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How to Make Money Blogging as a Beginner (Starter Tips)



Blogging is one of the best ways to express your expertise on different topics and to enhance your writing as well if you are a beginner. But apart from that do you know blogging is one of the best ways to make money online as well. Thus, on that note, what are the ingredients to start a blog and make money? Or in simple words how to make money as a beginner blogger.

If these are all the questions for which you want to get an answer then this post on how to make money blogging as a beginner is for you.  Thus, first of all, I am going to disclose few extremely important things in order to make a blog capable of earning money. [ Tips for Earning Income Online with Social Media Sites ]


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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Make Money Blogging

1. First step- Set Up, Create, Promote, and Engage


This is the most important and fundamental step in your journey to make money online as a blogger. Before you start earning something from your blog you need to take the below mentioned actions to be able and eligible to get paid from your blog.


A. Set up Your Blog Today


Now when you are aware about of fact you can make money blogging and earn good amount of money, then just stop building castles in the air like whenever I will start my blog it will become popular, make money and so on.
Just start today and set up a blog, as everything needs efforts and time to get succeeded. As the longer you do it the more time it will take to get be successful.
You can choose any blogging platform and hosting domains to start it for instance,, Blogger, Weebly and Bluehost, Godaddy, SiteGround Web Hosting respectively.


B. Create Quality Content

After setting up the blog the most important step is to create quality content. Quality content is the root reason to compel users towards your blog and hence to build a trust and authority among your readers.Thus, on the basis of this trust and authority, you can make them your customers in future. There are a number of ways through which you can create quality content, some of which I am going to share with you.


One of the best ways to create quality content is to write on the topics of your expertise or on the topics in which you can teach others extremely well. If you are good at something then definitely you will serve others well with your knowledge. So write on the topics which are useful, unique, perceptive, passionate, problem-solving and inspirational as well.
Apart from that, you can also get ideas of great and quality content creation by analyzing your competitors to get an idea of what they are doing and which helps them to lead. Also by analyzing your Google analytics to better optimize your posts and blogs as well to get quality traffic.


C. Promote Your Blog Posts

If you are thinking that setting up a blog and creation of quality content is all that you need to earn money through blogging then you are wrong. You need to make people aware of your blog’s existence and to show the readers that you are here for them to help & guide. Promoting your content is as important as creating it!


Whether you like it or not but a blog has to be promoted and marketed online with a great zeal and continuous efforts if you want to make it popular among the major search engines and online readers.

And all this can be done via proper advertising and promotion of your blogs. Yes you get it right with promotion of your blogs over social media platforms like Facebook (Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook’s Free Basic Submission etc.), Twitter (Product cards, player cards, photo cards etc.), Pinterest, Instagram, GooglePlus, YouTube, LinkedIn and a lot more.


D. What next after Promotion – Engagement

After promotion what’s the next?
After promotion, you need to keep that audience to stick with your blog either being a reader or a customer.
So how can you make them stick to your blog and you and keep your blog traffic increasing day by day?
It is very simple; by being consistent & by engaging with your audience by the means of responding to them in blog comments and social media.


2. Earn Money with your Blog via Affiliate Marketing 

Promote and showcase products from various affiliate programs and Channels.

Now when you have become aware of how to make a blog capable of earning money let us talk about the ways on how to make money with a blog for beginners. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money by the means of your blog.

And one of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you can start it from the very first day of your blog (but I would recommend implementing after your blogs become quite successful among readers).

So what is Affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is the way to promote others products on your blog to present it in front of your audience and to get paid for the every purchase by the means of your link (clicking the link) shared with them.
So select your affiliate products wisely as you’re going to present it in front of your audience who already trusts you. So recommend them only those products on which you completely rely and finds them the best & worth money spending for your audience.
You can do affiliate marketing for different products available on authority sites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and so on by joining their affiliate programs.

3. Use Ads from Google AdSense on your blog

This is the most popular way people earn money with their blogs.

Google AdSense is also one of the best platforms on how to make money off a blog. With this program, Google places ads on your blog and every time when any visitor of your blogs click on the ads you will get paid for that depending on the price predefined for it (on the basis of location and some other factors as well). For new bloggers, it starts from $0.20 to $0.50 per click.


Thus in order to make Money with Google Ad sense first, you need to get your Google Adsense account approved about which you can read here.


4. Offer Auto-Ship Programs on your Blog

Auto-Ships Program is also a good choice to make money off a blog. With these program customers get products and services from the provider (here your blog) repeatedly at expected intervals (often monthly, weekly, quarterly), with no advance note, until they cancel. These programs are also known as continuity programs. These products and services can include tutorials, products, software etc.


Hope this post on how to make money blogging as a beginner will help you. Share your comments & views with us.Top 10 Advertising Networks for Bloggers


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