Top 10 Popular Photo Editing Apps 2022 for Advertising, Marketing & Web Design

10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps to Harness Beautiful Product Images


Cameras don’t capture images the same ways as human eyes do. Images are definitely not exactly like what the objects appear to a naked human eye.

Photography is an art which not only includes clicking some great pictures but also presenting them in a manner which is closest to its natural appearance.

Also, it necessarily doesn’t have to be exactly same and there is nothing wrong to play around with colors and give it a makeover after all it is an art.

However, if we talk about professional photography for e-commerce it is mandatory that there should not be any editing to make the product look different. Photography techniques are important for product photography. However, touch-ups are always required for certain adjustments. Lights, contrast, cropping, etc can be done by retaining the originality of the pictures.

Top 10 Free Mobile Apps for Editing Photos for Personal or Professional use 


Who can use these Photo Editing Apps?

There are various use of image editing apps today in this era of social media and digital trends. Apart from personal needs you can use these outstanding apps for editing images for several purposes, such as:

Personal use of Photo editing apps where you can take their help to beautify and play around with personal photos related to different activities in your day to day life.

Advertising: There is a good demand of photo editing apps today related to advertising, sales, and promotion. From a small advertiser to big companies, everyone has to prepare appealing images to advertise their products, services, and businesses.

Marketing: Image editing apps find a great demand in activities related to content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and all things related to digital marketing.

Social Media: Social media sites are full of content that have such images which are prepared/ edited using this or that picture editing applications.

Web Design: Web and Graphics Designers, Graphic artists, Photographers all across the world use them in their day to day life for different reasons.

In this article, we are going to list the ten free mobile apps which you can download on your phone and start editing beautiful pictures on the move.


Pro use-


Photo editing is a very important aspect for various banner designing for your blogging or marketing needs as well. You need simple to complex type of changes for making images and banners for advertising your eCommerce website or a blogging for online business marketing.

You can download these mobile apps from a Desktop computer to your mobile phone.

(Open the Google Store page on your Desktop computer via the Gmail ID which is you are also using in your mobile phone for Google Play store ! ).

Most of the below listed mobile apps are available in Google Play store and iTunes store .


List of 10 Most Popular Photo Editing Apps for Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Sharing



# 1. Pixlr App


It is one of the most widely used mobile applications for picture editing. It has an online web version also and two mobile versions Pixlr and Pixlr-o-matic.

While Pixlr has an array of features with all the contemporary photo editing requirements, Pixlr-o-matic is more used for retro look photo editing with its filters, frames etc. It has a wide number of effects and features and with its shuffle feature creates stunning combo effects with pictures. With so many effects and frames to choose from, it allows you to keep only what you want.

It offers install and uninstall features for effects and frames so that you don’t get cluttered when using.


Pixlr- Number one photo Editing app



Salient Features of Pixlr App:


➤ It offers more than 2 million combinations of effects, filters, and overlays.
➤ Photo collaging is its one of the most used feature. You can create photo collages with 10+ layout options. You get background, and spacing options for the layout you select.
➤ Auto fixing color balance.
➤ Photo layering and blending option.
➤ Convert and stylize your image by giving it a drawing look.
➤ Effects to remove blemishes and red-eye effect.
➤ Color Splash, Focal Blur. Lots of fonts to choose from.
➤ Photo resizing, cropping, rotating options.
➤ Overlays, tone amplification, cooling effects.
➤ Image captioning, bordering, and styling.

Download Pixlr on your Mobile from Google Play Store
Pixlr App for iPhone Users


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# 2. Aviary


With more than 50 million downloads from Google play it is one of the apps most loved for its filters.


Very simple and effective user interface with features like stickers, overlays, blur, blemish, memes and more the only thing missing out is a photo collage feature.

Rest its a complete editing solution on the move.


Aviary Photo Editor App


Salient Features of Aviary Mobile App:


➤ One-tap auto enhance.
➤ You can apply marvellous photo effects and filters.
➤ Loads of pre made stickers.
➤ Included the basic features: Color balancing, Cropping, image rotating, and photo straightening.
➤ Basic coloring options: brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
Sharpening and blurring effects.
➤ Color splash and Focus (Tilt Shift).
➤ adding texts effectively.
➤ fixing red eye effect, removing blemishes and whiten teeth.


Download Aviary App free from App Store
Download Aviary App from Google Playstore
Follow Aviary on Instagram

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# 3. VSCO


VSCO cam comes with a unique feature of accessing your pictures from any device by logging into your VSCO account.

With a lovely set of filters and features, it is one of the most loved photography app available for iOS and android users.

VSCO app to make beautiful photos and videos on Android and iOS for


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# 4. Instagram App for Picture Editing


Haven for picture lovers. Its one of he most sought after photography apps with more than 500 million downloads on Google play itself. Users are totally gaga over the filters by Instagram application which finds no competition.

There are not many editing tools and features but doesn’t matter for its filters keep calling the users back to it every time they click a new picture.


Top Instagram apps for Picture editing:

Snapseed: Free Photo editing app by Google LLC

Snapseed app for iOS

Snapseed Android app on Google Playstore

Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram



# 5. Flickr


Flickr is one of the finest websites on the Internet for photo sharing and image submission. It is owned by Yahoo and there are millions of artists, photographers, and designers who use it dedicatedly. They have free apps for their mobile users of Android and iOS operating systems.

It offers 1 Tb of free picture storage to its every user. Isn’t that great!




Yes, it does have a good picture editing features and a fairly decent functionality with a simple layout.

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# 6. Photoshop Express


Of course, it was supposed to have the widest range of functionality and features no wonder it is launched by the giant Adobe which already has the best ever and most widely used photo editing software Adobe Photoshop for desktop. Though it has not gathered much popularity as much expected, but the features are good to go though the users expect more from them.

Still it has a good user base and one of the top free picture during apps available today.


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# 7. Snapseed


Great functionality with good control for mobile editing. It serves the purpose of editing on a mobile device which is expected to be quick, easy, handy and elegant.

The Well organised layout makes it user-friendly unlike the cumbersome clutter interfaces of some other apps.


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# 8. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is perfectly optimized for high-resolution pictures which is not the cases with many mobile app editors.

The filters are subtle yet elegant and don’t compromise with the dynamics of the picture.

HD filter is one of the best HD filters available with any other mobile editing application.

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# 9. Picsart


Considering all its features and functionality, it does more than everything. You can find all photo editing feature here. The free stickers are also prized possession that comes with this app.

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# 10. Fotor


With its neat features and functionality fotor is a good mobile editing application available for free download. It is a must check out for picture nerds looking to flaunt some cool pics every now and then.


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  1. It's an amazing list.I have used many of these software like pics art,snapseed,Fotor,Photoshop express.Really awesome apps for android and iphone.Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Very informative article. Pixlr is a most popular photo editing software. It is one of the most widely used mobile applications for picture editing.

  3. I am using Pixlr and aviary. These tool works awesome.Photo editing with the help of these tools is so nice and easy. I am glad that Pixlr is awesome.


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