Holiday Marketing Tips for Instagram. How to Sell More in Festival Seasons

Instagram Holiday Marketing Tips for Beginners: Drive more Traffic and Generate Sales through Instagram Festive Season Marketing


A right amalgamation of Instagram and festivity is waiting to give you the results which you always crave for from your Instagram marketing plans.

If you are ready to adopt these holiday hacks we are sharing it all here for you to take advantage and spurt your Instagram with engagement like never before.

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Holiday Marketing Ideas and Tips for Instagram


Marketing Ideas and Tips for Instagram for a Holiday Season


1. Holiday Theme


Bring the holiday theme to your Instagram screen and aid more visibility and spike interest in your followers and targets as well.

Be creative with images and don’t hold back to show something intriguing for customers to check more and wait for more this holiday season.

Check out how Gemme Maybelline – New York has brought the holiday theme to the Instagram by introducing Christmas and new years backgrounds for product photographs and using white and snowy colours to give a hang of winter and by using related products in their pictures like stars, glitters etc.

Sharing images of your holiday preparation and packing etc also entice the followers.



Gemme Maybelline: Instagram theme for holiday season-276x400
Gemme Maybelline: Instagram 


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2. Holiday Videos


Holiday promo video or just a little video like this one by Piclab which says Snow, music and December sounds a great deal to glow up the festive colours to your Instagram and get you more attention for doing something different.

Keep it short and beautiful to eyes and ears. Also encourage others to repost so make it in a way that many people are themselves intrigued and compelled to share it once they watch it. Learn these quick tips to make an effective marketing video


3. Holiday Photo Contests


Photo contests are good for increasing engagement but with holiday round the corner do it often and giveaway something to the winners which can be good for them to flaunt this holiday in their parties.

See this photo giveaway contest by Picslab. They are giving away apple watch but you figure out something more in your budget to make them want it and help you grow consequently.


PicLab: Photo Contest Giveaway-256x400
PicLab: Photo Contest Giveaway


Photo contest should be planned to get you results according to the ongoing holiday and festive eve. So keep your terms and conditions like that and yield results immediately.


PicLab Photo Contest: Terms and Conditions-258x400
PicLab Photo Contest: Terms and Conditions

4. Promote Your Holiday Hashtag


Hashtags are inevitable for any post and anytime of the year but holiday can be a good time to grow your hashtag community and promote your hashtags.

You might also like to invest a little in Instagram paid ads and foster more results.

Check out how Bamboo Global is promoting their upcoming Christmas concert with their hashtag #ChristmaswithBamboo.





5. Holiday Sales and Discounts


Holiday means shopping and shoppers are hell bent to shop at the most lucrative prices and always on a hunt for the best deals.


That does not mean you red to offer something at very low price. That is never a suggest able and wise thing to do. Learn more about Coupon marketing in this exclusive article.


Sales discounts are generally not as much of a discount as it is shown to the buyers. So plan out combos and make sure to give away discounts when people shop for more than a certain set amount which you need to decide before hand.

Do promote your discount coupons as much as it starts sounding really a great deal. Even if you are not giving a great discount make it sound great.


6. Creative Pictures


Instagram is all about pictures so there are good chances that you get lost in the sea of pictures if you do not be creative with your pictures and posts.

Followers need something to keep liking you again and again and checkout your account.

It takes a little extra efforts to get a little extra attention. Have a look at these amazing picture editing tools for that perfect picture.


7. Associate With a Good cause


Associating your brand with a good cause will maintain your goodwill. So if you need to elevate your brand image assist yourself by start to work for some cause, charity, relief work etc.

It necessarily does not have to be very big but should be good enough to build your goodwill. Food industries might love to join some cause related to hunger eradication, financial companies might want to get associated with a cause like poverty eradication etc.

It can or can not be related to your industry, but it should be relevant and appealing to you and your followers.


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8. Share Events and other Happenings


Share your holiday events, parties and preparations that you are doing offline.

Share event invites with your followers as a reward of some competition like hashtags or photo competition.

Followers are always intrigued by the idea of watching the real you as it increases trusts and thus helps in building the rapport.

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