid advertising for those who would like to enjoy more banner exchange advertising features. The exposure rate of 4:3 is really rewarding, not to mention the high CTR, ability to rotate 8 banners and ability to deliver unique visitors.

Visit ->


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11. The Banner Exchange

The Banner Exchange offers advertisers reliable ad exchange services that deliver great results. Statistically, boasts of 15794 active users today, 966876747 impressions displayed and 3051 unique websites displaying banners.

This enough prof that by joining this site, you are making a very important step in your digital advertising life.

Visit – >


Mar 2023 Update: I was shocked to find that many of the ad exchange websites in this list are not working. They went off, closed down or not in working condition. So, i removed link of such sites from this page. You may check them if they still live or not. Perhaps, the trend of banner swapping is sinking down as there are not many such platforms available today where we can exchange banner advertising for our sites. I don’t see a single decent platform that does banner exchanging seriously. Anyways, I will update you later about this when i check again about banner exchanges.


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