Check English Grammar Free Online – 10 Best Sites for Grammar Checking and Sentence Correction

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Online Grammar Checking Made Easy: Find out 10 Best Tools to Make your Writing Error Free


Check Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence Errors: 10 Best Grammar Checker Websites in 2021. Free Online Tools for Checking Spelling + Sentence Mistakes for making your writing flawless and effective.


Check Grammar and Sentence Errors Online for Free!


In present date there are many work opportunities or jobs are present in the marketing field, related to writing or we can say content writing. And if one is good at writing unique and grammatically corrected pieces of writing then he or she can make a handsome amount of money working online from home.


Thus, here the question is that how to write perfect pieces of writing without any grammatical and sentence errors. Now, it has become very easy to write articles, blog and any other sort of writing piece without mistakes with the means of many best online grammar checking tools.


We will find out about the top 10 sites here that offer English grammar checking and sentence correction features. Most of them provide such services through web based interface while a few sites offer separate stand alone software/tool for grammar correction.

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List of Awesome tools for Checking Grammar, Spellings, and Proofreading!


There are many grammar checking tools available for free and paid as well, so thus by using them, you can give your best. So, today I am going to share these 10 Online Grammar Checking Websites that are Best and are Free to use.


Check English Grammar Online: Top 10 Websites for Sentence and Grammar Correction


1. Grammarly: The Number One Online Grammar Checker Website-


Grammarly is the best grammar checking tool Online-350x200


Grammarly is first in the row and is one of the best grammar checking websites which is available online for free and paid as well. In the basic or free version of Grammarly, you can correct your simple mistakes related to spellings, poor vocabulary usage, etc. While at the same time premium or paid version of the tool solves 250 advanced issues related to spellings, grammar, punctuations, poor vocabulary usage, etc.

The techniques and algorithms used in Grammarly developed by the highest authorities of linguistic technology.



Grammarly Features at a Glance-


Grammarly-Online-Grammer Checking Features-Pricing-details-350x200


Thus, you can use this site to make your pieces of writing perfectly. It is available online for Windows, MS Office and also as the chrome extensionMozilla add-on, etc. The best thing about this grammar checking tool is that you can also use & get benefited from the premium version & for that, you only have to do is that – you have to invite your friends for using Grammarly.


As soon as you do that, and your friend accepts your invitation, you will get premium version to use for one week (for every single request accepted by your friends adds one more week to your premium usage days).

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2. Online Correction: A Tool for Correcting Grammar


OnlineCorrection-Spelling-Grammar-Checking-best-online-tool-350x200 Simple, easy, and Free Tool for Checking Spelling and Grammar



Online Correction is also among one of the most excellent grammar checking sites to check grammar & spelling mistakes as well. With the help of, you can check your written text just by putting in its editor & pressing the submit button.


When it get done with the checking part of the written text shows the spelling-related mistakes with red color and grammar & diction related suggestions in green color.

It has five languages in its dialect option which includes American English, British English, Australian English, New Zealand English and South African English so that you can select from that in which language you have written your text.

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3. Ginger: The Leading Website for Grammar Correction


gingersoftware-com-online-grammar-sentence-errors-checker-top-tool-350x200 online grammar and sentence error checking made easy


Ginger is one of the best online grammar checker sites which content writers, storytellers, bloggers and students can use to get a text without errors. It is also available as free and paid (you can check their pricing at their store).


The best thing about this site is that we can use it on different platforms which include PCs, Mobiles and on various browsers in the form of extensions which includes Google Chrome, Safari, etc.


You can also download Ginger software if you want to use it for word documents, presentations, etc. With its premium version, you can get access of unlimited ginger using and in free version up to a limit. The thing which I find best is its Personal Trainer feature which helps to learn English.


The main features of Ginger for windows


The Ginger Features at a Glance:


  • Grammar Checker
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Personal Trainer
  • Text to Speech
  • Translation
  • Dictionary
  • Spell Check


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4. Language Tool: An Open Source Grammar Checker


Language Tool: An Open Source grammar checker tool and software


Language Tool is fourth in the row and provides the best results of free online grammar test of your written paper. It proofreads your written article for grammar and spelling mistakes.

It is available to serve 20 different languages. It is also available as software which can be downloaded and in the form of Mozilla add-on and Chrome extension.


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5. SpellCheckPlus: Check Common Spelling and Grammar Mistakes


SpellCheckPlus grammar and sentence checking Pro tool



SpellCheckPlus is also amid of the free online grammar correction tools and is undoubtedly the best. With SpellCheckPlus you can check your mistakes related to spellings and grammar issues along with the helpful suggestions presented.

The free version is good, but the pro-version is outstanding and also charges an amount of $15/ year which is a good deal indeed.


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6. Proofread Bot:


Proofread Bot- available with a free and paid Version for grammar checking



Proofread Bot is also a good & free English grammar checking online tool to check the errors of writing and to get a mistake free piece of writing. It is available for most of the platforms which include MS Office, Google Docs, and Android, as Chrome Extension, Mozilla Add-on, for WordPress, Drupal, and Facebook.

You can also get benefited with their packages by buying them.


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7. WhiteSmoke:


WhiteSmoke- Online Grammar Writing and Checker software



WhiteSmoke is also amid the best grammar checking tools available online. With WhiteSmoke check, you can get a copy of your writing free from grammar errors, sentence structuring, punctuation mistakes, and way of writing.

It is one of the top English grammar checking sites available on total seven different platforms which counts  Windows, Apple, Chrome extension, Mozilla Add-on, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera so that you can use it anywhere, anytime.

It helps you with different 45 languages translation and underlines your mistakes of your content after checking it. It also contributes to detect plagiarized content.



The Main Features of WhiteSmoke Web based Grammar Checker Tool:


  • Grammar Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Style Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Translator

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8. Slick Write:



Slickwrite- Offers Proofreading as well as error checking facility




Slick Write is also among the top rated grammar checking tool. SlickWrite helps you to correct your errors in writing related to spellings and grammar. It is simple to use, and it will show you the suggestions for corrections like the use of prepositions, what should be the structural flow, sentence length flow, and word length flow.


And for that, you just have to put your text in the editor and click on the check button present above the editor in green color. It also has an associator which helps to creative and new phrases.


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9. After the Deadline:



After the Deadline-open-source-grammar-spellings-checker-tool-350x200


After the deadline is ninth in the row and is also a fantastic tool to check grammar online. It is also one of the best sites to learn about the mistakes in your copy of writing related to spellings and grammar. After visiting the site you to click on the “demonstration tab” and put your content in the editor.

After checking the content, the tool shows the grammatical errors & spelling mistakes by the means of green underline beneath the letters. With the help of it, anyone can also learn about style suggestions, active & passive voice suggestions.


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10. Spellchecker



Spellchecker – A Free tool for checking spelling and Grammar errors


Spellchecker is also an excellent site to go for grammar check and spelling check. It helps to check grammar, thesaurus, and spellings with standard errors of the same.Hope this list will help you all to correct your errors related English grammar, spellings, and other important aspects of perfect English writing.


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