How to Write Direct Email Copy that Sells? 9 email Writing Tips for Beginners

Start Producing Sellable Direct Mail Copies with these Ultimate eMail Writing Tips for Beginners


Effective copy-writing is an art. The sad part is it is not appreciated much as should be. With good copywriting comes good conversion rate or say great sales, great engagement and what not. Affiliate marketing is incomplete without the use of mail copy writing.

A well crafted copy can do wonders and this fact cannot be denied. So, what does it takes to create an effective direct mail copy that sells? You might be wondering this.


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Produce Direct Mail Copies that Sells

Not able to earn much from your copywriting skills? Take these easy to follow notes which you could be lacking in and start producing direct email copy that sells.

An email copy does the same to digital marketing what an ad copy does to online classifieds advertising. Well, to your help here, a few tips are mentioned below in this reference as you move ahead with this article. Check these out!

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9 Effective Email Writing Tips for Beginners


When doing email follow-up marketing, your emails have basically three challenges to win:


  1. The emails have to be opened,
  2. The emails have to be read through,
  3. The emails have to get the reader to act upon your offer.

Sure, the first challenge is a tough one and it’s also crucial to get it right as it affect all the rest of the challenges. You can’t get your emails read if they are not even opened.

But I’m not going to get into details about the first challenge, as there are already plenty of tutorials and guides on creating a subject line that gets your emails opened. Instead, I want to give you some guidelines to write emails that get read.


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1- Catch your Reader’s Attention


The first thing you have to do after the email has been opened, is to wake your reader’s interest. The most important thing to start your email with is a brief paragraph that tells the reader what they will be getting from your email.

But don’t reveal the whole thing at once. Give the reader something to wait for. Make him/ her a promise: “In this email, I will tell you exactly… just read on.”


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Catch your Reader’s-Attention for effective email marketing

Make attractive headlines but you have to deliver what you says! Headlines will grab your reader’s attention and make them read what you have to say. But, if you don’t fulfill what you say or if you don’t fulfill the expectations of your reader then it is not going to be waste but also can make them to unsubscribe to you. So, never promise that which you can’t deliver.

Make use of emotion in your mail because the reader is a human being and it only helps to connect with you on personal level. Try to quote some common situations where your readers can find a connection with what you are talking about. Again, don’t get carried away with emotions, but always focus on your points.


2- Answer their Burning Questions


There are certain questions you will have to answer in your emails. Here are the questions your recipients will have on their minds when opening your email:


Who is emailing me? What does he want? Why should I care? What’s in it for me? What do I have to do next?


If you manage to answer all of these questions in every email you send, you will certainly rise your click through rate of your emails. Your recipients will soon learn that your emails are worth reading through.


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3- Give them Something Valuable


The most important question to answer is “What’s in it for me?” If you can’t answer this question, you’d better not to send the email at all. You don’t want to waste your recipients time, do you?

It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but something useful. People love tips or other pieces of useful information.



4- Be Casual and Straight


People are busy – especially when reading email. Most of your recipients probably receive tens of emails daily. This means they don’t have too much time to spend per email. That’s why you should get straight to the point and skip the introductions. Being casual is also a good idea. If you want to build a relationship with your recipients, write your emails as you would write to your best friend.


5- Make Sure It Is Easy To Read


In order to Grab attention of the audience towards your copy, you need to make its content interesting as well as easy to read. People tend to skip reading the stuff which they find complicated.

Therefore, you must be very simple in your language and sentence framing. Avoid using complex sentence structure. Do not make paragraphs too long. See to it that you keep them precise.


Make your email is Easily Understood by your audience



Try to put points in bullets so that the reader can easily figure out the benefits and features. Moreover, emphasize on the main point but do not be repetitive. Put the main message in different form each time. Also, use subheadings to give it a feel of a story.

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6- Use Captivating Images & Words


Think from the point of view of your reader. Use images that they can find relatable. For instance, pictures that depicts their feeling towards anything be it a vacation, luxuries, skin, health or so.

Along with these specific images, use magic words that are known for doing wonders in sales like “Free”, “New”, “Fresh” etc. It is recommended to give maximum stress on the benefits.


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Engage the email copy reader by Making Use of Captivating Images and Words in your copy


Often it is seen that features are given more importance but it is benefits of the product or service that attracts the audience and make them take interest in your stuff. They are keen to know the benefit that lies for them.
Therefore, focus must be more on telling how the product can improve the life of the reader or say in what way product can be advantageous for the readers.


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7- Information Presentation


Learn to present the information smartly giving it an angle which can make it clear to the reader what benefit is getting offered to him/her.


People hardly take interest in vaguely presented details. Take example of two headlines:

“I will teach you copywriting formulas”

“Learn copywriting tips & tricks that lead to great number of clicks & huge engagement on my social media page”.

Herein, the first one would not be attracting the audience as it looks vague. No clear information can be derived out of it whereas second one has an angle as it is emphasizing on the copywriting “tricks.”



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Learn to Pack and Present the information in a smarter way in your mail copy



Now this is what will arouse the interest of the audience and make them eager to know what’s next to read. Therefore, the list is that the angle of your sales piece must be apt & right which can keep the audience hooked to your stuff. Other things will move in positive direction automatically.


8- Play Up The Story


If you want to make your sales piece a success then make sure it has the capability to keep your readers interest  intact. Long sales pieces won’t do any good for you instead it will become boring for your audience and they will skip reading it.


Play it Up to Keep your readers Glued to your email copy


Same goes for the dull sales piece which does not have pictures or captivating content. The best thing to make your stuff interesting is to infuse a story inside. It could be the story of the person who made the product or who has used the product and enjoyed benefits of it. This way reader will be able to relate with the person by putting him/herself at its place. Let the story bring out the best that the product has to offer and keep the readers interested until the end.

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9- Keep Them Wondering For What’s Next


Last but not the least, do not forget to add an element of curiosity so as to fascinate them and keep them excited to know about what next is going to be revealed in the copy. The aim is to keep the reader interested so that he/she keeps on moving with your piece without losing the excitement.


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Add the elements of Curiosity, Mystery, and Intrigue 


For this you have to play really smart here. Keep on giving them little clues of the big revelation that’s coming up as they proceed on with reading, you can use subheading or better say catchy subheadings that encourages the read to see what’s in.

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