Top 10 Instagram Tools 2022 – Instagram based Social Media Marketing Tools and Apps

Instagram Tools and Mobile Apps for Getting Leads: Online Tools and Apps for Instagram Marketing


Instagram’s popularity has inspired marketers to spend more on Instagram marketing for their brands.For a success on Instagram, you need to build more engagement on Instagram and drive traffic this is not an easy job with so many other doing the same. We have some splendid Instagram tools to make the work easy for you on Instagram.

Let us explore in this article, these fantastic tools to catalyse your Instagram marketing and get more results in lesser time.


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Instagram Marketing tools for Social media marketers


Instagram Marketing Tools 2022: Most Popular Websites that offer Instagram based Online Marketing Tools


If you use these online tools which are designed for marketing over Instagram, you can be sure of getting leads without difficulty. The tools mentioned here offer several options for effective social media marketing for your content or business.

You’ll get not only some great content to share, but also referral marketing when they share their pictures with your network. Vincent the sharing with a contest or coupon code.


1. Viraltag- The Top Instagram Marketing Platform for Brands
Viraltag- Social Media Marketing tool for Instagram 


Viraltag allows you to manage all of your content in one place, edit your photos and prepare your captions. You can also schedule your posts at a specific time or automate your sharing.

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2. Repost- for Instagram iPhone and Android app



Reposting on the go at Instagram 


Share Content From Your Communities with Repost. Repost is a mobile app that allows you to browse through content from your community and repost this content, giving full attribution to the person who posted the picture in the first place.

Download Repost App from Google Store
Repost on iTunes


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3. Bitly- URL Shortener and Link Management Platform



Bitly App mobile deep linking by Bitly-600x300
Bitly App for Deep linking on mobile 


Use Bitly or Google’s URL Shortener to create your own shortened link, and then add it to your Instagram profile description. To track click-throughs with Google Analytics, add your UTM parameters using Google URL Builder. You can then see how changing your content and your call to action impacts your click-through rate.

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4. Later- Upload, Schedule, and manage your Instagram posts


Latergramme is another great option for Instagram scheduling. An Instagram-centric platform, Latergramme also allows you to upload photos from your desktop and schedule posts to Instagram.




Following Instagram’s rules, any scheduling tool will require you to approve postings at the scheduled time by clicking a notification on your phone. But being able to plan and execute the majority of your posts in advance will help you seize opportunities at key moments.

You have to connect your Instagram in order to register at Later and they ask you to download their app on your mobile or tablet (available for both, Android and iPhones platforms).


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5. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is an amazing tool for us because we can analyse the key metrics of our account. It’s easy to know how many followers we’ve gained (or lost), which contents were the most attractive, the best time to post. Thanks to your platform, we’re able to build a real strategy and engage our audience by providing them what they really want to see.”

Iconosquare is the go-to Instagram analytics tool for marketers: it allows Instagram users to monitor and analyze comments, likes, followers and messages.

This free tool sorts out the analytics of your Instagram account and puts them all in one dashboard. It’s the only Instagram tool that is this in-depth.

Here are a few handy Iconosquare functions:

The bulk commenter makes it easy for you to keep track of your follower’s comments. It shows you who has unfollowed you in the last week and onward. Specific comparative growth statistics that help you grow your followers.


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6. Postso


Posto is a posting and scheduling tool. It was initially created for Instagram, but other platforms have been added over time.

In general, you probably just take pictures when you are out and about and share them instantly with Instagram. But what if you want to share a bunch of pictures? Rather than sharing them all at once, it might make more sense to schedule them.

Postso provides the functionality to do exactly that.

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7. Justunfollow


JustUnfollow provides an easy way to manage your followers on Instagram. It’s a web-based application that helps grow your followers, while identifying users who aren’t engaging with you.

Use this tool to clean out the list of people you follow, and focus more on the ones more relevant to your business.



8. Twtrland


Twtrland started off as a Twitter analytics tool, but recently added Instagram and Facebook. The Instagram functionality allows you to analyze your competitors’ accounts on Instagram.

Search for a competitor based on skill, location or name.

From the resulting list, pick out the account you want to analyze and open up their profile. You’ll have the option of viewing their Twitter or Instagram details.

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9. for the full details and the download links for apps


Flipagram allows you to take a series of photos and put them together to create a quick slideshow video for Instagram. They call them “photo video stories.”

This type of Instagram post is a quick and easy way for followers to consume their products it’s much faster than going through photos manually – as the photos are only seen for about a second before it flashes to the next.

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10. Layout (Instagram’s Collage App )

[ Layout from Instagram on App Store ] [ Layout from Instagram: Collage ]


Layout Instagrams Collage App-300x300
Layout Instagram’s Collage App 


Layout is Instagram’s collage app, and it’s by far the easiest app of its kind. It allows you to combine 2-9 of your photos into one image.

There are three options from where you can select your photos: camera roll, recent photos and an interesting “faces” option where Layout compiles the photos you have of people(‘s faces).

There are also a lot of creative features included: such as mirroring, flipping, resizing and rearranging with just a few taps. It has a photo booth feature which includes a countdown where you can snap up to 4 photos in a row.


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