List of 14 Ultimate Online Logo Maker Sites for Creating Logos Free

An Ultimate List of Free Logo Makers for Designers and Everyone Else: Design your Own Logo at No Cost.

A logo represents your business. It is like a face of your business. It should be a clear representation of what you want your customers to think about you at the first impression. It requires a lot of creativity and brainstorming to come up with something that feels perfect.

A creative logo designer who can understand and represent your business in the form of a logo is required to get a logo made. But it is not all that easy.

There are so many logo designers available in the market but which one to hire? How much to pay? How to assess the quality?

What are you exactly looking for and Will the hired logo designer be able to deliver exactly what you want?


To answer all this question, you can try your own on designing a logo without any nightmares, with the following list of free online logo designing websites.

➤ Killer Tips for designing Logos



List of online logo making websites


Top 14 Websites for Designing a Logo Online for Free

Best Online Logo Maker Sites for Designing Logos and Banners for Websites, Products or for your Business Brand.

# 1. Graphic Springs – An amazing place to create logos free online

Graphic Springs- Bring the variety in your logo easily!

It seems one of the best free online logo maker sites. It does not require any registration and you can get started instantly. There is a wide array of symbols and fonts to choose from. So, seek your creative side and make your own logo with


Graphic Springs- The leading website for designing online logos Free


# 2. Design Mantic- A Great online place to design logo, banners, headers Free

Design Mantic- Website for designing logos, banners, social media post headers! requires you to get registered with them and enjoy many other services other than logo design which are required for branding purpose. It is an ultimate destination for all branding needs. It comes with an easy to use website builder as well. Other services include business card design, t-shirt design, letterhead design, monogram, etc.

You can also create Facebook header, Twitter header and LinkedIn header using


Design Mantic- awesome place to design logos online-640x301
Design Mantic- an awesomely great online place to design logos free

# 3.


Instant Logo designing can be done with this amazing logo designing feature by It has a huge database of graphics and logo design from where you can search right graphics according to your requirement.

Other editing features include tools to create text shapes, etc.
There is no need to signup and you can save your designs immediately for free.

➤ List of Mobile apps for Web designers website to design logo banners online-640x301 website to design logos banners free online


# 4. LogoGarden- Design amazing logos and web graphics

 Logo Garden- a versatile logo maker site!


They claim that over 17 Million Entrepreneurs have used their platforms for designing their logo. Based on the industry type that you select it starts giving you relevant graphic results. For example, if you choose decor and furniture it will give you different results and when you choose travel and leisure you will get altogether varied results as per the selected industry.

Then you can go ahead and select the graphic of your choice and add color combinations according to your taste. It has advanced editing features which enable you to get amazing results.


Logo Garden- a versatile logo maker site-640x329 a Versatile Online Logo Maker


LogoType Maker to create a brand based logo in minutes!

It says create a logo in less than a minute because all you need to do is enter your brand name or the text which you want in your logo and there you go.

It will give you endless logo suggestions to choose from. Not that you do not have any option of editing it after that. Once you find a suggestion good enough as per your requirement go ahead and use its amazing editor to get more splendid results and marvel at your creativity.


LogoType Maker to create a brand based logo in minutes-640x297 – To Create a Logo for your Brand Name
Create awesome logos and banners free at Online logo maker! 

This one- is my personal favorite. I use it too often for creating logos and banners. Extremely useful and free to create anything you want on their site. You can even save your projects for later use.I had opened an account with them more than 3 years ago and i still use it whenever i need logo or banner related needs 🙂

Easy to use and seamless interface for quick designing makes it another good competitive logo design site out there.

It also integrates with Wix free website designing service to get you a free website for your business.

➤ Free mobile apps for photo editing

Online Logo – The Awesome Site for logo designing

# 7. Free Logo Services- design your logo and business cards

You can use this interesting logo design service to design one free logo and then you can have it for a very petty amount for unlimited use. You should also try to design your business cards using this platform.

It also provides online website builder and domain registration services.

Free Logo Services-640x305
Free logo banner services online



# 8. Logo Genie- Design logos as per your Brand

Logo genie to get that variety in the logo as per your brand!

Incredibly easy to use logo design service with a variety of designing options make Logo Genie one of must check websites if you wish to design your logo for free.The first thing you need to choose is your business domain.

It has categories like art, culture and music, hotel and leisure, construction and real estate, business management, finance, media and communication, mechanics and transportation, services, consulting, and many more.
Then enter your company name and slogan and submit to get instant results. You can then edit it further according to your whims and fancies.


Logo Genie website
Logo Genie – Design a logo under five minutes!

# 9. Make a Logo Online in Minutes!


Though it has a good designing platform the only glitch is you need to signup and it’s not completely free service. The logo that you create via has to be bought by you.
It claims to have been used by more than 3 Million businesses to design their logo.
Logo maker 640x375
Logo Maker WEbsite for Designing Desired Logos Make Logo Online Easily!


# 10. makelogoonlinefree- Make a Logo Online for free


It has over 2500 quality logo designs that can be edited to make customized designs.
You can also use this cool platform to design your business card and download all your designs instantly.
Make Logo Free Online 640x300 One of the Top Sites for Online Logo making Website

# 11. for effortless logo designing

With features like unlimited edits and more than 200 fonts it is one of the most wonderful online logo maker sites which small business would be interested in.

you can also select from a huge depository of clip-arts and customize your logo. It also allows you to trademark your logo, custom size it and transparent background option is also a good addition.

Special effects are also interesting and unique. Must try!

Logo Type Maker 640x297 A Good website for Online Logo Making Services Website screenshot


#12. Logaster- Free and Paid Web Logo designing services online


It depends on the size of your logo weather you will be charged or not. Yes, allows free download of a small size logo however if you wish to download full size you need to pay $ 9.99.

Weather it is worth or not only you can decide one you try it and if you really create something amazing the not too big of a cost as compared to expensive logo designers in the market.

Logaster- Free as well as Paid logo making website-640x305
Logaster- Free as well as Paid logo making website

#13. Logo Factory Web- Free Logo web designing service online

Easy and fast designing made possible with this online logo maker service. comes with an extensive online editing tools where you can select your graphics and font, mix with right color combinations and get going with a new logo design ready to be downloaded.

Absolutely free of cost logo designing web service.

Logo Factory- 100 % Free Logo Designing Website


#14. Free Logo Design Org


Simple and fast logo design service with thousands of high quality designs to start with. Begin with selecting the right business category for the most relevant suggestions for graphics selection and go creative with editing with

Go Creative with Editing and designing logos-640x297 Logo Designing
Go Creative with Editing and designing logos

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