Banner Advertisements – Banner Designing and Placement Tips for Ad Banners

Tips to Design Banner Ads that gets you more Hits and Conversions.


Banner Advertisements – How to Design and Place Banner Ads for More Conversion?


Banner Ads if designed professionally can be a great source of advertising. It can generate more and more leads and get conversions. Explore the art and the science behind designing a sellable banner ad.


About Banner Ads


Banner ads are online ads through banners. A rectangular advertisement that is placed on either side of website. It could be below, above or on any side where the website’s main content is. This is linked to the own website of advertiser which means when you click them, the web browser will take you to the advertisers website.



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How to Design your Banner ads that sells?


Earlier when technology wasn’t so advanced, these ads used to be in the form of text or graphics images but later with so much advancement in technology & superior technologies in existence like flash banner ads have become quite complexed.


There are animations, sound, graphics & more. Banners ads are like hypertext link but of special type. Here the link does not merely appear in the form of text rather it appears in the form of box with textual or graphics elements & animations too.

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Issues for Webmasters with Banner Ads


Before proceeding on with the tips, the reason for listing the two drawback or shall we say problem with banner ads must be sorted out. This was imperative because you must understand the issues therein & know how can you help web surfers out with your banner ad or get their attention to up your sales.

1- It slows down the website and the system as well.

2- Disrupts the working of visitor. As someone clicks on banner ads, what he/she was doing at first place will get disturbed.

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Designing Banner Ads that Converts : Tips For Making Your Banners Successful

Advertising Banner Designing and Placement Tips for Beginners


Here are few tips listed below to guide you through for making your banner ads more effective and beneficial:


1- Websites Selection Must Be Relevant


Do not try to place your ad everywhere or anywhere possible because by doing so you would end up paying huge price with no good performance of your ad.

Things works when there exist relevancy. Same is the case here. Choose the relevant websites to place your ad.

Find your niche & look out for the Banner ads selling websites where you have your target audience. Focus on your target audience and only put up your banner ad on the the relevant websites because that will get you leads & sales.

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2- The Game is All About Creativity


Creativity Pays-you-banner-designing-500x300
Creativity Matters the Most to Grab the attention of your viewers


Address the problems of web visitors in a creative manner. You will be able to grab their attention as well as they will take interest in you. Internet is full of banners, graphics, and pictures! Offer something fresh, new, and captivating. It will make your banner successful in grabbing the attention of your viewers. It is the first important step in the direction of delivering your final message to your audience in the form of picture and written texts.

Give them the reason to listen to what you have to offer. Many retailers hardly work on creativity part and face consequences in the form of poor performance.

Make your ad creative so that customer feel attracted towards it. Address the issues they face in a unique way. Creativity is all what matters here.

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3- A/B Testing



AB Testing and Banner Ads


As far as the first ever ad from you is concerned, you just need to see if it manages to stick there. Next when you get into this banner ads format, keep tracking the performance of the ads as to which ads are performing the best & going great with your web analytics.

Stick to those kind of ads. Make more of these kinds.

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4- Ad Placement



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Ad Placement Tips for Banner Advertisements


Now that earlier we mentioned about the importance of creativity here, let us see what more is important to make sure the banner ad is successful. Well, that other thing is placement of your banner ad. You must decide on which websites to place your ad & where in those websites. Location also matter.

Now this involves a lot of research & thinking. What you can do is, prepare a list of 10-20 websites where you would like to see your ad displayed.

There will be some of the websites from amongst these who may directly allow you to advertise via them. It would be great of you develop relationship with the owner of these websites as chances are these could be the key influencers in your target segment or say niche.

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5- Landing Pages


You must see what your banner ad’s message is and accordingly decide to which page you want your audience to land on.

It could be a promotional page (if you want them to enter a contest), a category page (if you want to show the items according to price range- low priced or high priced), a product page (when you are advertising a specific product), home page ( if you want to let them know about your brand), etc.

Think wisely where you want to send your banner ad audience/ traffic. And, most importantly prepare and design your landing pages accordingly. make them well optimized.
Sometimes a not so impressive or capable landing page may spoil your money.


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