Top 10 Reasons Why Brands Fail? Branding Tips for Business Owners

10 Reasons Why Brands Fail to Sustain and How they Could have Avoided the Downfall


The success and failure of any company depends to a great extent on its branding as well as marketing efforts. What is a brand?An identity that differentiates you from the competitors. Once the brand name becomes a success it becomes important to maintain its level in the market.

Often it is seen that when a product is not as good as it should be, even then branding departments suffer the blame.

The organization puts up the question when the brand fails. It does not realize at first that brand is not doing well in the market but later when the company gives up then they accept the fact that brand has failed.


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Why Brands Fail?


Brand Failure Reasons – 10 Branding Tips to Save your Brand from Getting Failed:


Understanding some Elements of Branding. Let us throw some light on the reasons due to which why brands fail:


#1. Fast Expansion With Less Resources


Some companies have a tendency and so much hurry to expand very fast despite of the fact that they have limited resources. They do not have potential to carry so many products because of less resources but they do and the end result comes out to be as brand failure.

It gets hard to maintain your brand equity when you tend to move at fast pace with few resources. This affects the brand negatively.


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#2. Too Much Exposure


As the say, too much of anything is not good. Same is the case with brands. A brand lose its credibility when its is exposed too much. Because it creates unnecessary expectations in your customers towards your products, brand, and services.

Marketing is important for the business but over marketing is not the right thing. Marketing builds your customer base but over marketing makes you too common in the eyes of public and chances are your value might decrease for them.


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#3. Severe Competition


A lot of brands exist in the market for similar kind of products. This leads to a huge competition amongst all. The brand which is unable to match with increased competition fails to survive in the market and are thrown out.

Take the case of products like shampoos, soaps, toothpastes etc. You can understand this point in the light of these product;s examples. Many brands came and went but those who managed to give a tough competition survived.


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#4. Breaking Promise


When brands which are doing great in a certain product segment breaks the promise for which it was actually accepted by the customers, it loses its value.

For example; a bike company which promised to give the customers a great ride experience via their product comes up with some cosmetic product then customers will take this in the negative light and treat it to be as false marketing. Promising something and trying to sell something else.



#5. Creating Sub-Brands


Creating sub-brands at the cost of parent brand i-e overlooking or repositioning the parent brand so as to introduce a sub-brand does not leave a positive impact on customers.

Also launching sub-brands without thinking about the customers needs affects the brand badly.


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#6. Not Matching Pace With Latest Trends



One of the most common reason why brands fail is due to the reason they are not able to match with the latest market trends. Take the example of technology here.

The best example taken could be of Nokia which lost its market share because it was unable to give the latest technology to its customers at the time when android was in and customers were running to grab it.

Relevancy in terms of products with the passage of time as the trend goes on is imperative and when you fail to apply the latest product or service innovations to your flagship to your brand it loses the market share.


#7. Unsuccessful Brand Extension


Brand fails when it extends its product categories even after its core category is declined. Brand extension is not a bad idea but only when the situation is favorable.

When things are not going in your favour and your current product line under a brand name is not doing well in the market, you should not leverage your efforts by introducing another product line. You cannot stretch the brand when it does not makes sense.


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8- Lowering Down the Product Quality:


A very obvious thing. Why would the customers accept your brand when the product you deliver is of low quality. No advertising, branding, and marketing can take your product further to the next level if it fails to delivers what it promises.

Don’t compromise with quality or at least maintain the quality you delivered in the starting phase.


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9- Too Much expenses:


Spending huge amount on sales promotions, trade deals and others at the expense of brand building is another reason leading to brand failure.


10- Desperate to Make Changes:


Not sticking one or few and constantly keeping on changing product line repetitively because the latter did not do well also makes a brand incompetent and it fails to create its name in the market.


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