Top 10 Advertising Networks for Publishers & Bloggers in 2022 for Content Monetization

10 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2022


In the present era, blogging has come out as one of the best careers for which interested persons can go for, who can write in a way which appeals the audience most. But at the same time many people think is it worth to go for blogging or is there any real scope of making huge money with blogging?

The answer to this question is “Yes” if you are among those thinkers or even if you are not.

Whether you are a small or big publisher, you need to have a a good ad network in order to monetize your content effectively, so that you can generate the money you deserve.

There are thousands of ad networks in the market and there number is growing each day as the reach of the Internet is increasing quite fast. So, it becomes quite a tedious task to select the appropriate ad network for your blog.

We have written this article keeping this thing in mind and that is why we have mentioned the important stats beside each network so you can have better understanding of them.

Still, If you want to check out more number of online advertising platforms then try this list of top 100 ad networks.



Make Money Blogging- 12 Best Ad Networks in 2022 for Publishers where they can Monetize their Blog Content


There are uncountable ways through which you can make a handsome amount of money with your blog. And one of the trending ways in present date to monetize your blog is joining different Ad Networks available for bloggers.

By being a part of these Ad Networks, you can earn a handsome amount of profit, probably more than a 9 to 5 job.


➤ List of Native Ad Networks for Publishers


Top Advertising Networks For Bloggers-600x400
Top 10 Advertising Networks For Bloggers and Publishers


Content Monetization: Top 10 Ad Networks for Bloggers to Make Money with their Blogs


List of Best Ad Networks for Bloggers and Big and Small Publishers: Today, I am going to share a list of the top 10 Ad networks for bloggers or publishers which starts here:-


1. Google AdSense- The Number One Ad Network for Bloggers All Across the World


Google AdSense is a known name in the field of Ad networks and one of the best platforms even today in the year 2019 which every blogger want to have on their blog.But the major thing is that AdSense doesn’t provide instant approval to the blog owners to place ads on their blogs and to promote different businesses and earn revenue.


Google-Adsense for online publishers and bloggers-400x300
AdSense- The No#1 Monetization option for most of the Bloggers


It is because it offers high-quality ads to promote, so there are certain guidelines (related to traffic, content quality and so on) for it which a publisher should follow to get the approval of AdSense.


Although AdSense doesn’t provide instant approval but still, bloggers and publishers love to become a part of Google AdSense family. And why shouldn’t they as there are many benefits of it, like placing ads on different websites from one AdSense account, easy to use, customizable ads, expandable sponsored advertising, and it’s free.


Programs offered: – CPC

Payment Methods: – Cheques, EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Western Union Quick Cash, Wire Transfer.

Minimum Payout: – Ad sense for Content – 68% revenue share, AdSense for Search – 51% revenue share.


2. Contextual Ad Network for Bloggers from Bing and Yahoo is also among one of the best Ad networks for bloggers to join. serves a different kind of ads from which you can select the ad type of your choice to place on your blog and maximize your revenue.


Medianet-contextual cpm advertising network for bloggers-400x300 The Best Alternate for contextual ads after AdSense for bloggers


The various categories of ads include mobile docked ads, desktop interstitial ads, and in-content native ads. Also, the publishers and advertisers of the include big organizations so you can trust on the platform without any risk.

Another major thing which is enough to draw you towards the platform is that it puts the ads from Yahoo and Bing network as well, which are the next big platforms of global advertisers. Thus, if you want to join Media.Net network signing-up here using this link.


Programs offered: – CPC, CPA and CPM
Minimum Traffic Requirement: –  None
Payment Methods: – Web Money, PayPal
Minimum Payout: – $100


3. Ad Maven- The Leading Popunder Network for Bloggers


Admaven – A reputed Advertising Network for bloggers


The list starts with Ad Maven. Yes, Ad Maven is one of the best Ad networks for which publishers can go and make an impressive amount of money. For the same all, you have to do is that you to create a publisher account for promoting the different offers available on the platform.


The best thing about the platform is that it helps you to get the full attention of the audience or users thereby providing different sort of ads including Sliders Popup, Newtab, Lightbox Banners, Interstitial, and Popunder. And hence help you to get high conversions for the product or brand you are promoting.


Along with that it also provides a solution for Adblock bypass which helps you to present your ads to 100% audience base. And in this way helps you to generate revenue from ad blocked traffic. This is a great thing as even Adsense does not provide this facility to its publishers.



Programs offered: – CPM

Minimum Traffic Requirement: –  None

Payment Method: – PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout: – $50.



4. BidVertiser



Bidvertiser-a very popular advertising network for Bloggers


BidVertiser is another great ad network for a publisher or blogger to select, for using on different types of content. It is among one of the best, trusted and old ad networks so that you can rely on it as many bloggers or publishers have already earned money, so there is no risk for you.

You can select from the different ad formats the platform provides and for that you just have to go for creation of a publisher account there on the platform.

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Method:- PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer at the end of each calendar month.

Minimum Payout: – $10 via PayPal, $20 via check, and $50 via bank transfer.


5. Infolinks: The Most Popular In Text Advertising Network for Publishers and bloggers


Infolinks: A very well Known Advertising Network for In Text Ads


Infolinks is one of the known names in the ad industry and is one of the leading and established Intext ad networks for publishers. Infolinks is best as it provides you the option to select ad type of your choice from different kinds of options it offers.


The various ad types which Infolinks offers includes in-screen ads, banner ads in frames and margins, In Tag ads, text link ads and overlay ads. More than 100,000 publishers are working with the platform and hence monetizing their blogs by promoting advertisers content.


The advertiser’s list of Infolinks comprises of big brands like eBay, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon and so on, so there is no risk of being part of the network as you will get paid for sure.


Programs offered: – Auction, CPI, CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPV

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Methods: – PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) or Payoneer (get your Infolinks Prepaid MasterCard® or use Payoneer for a local bank transfer).

Minimum Payout: – $50.


6. Clicksor- A Reliable Network for Publishers and Affiliates


clicksor-contextual advertising network for bloggers-700x300
clicksor- A Popular Ad Network for the Bloggers who want to use contextual ads


Clicksor is yet another really good ad platform for bloggers to select for promoting different products and monetizing their blogs.  According to stats mentioned on the Clicksor website every month, 10,000 new advertisers join for advertising their products on the platform and till now company has paid $32019239, so on being a publisher on the platform what can be better than that?


Along with that Clicksor provides publishers competitive commission rates, weekly payments, and 24*7*365 days of customer support.


And select the ads of your choices to place on your website from a wide range of ads including banner ads, pop-ups, in-text ads,  interstitials and rich media ads.


Programs offered: – CPI, CPC, CPV, and CPM

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Methods: – Perfect Money, PayPal, Payoneer, Cheque

Minimum Payout: – PayPal or Cheque in US dollars with the least amount payout of $50, or Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of $1,000 and a $75 administration fee. You can also have an insight of rates and revenue here for publishers.


7. PropellerAds


propeller-best-ad network for bloggers-400x300
Propellerads- Best Ad Network for Bloggers


PropellerAds is another great advertising platform for bloggers who believe in placing high-quality ads on their blog. It is because the network manually performs checks to eradicate all insecure and apprehensive advertisers.


The best thing about the platform is that it displays the ad campaign of highest eCPM on your website so that you can generate huge revenue from it. Along with that, another great thing about this ad network is that it allows monetization for everything from websites to mobile, software to games, social media and even for 404 pages as traffic commencing 404 pages is often wasted.


The ad network has 1000’s of advertisers, so there are many offers for you to select from and to get benefited with facilities it provides like safe, flexible, personal and in-time payment.


Programs offered: – CPM, CPA, and CPC

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Methods: – Wire Transfer, Payza, Payoneer

Minimum Payout: – $100. The minimum payout threshold for wire transfers is 550 USD.


8. Vibrant Media: A great platform for premium publishers




Vibrant Media is next on the list and also categorized under the top ad networks for bloggers. The ad platform works hard to provide the maximum revenue to the publishers which is clearly visible in the way they work to design their ads. They make an ad more than the ad to turn into ads engaging rather than distractive. It is more like editorials content ads rather than random ads.


Along with that it provides the facility of monetizing everything as ads designed by Vibrant Media are responsive so that they can work efficiently on any device. Thus, if you also want to be a name in the list of their publishers, then you can go for creation of publisher account there.


And after that can select ads type you want to put on your website from the following ones:-  In-image, in-text, storyboard, brand canvas mosaic and Lightbox. Recently they have started using Inarticle Video outstream ads as well.


Programs offered: – CPC and CPM

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Methods: – Cheque

Minimum Payout: – $50.


09. Conversant Media



conversantmedia-com-a-great-platform-to-monetize-your-blog-600x249 a great platform for content monetization


Conversant Media or Value Click Media is another great ad platform for bloggers to join as a publisher. Conversant Media enables you to choose ads of your choice from an array of ads it provides.

The different ad categories include In-text Rollovers, videos, Rich Media, Standard Display, Full-screen ads, Over the Page, Email, etc.

Publishers also like the ad platform for its on-time payment to publishers along with its monetization of every single impression.

The additional feature includes monetization over cross-platforms means you have more opportunities to earn money than ever.


Programs offered: – CPC, CPA and CPM

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Methods: – Cheque, PayPal, Direct Deposit

Minimum Payout: – $25.


10. AdRecover- Monetize your Adblocked Content


adrecover-com-Monetize-your-adblocked-content-impressions-600x174 Network for bloggers: Monetize your adblocked content impressions

To their rescue come many ad networks that offer monetization options for ad blocked content. In this way you as a publisher can decrease the loses from blocked ads. Ad blockers are the biggest threats and challenges for bloggers today. For the bloggers who only earn through ad placement, ad blockers act as money stealers. They lost a 10-20% of their hard earned money due to the blocked ads by ad blocking browser extensions.
AdRecover is another great name in advertising industry as it is the platform which also helps you to generate revenue even from the ad blocked traffic which other platforms can’t.AdRecover has a special solution for this problem which they use and in addition to that also provides users an option to give feedback for their ads. The other compelling thing about this ad network is that it has an outstanding balance between monetization and user experience it provides. You can be part of the system thereby signing up with this link.

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

11. Adcash



adcash-com-Performance-DSP-922x361 A great ad network for monetizing your blog


Adcash is also one of the top ad platforms which bloggers love to join. It is because of the technology that this platform uses to optimize and monetize your content.


Report are incredibly easy to understand and simple to use. Along with that, it provides the facility of choosing from the largest number of Ad types for all Desktop, Mobile Web, and app.


The ad types from which you can select on being a publisher are – leaderboard, rectangle, skyscraper, Slide-in, In-app footer, In-App Interstitial, In-app Video, Sticky Footer, Interstitial, In-Stream Video, Pop-Under, and Background.

Their ad types are designed to complement your content and hence to increase your revenue generation.


Programs offered: – CPC, CPA, CPC, CPV, CPL and CPM

Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Methods: – Web Money, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Payoneer

Minimum Payout: – €100


8. Chitika Ad Network for Small Publishers


chitika-top ad network for small level bloggers-400x300
chitika- a good ad network for newbie level bloggers


Chitika also is in the list and amid the common advertising networks for bloggers. It is because the platform doesn’t ask for any commitments or contracts. Along with that, there are many other factors which draw a blogger towards to this network.


For instance, it provides instant access to a free account, freedom of selecting ad type you want to place, on-time payment with a low payment threshold, online publisher control panel that allows you to examine your ad impressions and income, known and established advertisers like Yahoo and others.

Along with that Ad, network pays around $1M/year as ad revenue so with that statistics you can get an idea about it.


Minimum Traffic Requirement: – None

Payment Methods: – PayPal, Cheque

Minimum Payout: – $10 by PayPal, $50 by Cheque

( Update: Chitika was Shutdown in 2019, we will update here another ad network very soon) 


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I hope that this post will help you all to find the best ad networks in 2022-23 for the monetization of your blog. So do try these platforms and let us know about your views and experiences in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this post and subscribe us for the latest updates on ad networks.

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