10 Ad CopyWriting Beginners Tips for Creating Successful Online Advertising Copies

Advertising Copywriting Tips for Beginners: Things to Remember for Creating Successful Ad Copies

Everyone of us have come across manlier times when we see an impactful, captivating, and interesting peace of advertising. Though, most of the times we don’t notice how an ad copy shapes our buying ( and not buying) decisions. A successful advertising copy is that which connects you emotionally. Thus it has to be very unique yet practical, imaginative yet possible, New but interesting, relevant to the present trend still timeless. So, an excellent ad copy is that which keeps in mind many things and that knows the marketing from its very soul.

There are many layers and level of ad copy writing skills. It depends on the scope and potential of the business or product for which you are writing an ad copy. This article is written for beginners who wanted to explore advertising copy writing and were willing to know how to write a good copy for an advertisement ( of any kind).

Ad Copy Writing Tips – 10 Points to Remember to Create ad copies that are precise, persuasive and error-free


Advertisement copy writing Ideas for generating more leads and sales effectively!


Advertising tips for better online Copywriting : Best Ways for Creating effective Ad Copies


Advertisement copy writing is a unique way of persuading your target market to buy your products and invest in your services. Copywriters produce words or copy for advertisements including things like slogans and catchphrases. It is involves lots of creativity and ingenuity as well.

Online Ad copy writing should be geared towards advertising and nothing else. It should have the sole purpose of marketing your product to boost sales and create a new market base. You should creatively engage your customers in order to effectively build trust and strengthen loyalty.


Ad Copywriting Tips for Beginners
10 Tips for Writing Killer online Ad Copies


Writing a creative copy as you will hear in some circles is art and science. Artistic advertising involves the fusion of creating content that is not just persuasive but content that is mind blowing and awe-inspiring and at the same time, a scientific approach is needed to develop ideas and know how the market is working.

It would be easier to understand advertisement copy writing if it is consumed in form of tips or directions on how you can successfully use it and effectively boost your sales.


10 Tips to follow for Effective Ad Copywriting:


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Creating a good ad content in order to boost sales and leads via advertising:-



1. Do a Plain Copy


The first step is to begin with a plain copy. Do not overwrought your product or introduce a gimmick. This plain copy is a simple presentation of facts as they are about the product. In the plain copy, there is no style added or used, it is the benefits of the product just as they are.

The plain copy is not targeted at being creative or sound literally, it is part of the science in advertising copy writing. Let customers explore the product through the plain copy and make an informed choice about getting the product.



2. Be Conversational


The second tip is about being conversational. People like to feel accommodated and accepted. An ad copy created adopting a conversational style does just that. This style of advertising connects the seller and the reader so that they appear as if they are on the same level- like a conversation between you and your friend.

This approach helps to make customers feel at home and not feel detached from the product and whoever is selling it. This conversation style is effective in allowing people to interact with your product on a personal level which is good for product loyalty and sales.


3. Powerful call to action


Thirdly, have a creative and persuasive call to action. A call to action is the final appeal to the customer on why they should buy your product or use your services. Be creative in your call to action as it is the statement which can clinch the next customer to your side.

A call to action is usually put at the end of a business promotion whether written or verbalized. A strong one is going to remain in the mind of the consumer. A phrase like ‘Buy now while stocks last,’ in ad copy writing is not enough.

Add some spice and polish to your call to action so that it sticks in the mind of the customer when they see your promotion. Ad copy writing identifies that commonly used phrases are timeworn and banal but an uncanny call to action wins customers.

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4. Check out your competitors


Fourthly, it is very obvious, you have to study your competitors. You do not want to operate on the same level as your competitors. Look at what they are doing and not doing so that you can exploit your chances at beating them.

In all reality, there are people who are ahead of you in the pack when Ad copy writing is involved, borrow ideas from them but make them unique. Look at what they do to be on top and seize that opportunity.

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5. Include incentives


All that creativity and charm will not fly if you do not include a special offer or bonus as a way to reward your customers. Include a special offer to increase your sales and attract new customers.

Copywriters know that they can convince using their art and skills but offering irresistible promotions will complement the art and do the job as it was intended.

It is not rocket science, if you want to pull more people to your side, if you want more clicks, simply entice with discounts and other promotional incentives. It is an old school approach to advertising which still work its magic.

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6. Understand the genre


This sixth tip is one of the most important. Understand the genre of copy writing. Have a business sense and a creative side. A copywriter should create effectively persuasive slogans and catchphrases but also read the advertising industry and understand it.

Know what goes on in advertising and how target markets are reached out to. Yes, you can write an artful copy but does it have an advertising angle to it. A copywriter should learn both techniques in order to make it. You can do this through research. Know the codes of the advertising practice to sharpen your skills.

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7. Work with others


Seventh Tip is to work extensively with others. Work with others to proofread your work and add something or two. Ad copywriters work well if there is a fresh eye to look over their work. This is the more appropriate case when you are not yet an expert in creating ad copy writer. This would help you improve your skills if you collect others feedback on this.

You may skip this step if you work alone and there is no one near you who is related to the ad writing work. The point is take help from others and ask their feedback time to time until you reach a stage where you find your self confident enough to create ad copies efficiently by your own.

Be flexible to changes. The final copy should be precise, persuasive and error-free. People notice errors very quickly and it is in the best interest of the client and yourself to have an error free copy. A greatly written copy is likely to attract more customers than an error-strewn one.

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8. Versatility


Tip number eight is that ad copy writers should be able to work on different platforms. Advertising copy writing can be on digital media, social, media, direct marketing or mobile marketing. Advertising and marketing tools should be used to the full.



9. Be Persuasive


Ninth, is using the art of persuasion. Use powerful motivators. Have thunderous punchlines which will stick in the mind of the customer. Ensure your words are a mesh of advertising codes and powerful persuasion techniques. To be even more persuasive, you can use photographs to illustrate your point.

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10. Know your niche market


Finally, to create a killer ad copy for boosting sales and leads, is to know your target market and audience. Some creative rhetoric may not resonate with the older generation, some resonate better with millennials others with kids. Use techniques which appeal to various audiences in their capacity so that you do not lose your market.

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    • Hi Anjali! Thanks for asking. and here is the reply for your query:

      In advertising world, a call to action (CTA) is an instrument through which we try to provoke an immediate response from the end user/customer/reader for the products or services being offered.

      Like, you visited a sales page for a product and you are at the end of the page you notice that there are highlighted words embedded in an attractive box or popup, like this : "Buy Now", "Subscribe us", "Join our mailing list", "call now", "find out more about the product" or "visit our store now".

      These all are calls to action since they all are intended to make the end user take a desired action ( the desired action could be in the form of buying, subscribing, calling or joining). I hope it makes you clear what a 'call to action' is!


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