How to Use Storytelling to Grow your Business & Brand? Branding Tips for Beginners

Storytelling and Branding Tips for Beginners: How to Use Storytelling for Business Growth


Use Storytelling to Grow your Brand and make yourself more Clear and get a Chance to Inspire the Audience

Brand stories have been told for years by way of advertising and others. It is not a new concept in the field of marketing. Earlier not much but today scenario is changed and it has become of strategic importance.

As the social media trend has increased at a great pace and also content marketing is seeing tremendous growth, brand storytelling has become one important aspect of marketing.

Though it is not an easy task but it requires proper skills and training on the part of competent marketers to be able to write and generate effective and impactful online content for brand storytelling.

A strong marketing team in today’s scenario is the one who has job roles to offer like data architect and the brand creative content director etc.

The best brand storytellers are the ones who possess the ability to understand the core components of fiction writing. The importance of brand storytelling has reached to this level that today marketers are being trained on this front as well.


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Use Storytelling to Grow your Brand

To give you a little insight, here’s Presenting to you 5 tips to use storytelling to grow your brand:-


1- Transparency


For brand storytelling, the foremost thing required is you to be honest and true.  Craft you stories in such a way that they are relatable to your brand, business, industry, products and services.

Consistency, perseverance and control are essential elements of brand building and same goes for brand stories as well. Do not confuse the consumers by inconsistent brand stories because if you do so then in no time they will switch to the competitors or where they find their expectations meeting.

A very obvious reason that a business lose its customers is because of confusion and misleading. As a brand storyteller, you need to be creative in your content in such a way that it reflects what you are and what you deliver. Do not let the boat of your brand sink because of not being realistic and true to the audience.

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2- Personality Inspired Story


Do not confuse brand stories with ads or sales pitching. No, these are not alike. You need to infuse personalities while writing brand story.

Remember, these are stories and stories need characters/people in it around which story revolves. These are not marketing material which you just have to sell.

Brand story with certain brand personality and with the writer’s personality in the middle is what makes a good one that people would want to read without getting bored.

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3- Create Characters Your Audience Would Like


Creating characters here is not creating fictional ones like in the movies or novels.

Characters that reflects the buyer’s personality, employee’s personality or others must be created that the audience would want to read about and cheer for.

These characters for brand storytelling must be portrayed in such a manner that the audience develops an emotional connect with these wants to follow their example. Tell stories from buyers perspectives that would interest the readers and they can relate to them.

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4- Follow A Structure


Like any good story, brand stories must also follow a structural format. It should have an interesting and strong beginning along with the details of the characters.

Then there should be a middle segment where the problems of the character is described and what all conflicts and issues arises as a result of it.

Thirdly there should be a proper ending with the character finding solution to the problem. This structure binds the readers and they stick to read more. A good brand story will go long way and get you more readers again and again.

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5- Hook The Audience To Your Space


Hook your Audience while telling your story

Give your audience multiple reasons to get back to you wanting for more. Give them pieces of your work and not everything at once. Release teasers and other ways by which you can hook your audience. You must be already familiar with how new movies first release their teaser, then trailer and after that lots of other interview talks and promotion shows about the film.


Like ‘For more, Keep watching this space” can be used and there are lot many ways you can attach your audience to your space so that they come again and again in search of what next you are going to come up with. Give them in bits and not just all at once.

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